Musicmaker's Harps

Whether you are looking for a small travel harp, something for music therapy, a beginner harp or something for the concert hall - we have a harp that will fit your needs! Scroll down for a brief overview of each model.

Light, portable, elegant, rich, and delightful Form beautifully wedded to function

Are Ye Sleepin' Maggie
played by Stephanie Claussen
  • 32 Strings C2 to F6
  • 52" Tall, 24" deep, 14" wide
  • 20 pounds
  • Cherry

The Jolie Harp lives up to its name with a wonderful aesthetic pleasing to even the most critical eye. Medium high tension strings allow for a wide range of dynamics and the the narrow, tapered shoulder makes it comfortable to play. You won't want to put this harp down!

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Great for performance and good for music therapy. Our best selling model.

  • 33 Strings C2-G6
  • 56" Tall, 27" Deep, 14" Wide
  • 24 Pounds
  • Cherry

This harp outsells all our other models and for good reason. It combines so many of the attractive features from our other harps into one package. It has performance quality tone, it's light weight and the price is right.

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Great as a travel harp, beginner harp, or rental harp. Our most budget-friendly harp.

  • 29 Strings G2 to G6
  • 52" Tall, 27" deep, 11" wide
  • 15-1/2 pounds
  • Poplar or Cherry

Our SmartWood harp was engineered to provide a simple, budget friendly harp that gives the new player all of the experience of a performance harp at only a fraction of the cost. You'll be surprised at the volume and tone quality. This harp is the perfect candidate for teachers wishing to start a rental program or for anybody that wants to give harping a try without going into debt!

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Great travel harp or music therapy harp. A Lap Harp with a big sound!

  • 26 Strings C3-G6
  • 31" Tall, 23" Deep, 13" Wide
  • 12 Pounds
  • Cherry or Walnut

Although the Limerick is a lap harp - it has the sound of a full size floor harp. It has a tone that has depth and richness making this harp suitable for music therapy settings. If you are looking for a small harp to travel with but don't want to sacrifice tone - this is the harp for you!

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Best for performance. The best sounding harp we carry.

  • 34 Strings C2-A6
  • 62" Tall. 29" Deep, 16" Wide
  • 37 pounds
  • Cherry

Our Regency harp is truly king when it comes to tone. Everything about the design of this harp is geared to produce a tone that is bold, rich, and resonant. It is best suited for the concert hall or performance stage. But who is to say your living room isn't a concert hall?

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Good for performance; great for music therapy. Our most popular music-therapy harp.

  • 31 Strings E2-G6
  • 60" Tall, 24" Deep, 18" Wide
  • 25 Pounds
  • Cherry

This harp is strung with all nylon strings giving it an amazingly warm sound filled with overtones. All nylon strings make this a low tension harp that is very easy and comfrotable to play. Once this harp has stabilized it stays in tune better than all other models. This harp is used by music therapists all over the world and is the preferred harp for the Chalice of Repose Music Thanatology program.

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