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    Testimonials submitted prior to 2017.

    Harp desk
    Great service and fast delivery
    Jolie Harp
    I have built many of Musicmakers harp kits. The Voyager is my favorite, but sadly has been discontinued. This Jolie kit was well designed, and the kit was complete. We had a small issue with the lower front trim piece being too short but when I called them, they immediately sent out the correct length. I have always been very satisfied with the quality of the kits and the customer service I have received. Great Company!
    Steve Rees
    Calming Harp
    Friendly and Fast Service
    I needed my Reverie Harp re-strung and tuned. I called and set up a time to bring it in. I dropped it off and probably could have waited for it, but had some other errands to run. When I came back, it was done and in beautiful shape. The staff at MusicMakers is amazing!
    Carole Hyder
    Carole Hyder
    banjo blueprint
    I purchased a digital copy for my brother who is an expert oodorker. He was delighted.
    Steve Day
    Envision Newage Multimedia
    Mandolin Plans
    I would like to thank you for your free mandolin plans. Currently I have a Banjola on the drawing board and your plan is a help to guild my plans. Thanks again for your resource for all s amateur luthiers.
    Paul Beckler
    Review of Products and Service
    We have always been very satisfied with Music Makers and their products! Our order is always correct, arrives in a timely manner and the quality of each product is excellent! We highly recommend this company and plan to continue to order and utilize their products for our business needs! Every customer service representative we have worked with has been very professional and helpful!
    Don Mohl
    Folk Mountain Gospel
    Sonnet Lap Harp Stand
    I'm so excited to finally have a stand for my Sonnet Lap Harp. I love my harp, but needed a stand to help with neck/back problem from a car accident so I can keep learning to play. It's also been a beautiful storage solution in my living room instead of sitting on my sofa. Now people sit on the sofa and my harp looks like a piece of art when she's not being played. Love the look, the thought put into magnetizing the arms on the stand that store flat for travel, and the craftsmanship is gorgeous. I'm 5'6". Playing with the stand works well for me on a little bit higher seat. If you're shorter, I'd suggest talking with Jacob about lowering the performance level of the arms if it will maintain the balance of the stand and harp.
    Angela Breidenbach
    Angela Breidenbach, author/genealogist
    I purchased my Reverie Harp a few months back and I can't stop playing it. My clients, both one on one and groups for sound bath love how soothing the sounds is, how it helps them relax and dive deeper into their own source of wellbeing, peace and joy. And for me to play it is a true delight, I can feel the vibrations reverberate from my fingers throughout my whole body, bringing me to a state of total relaxation and full awareness at the same time. The Reverie Harp is evidently an instrument made with precise technique, profound knowledge and artistry, and with love! I can feel the love that was put into my harp, and I appreciate it fullheartedly.
    Dan Pupko
    Voyageur 34-string Harp Kit
    We bought the Voyageur kit in the "last chance" sale when they had a dozen left on hand and were closing out the model. I am the harp learner, my husband is the woodworker. He didn't run into any major snags during building, except that only 33 holes had been drilled in the neck, but Music makers helped us by giving instructions and supplying the drill bit (not one many people would have on hand). There are many different ways to finish the harp (lacquer, varnish etc) and we chose to apply shellac and it is beautiful, with a matte glow. The wood looks lovely. A good woodworker can definitely handle making these kits. The sound is beautiful and rich and loud. I'm upgrading from an old Stoney End. We have Camac levers and have been waiting to install them once the new strings have settled down. They seem to have settled very fast, I played it last night after being away for a week and didn't even have to tune it. (Finished harp is less than two months old). I probably have tuned the strings about 20-30 times and already quite stable. I play my harp teacher's Dusty Strings FH harp at lessons, and honestly I think my Voyageur is at least as nice as that but probably even much louder and richer sounding. Voyageur to me is a nicer looking harp than the Dusty Strings. It's an elegant sound and I love it. To me it is not very portable so I will keep my old Stoney End for times when I want to take a harp somewhere, and will one day buy a smaller MusicMakers kit for a portable harp. We would absolutely buy another MM kit with no hesitation, love the harp very much.
