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    Vivid Color Cheyenne

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      Vivid Color Cheyenne



      The Vivid Color Cheyenne Harp

      The Cheyenne harp gives you the ultimate in performance quality tone and a full 5-octave range.

      The large soundbox and high tension strings combine to manifest a rich, booming voice. Upon hearing this harp, people often ask if it is amplified!

      What's Included:
      • Finished Cheyenne Harp with full levers.
      • Padded Gig Bag
      • Tuning Wrench
      • Owner's Manual

      Harpist Stephanie Claussen demonstrates theCheyenne Harp

      The Vivid Color Cheyenne Harp

      Cheyenne Harp Specs
      Strings 36
      Range C2 to C7 (String Chart)
      Weight 30 pounds
      String Spacing Concert wide
      String Tension High
      Sharping Levers Camac
      Gig Bag Included
      Size 62" tall, 29" deep, 18" wide
      Soundboard Aircraft Birch
      Body, Neck, Pillar Curly Maple
      Warranty Musicmakers 5 Year Warranty

      The Ballad Harp is our entry level harp and represents an amazing value.

      34 strings beginning on Low C provide as much range as many peformance harps. We strung this harp with lower string tension and narrower spacing to be gentle on the hands of new harpists.

      Big enough to have a full bodied sound but small and light enough to be portable.

      What's Included:
      • Finished Ballad Harp with Camac Levers
      • Padded Gig Bag
      • Tuning Wrench
      • Free shipping in the Continental US
      • Owner's Manual

      Harpist Stephanie Claussen demostrates the Ballad Harp.

      Vivid Color Harps

      Vivid Inspiration

      Cheyenne and her Purple Harp

      Vivid Color Harps

      We have always loved the natural grain of the woods we use and didn't want the color to hide that; we wanted the color to accentuate the grain. Maple, being a wood that is lighter in color, makes the perfect canvas for our vivid color stains.

      Maple is also available with some highly figured and beautiful grain patterns. We use select curly maple for the sides, neck, and pillar and offer a quilted maple veneer upgrade on the soundboard. The stain interacts with the figured grain patterns in exciting and surprising ways.

      Incredible quality
      Barbara Gossett
      I purchased the very first hot pink Cheyenne Harp in the fall of 2018! When I got it, I was absolutely thrilled with the workmanship that Musicmaker's put into it. It is absolutely gorgeous and sounds so incredible! This was my second harp from Musicmaker's. I purchased a 36-string Gothic in 2000. The Cheyenne sounds even better - a beautifully rich and full sound with no amplification needed. I am a professional musician, but not a professional harpist, but I absolutely love sharing this beautiful instrument whenever I can. It is even better than I imagined it would be! Thank you, Musicmakers, for always providing quality instruments.
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