Treasures of the Celtic Harp (Robertson)

Treasures of the Celtic Harp (Robertson)

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This book includes note-for-note transcriptions of all of the selections on Kim Robertson's Treasures of the Celtic Harp recording. The arrangements are for intermediate to advanced players, and are in the key of C or sharp keys, with no fingerings. 64 pages, paperbound.

The book includes Kim's compositions New Leaves, Boundless, Luminous Sea, and Etude, and the traditional tunes Londonderry Air, Glenlivet, Moving Cloud, Flowers of the Forest, Merrily Kiss the Quaker, Fairly Shut of Her, Waulking o' the Fauld, Shule Aroon, Tree of Liberty, I Love My Love in the Morning, Sleep Soon Ida Mornin', The Water is Wide, Miss Brown's Fancy.

Includes access to the online performance video!

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