    Sonnet lap harp stand
    The stand is perfect for my Sonnet lap harp! Perfect fit for me on my lap. I was so honored when they asked me to review this stand they just finished engineering! They sent the stand free of charge and asked if I would try it out and review how well it works for me. It is very helpful, allows perfect reach of all the strings and allows free movement of the harp. As for Musicmaker's they far surpass any company I have ever worked with. When I built my first harp they were there every step of the way! What a Blessing you are to me!
    Elizabeth Cleigh
    excellent experience!!!
    Got all the info I needed about the instrument, I bought it and transaction was smooth as silk , with fast shipping to boot!
    Music Makers has been incredibly helpful to work with, especially for a harp “newbie” like me! Their patience and willingness to guide us through determining what strings to purchase for restringing a homemade harp that is just a little “outside the box” on its dimensions was invaluable! We couldn’t have done it without Music Makers and their personal approach to customer service. Thank you from the bottom of our harp! 😉 🎼
    Whitney Downer
    It looks really great!
    I order a harpdesk kit. It was easy to put together. My hubby had all the clamp and glue. It turned out lovely. I stained mine walnut to match my harp and but some Howard’s feed and wax on it.
    G B
    Terrific products and service!
    I purchased a variety of bulk strings for my homemade psaltery. Musicmakers promptly shipped them to a USA address where I picked them up on my way to Grand Forks. The strings are great and Musicmakers contacted me afterwards to make sure everything was ok.
    Harp Wheels Kit
    I love my harp wheels and thoroughly enjoyed finishing and putting the kit together. Note - I sanded and put clear finish on the wood pieces as my first step as I thought it would be easier than doing it after assembly.
    Jean Hart
    Great way to build your own instruments. Those site has everything you need to build your own instruments. great plans to build from.
    Pineapple Surf Boards
    Strings and hardware
    Strings and hardware ordered arrived in time frame promised in good order. Postage to Australia was very expensive $85 USD for an A5 padded envelope. Perhaps look at international courier service for orders outside US.
    David Herring
    mountain banjo fretboard
    this makes 2 mountain banjo fretboards i have bought here.they are top quality and i will be ordering more in the future.
    gary preston
    I have purchased a used a number or your Rosettes and am very happy with them. I do wish that you had some that were flexible as I am using them on arched instruments; cellos and double basses.
    John M Sheridan
    Worth the wait
    I purchased a ballad harp kit March 2023. My husband is not a wood worker by trade. And we were able to build a beautiful harp. We did have a few discrepancies where some pieces were not manufactured quite right, and we did add some additional trim. Music makers were quick to respond and help and make things right. It did take us a while to complete the project, but it was worth it. I now have a beautiful harp to learn on.
    More orders than I can count
    I and my family have been ordering from Musicmakers for decades. I have a selection of excellent instruments built using their kits, and keep these working with replacement strings for the harp and dulcimer, and other hardware. I love the quality, the pricing and the simple dependability that they offer. And on the way by, let me also say that there isn't one of our instruments that isn't also a lovely piece of art as well as a functioning instrument. I don't believe you can do better.
    Robin G Tiffney
    Zither pins
    I am so pleased with the zither pins & tuning keys I just received. The pins are perfect & the tuning keys work great for tuning the door harps I make. Thank Harpkits. I will be ordering more from you in the near future!
    Beverly McCormick
    Awen Wood Designs
    Awesome Project
    I built a harp from Musicmakers plans. (Regency 34 string) Excellent, easy to use plans. Great service on any questions. Easy to follow and exact plans after I printed them full size.
    Roger Wright
    One of a kind
    I have been ordering from Musicmakers for many years. First class service. Never a disappointment!
    Bruce Lee Rose
    Rose Instruments
    Best value!
    Ordered for the first time & I am very pleased. I make door harps & the zither pins I received are perfect along with the tuning wrenches I ordered. I will be a customer for life. Thank you Harpkit!!
    Beverly McCormick
    Awen Wood Designs
    First Harp Build
    It is wonderful to have a place like this that makes it possible to start a project that otherwise would seem impossible. Everything you need is here, from the plans and hardware to advice on their blog. This site was a great find.
    Giovanni Iosue
    Just what I needed
    These people have musical parts coming out of their ears! They had just the right stuff for my musical project.
