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    Vivid Color Sonnet Lap Harp

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      Vivid Color Sonnet Lap Harp



      The Vivid Color Sonnet Lap Harp

      The Sonnet Lap Harp has been a long time in the making and we worked hard to pack the tone of a full-size harp into this small, portable, lap harp.

      A full 4 octaves beginning on C below middle C gives you plenty of range; more than most lap harps. The string set provides an even tension from top to bottom. Squarely in the medium tension range, the strings are comfortable on the fingers but still capable of expressive dynamics.

      Beyond the look and tone, this harp is designed specifcially for comfort. The cant of the neck, the angle of the base, the asymmetrical sound chamber, and the balance point all make this harp sit gracefully on your lap with little to no effort.

      A final innovation are the access holes which are placed on the sides instead of the traditional location in the back panel giving the player a richer sonic experience.

      What's Included:
      • Finished Sonnet Lap Harp with Camac Levers
      • Padded Gig Bag
      • Tuning Wrench
      • Free shipping in the Continental US

      Stephanie Claussen demostrates the Sonnet Lap Harp.

      The Vivid Color Sonnet Lap Harp

      Strings 29
      Range C2 to C7 (String Chart)
      Weight 10.5 pounds
      String Spacing Concert Narrow
      String Tension Medium
      Sharping Levers Camac
      Gig Bag Included
      Size 34" tall, 24" deep, 13" wide
      Soundboard Aircraft Birch
      Body, Neck, Pillar Curly Maple
      Warranty Musicmakers 5 Year Warranty
      Vivd Color Sonnet Harp Details

      Vivid Color Harps

      Vivid Inspiration

      Cheyenne and her Purple Harp

      Vivid Color Harps

      We have always loved the natural grain of the woods we use and didn't want the color to hide that; we wanted the color to accentuate the grain. Maple, being a wood that is lighter in color, makes the perfect canvas for our vivid color stains.

      Maple is also available with some highly figured and beautiful grain patterns. We use select curly maple for the sides, neck, and pillar and offer a quilted maple veneer upgrade on the soundboard. The stain interacts with the figured grain patterns in exciting and surprising ways.

      What a beauty!
      Merrie Howe
      Verified Buyer
      When I unboxed my Sonnet, I literally gasped...what a beauty! The Vivid Color Sonnet absolutely shimmers in the angelite blue. She's a lovely shade of deep blue, almost what I would call peacock blue. The quilted maple soundboard looks like ripples on a lake and I can't stop touching this beautiful instrument. I expected to have to tune frequently because everything is new, but the strings are holding pitch surprisingly well for being new. Now back to job one, playing the harp. What a difference the sound holes on the side make to a lap harp. My husband comment on how loud it was, and he said that he actually like the sound of it better than my larger 34-string harp (sorry, Crescendo!) I like the range of notes available, and the richness of the lower strings is impressive. I'm not sure how often I'll use the highest notes, but it's good to have them there just in case. I found the most comfortable way to hold the harp was nestled onto my right shoulder, with the bulk of the weight on my left leg. (The strap is a useful option here.) I like the non-slip surface on the bottom, too. The case is perfect, nicely padded and with a good deep pocket for stuff. I also ordered an extra set of strings because, well, you just never know... This little sweetheart is so easy to snuggle up to and just noodle around on. I look forward to taking her along to music afternoons with my friends. Her name is Birdie, and she sings!
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      Jill Conrotto
      Verified Buyer
      I have the green harp and it is beautiful. The sound is so lovely. I am very impressed! Even my older sister, who claimed previously to not like harps so much, likes the sound of this harp! I’ve had both my Mom and sister try it out, too... they can’t stay away, either. I’m thrilled this is my first harp. For anyone hesitant about buying one, please don’t be scared to try a new instrument to learn. There are lots of helpful tutorials online. As for this particular harp, I chose it because it’s lightweight and portable, and for the large sound despite its more compact size. Although I had to wait a few months for it to arrive I am more than happy to finally own a harp of my own. I would recommend getting an extra spare set of strings as well. 💚💚💚 I am looking forward to my ongoing journey learning how to play the harp!
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      My BLUE SONNET HARP is a winner!
      Debbie Doyle
      I love my new Blue Sonnet Harp!! The finish is absolutely beautiful! It is a pleasure to play and has a very resonant sound. The bass is rich and does not disappoint! The levers are high quality and the strings are true to pitch when the levers are engaged. My Sonnet is light weight and so it's easy to transport or travel with. Music Makers were kind enough to install a pickup at my request so I can plug into the sound system at church or an open-mic night--which I'm sure I'll do since this harp sounds so good! Thanks, Music Makers! I am very pleased!
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