Folk Harps and Harp Accessories

Folk Harps by Musicmakers

We've been building folk harps for over 30 years. We have several models to choose from that are suitable for all playing levels and styles from beginner to professional. All of our finished harps include a gig bag and come fully levered.

Not sure which harp is right for you? Check out our Harp Buying Guide.

Harp Accessories

Musicmakers has also invented some of the best must-have harp accessories. Our harp wheels make tranporting your harp a breeze and our harp music holder clamps right to your harp putting your music right where you need it. And our harp lights, easily installed on any harp, will add some magic to your night time harping.

YouTube playlist of all the Musicmakers Harps.

Handy in the Woodshop? We also sell our harps do-it-yourself kits. Click here to learn more.