    Thumb Harp
    Thank you for making cool stuff! This was a great project, and my thumbs are worn out from playing :)
    Cody Miller
    Excellent Customer Service
    I received my much anticipated harp desk soon after ordering. But, unfortunately, I wasn't able to use it with my unique vision. I had to return it. Musicmakers was very gracious in this matter and credited a refund immediately. I surely hated to return the beautiful harp desk. It fit so nicely on my Dusty Strings Ravenna 34. Thank you, Musicmakers😊
    Gale Davis
    Just in time for Christmas
    Exceptional customer service. My discount code was honored and the shipment was quick and safe. We were able to put the harp together in a couple of days and surprised our daughter in law on Christmas day.
    Great customer service
    Every time I have a question, i get a prompt response and am guided to know my purchase requirements. Thank you for the quality strings…labeled appropriately and on sent timely. I will be a “forever” customer.
    Sherry Hon
    Christmas present.
    Arrived in good time. It's what my husband asked for a Christmas present.
    Cindy Hagans
    Jolie Hybrid Harp
    I've had my Jolie Hybrid Harp for a few weeks now and I'm very happy with it. It plays very easily. I recommend anyone who wants to buy a Musicmakers harp to have a look at the Vivid Colors! I chose Tiger's Eye Bronze and the harp is extremely beautiful. I live in Germany and the import process went very smoothly. I didn't have to do anything, the invoice for import fees and customs came automatically and after about 2 weeks the harp was delivered to my home. I just love my new harp. Thank you!
    Christina Greulich
    Great service and products
    Always provide quick answers to my many questions. Inventive products like harp wheels. Fast turnaround on orders of in stock items. And my wonderful Jolie hybrid.
    Lori Fuller
    Reviving a 70's Harp
    I have an old Walton's harp from Ireland that has seen much wear and tear, and when I was looking for eyelets, Musicmakers was right there. I ordered the eyelets and within days they arrived, exactly what I was looking for, and arrived amazingly quick, Musicmakers is the best!!!!
    Great source of ideas and knowledge.
    I've been a Harp Maker in Australia now for nearly 2 years. Having a background as a Fine Furniture Makers for over 25 years, the Woodworking side was not an issue for me. However the nuances and particular peculiarities of Harp Building and Design were a complete mystery to me. I bought a couple of Plans from MusicMakers and later on the Book Folk Harp Design and Construction by Jeremy Brown. All of which have guided me effortlessly into making instruments that look great and sound wonderful. Most recently I purchased the Download copy of articles from the Folk Harp Journal. Many interesting and revealing articles can be found buried in these archival copies. Cheers Steve, SK Harps (Aust)
    Stephen Hay
    Woodworking Masterclass
    They are the best!
    They actually called me to tell me they did not have the number of felt picks I needed! It was like they really cared about my order! And what they had they sent really fast!
    Diane Ruzevich
    Musicmakers are the best!
    I recently needed a new tuning wrench. I placed my order on a Wednesday evening. I was very pleasantly surprised when I received the tuning wrench on Friday! Through the years, there have been a couple of times where I purchased something or just had a question about an item and I have always been amazed at the quickness of Musicmakers response. They are absolutely a customer oriented company -- even for the little things.
    Elizabeth Sullivan
    Excellent Customer Service
    As a previous harp builder and current repair person, I've enjoyed working with MusicMakers for over 30 years. Their customer service is superb and their staff are eager to help. This is my go-to store for harp supplies, strings tuners, you name it. Thanks! Dave
    David Keeley
    Keeley Guitars
    Harp Cart Kit
    This cart is working well and was quite simple to assemble. We sprayed it with a finish before putting it together.
    Elizabeth Larsen
    Jolie Harp and down payment
    I love my Jolie Harp! It was enhanced with a beautiful sky blue color and quilted headboard! I had a pick up, put on which works great! The Sound is rich and amazing, loud enough the pick up is not needed for individual playing, however I am glad for that option! The Sound is amazing and the levers work great! The wait was worth it and the down payment worked great! Tuning has been good so far, the strings are still settling so hopefully less tuning time in the future! Thank you for a beautiful harp, I really, really Love it! I am looking forward to excellent service and help!😊🎼
    Jann Cook
    harp desk
    I love my little harp desk. It makes practicing so much more comfortable. It is very easy to attach to my harp...the engineering is so clever! I have a Camac Ulysse and it fits easily. Thanks for a great product! I also appreciate your quick replies when I have a question. Very pleased with Musicmakers.
    laurie ordin
    Here are some instrument kits that are hard to get in Japan. Thank you for sending it so quickly.
    Tuning Wench
    Fast delivery and very grateful. Great product too.
    Denni Peterson
    Wheels kit
    The wheels kit arrived very quickly. Thank you! I have not assembled yet, but I can tell everything is high quality and will go together well. Should be a tremendous asset.
    Carol Woodward
    Vivid Color Reverie Harp
    My experience with Music Makers and the Reverie Harp exceeded my expectations. Customer service couldn’t have been better. My Reverie is stunning! It’s well crafted and I’m amazed at the sound it produces. I’m very happy with my new Reverie.
    Harp self build.
    Excellent service.Very prompt,I wasn’t expecting it so soon.I am just getting my wood together and I expect this will take some time.I usually use Titebond Ultimate glue and wonder if it will be strong enough as most seem to be using epoxy.Also I can’t access aircraft ply so hopefully solid timber will work too.I’m really looking forward to building my harp so thanks again from Australia.
    harry spearman
    Simply the best.
    Material and plan ordered for the Limerick harp. Here in Europe we don't have such a company, and I know from experience that you pay a lot of extras before you receive your order at home, but good service is also worth something. When I sent them an email with a question, I received my answer within fifteen minutes. See, that's what makes it clear that people have a heart for their business and for their customers.
    Ludo B
    Great company. Great harp.
    This spring I needed a special gift for a very deserving person. Time was short. Her birthday was in a week. See loves to make music. But has a family and works with The elderly and children. So she has very little time to devote to it. I called Musicmakers and asked if they could send me a Reverie Harp in purple. They worked hard and got one ready. And as I live in the top of Illinois. They had it in my hands in a couple of days. Amazing. And what they sent me was so beautiful. So easy to tune. So easy to play. And has what I can only describe. As the most wonderful sound. It's built to last a very long time. I can't recomend it or Musicmakers enough. If you want to be able to make music without all of the hard work. But want an instrument that is very flexible and can grow with you. You can't go wrong with the Reverie Harp.
    Frank Howden
    Ballad Harp Kit
    I received the kit in a timely manner. I built the kit with very few questions which were answered by a professional wood crafter/carpenter. I could only work on it 8 hours a week and finished it in about 4-6 weeks. I am now learning how to play it using various on-line free lessons and will start taking lessons in about a month from now. it's not easy, but I'm committed and doing OK.
    Kathleen McBride
    Paul Beech
    I was grateful, as a UK resident, to be able to study the plans of the Autochord. I am about to refurbish an old Canadian 'autoharp'. It is sufficiently different from modern instruments to require thought. Musicmakers is a useful source of tools and parts and ships to the UK.
    Excellent Customer Service
    Very helpful and patient, answer questions very well. Very professional and kind in their emails, and have good products too. I made a kantele and the strings have been working well so far.
    Luke Larson
    Mandola kit
    I had a damaged neck do to shipping. Music makers gave prompt service and replaced it. Great service.
    John Hatch
    I have been buying strings from Musicmakers for a while now. The service is excellent and the quality of the strings is excellent as well. Prompt service and excellent customer service. They always answer my questions very quickly and with expertise. I value their wisdom and experience.
    Teri Nolet
    Amazing Sound- Reverie Harp
    I had ordered the economy harp, but before it shipped (it was on backorder), they had a 20% off sale. I emailed and asked if I could change my order to a factory second, and in less than 24 hours, I received a return email stating that I could do that! I received the harp within a week, and a refund, since the sale price for the second was less than my original order. This is a fantastic company to deal with, and the harp is amazing! I'm not sure that I can see a blemish, so I assume that they are sticklers for perfection! I'm so glad I ordered this! Thank you!
    Patti Ambrose
    Great products and service!
    I bought my harp from Musicmakers several years ago. They have been excellent. The harp is perfect, and the follow'up services and products have been just as good.
    Super Service
    I've been ordering random strings to replenish my supplies. Musicmakers's fullfilment department, or whomever is working there, is so fast and efficient. I just placed my third order this morning and it's already on it's way. The strings are fantasic. I just happen to have two harps that are "special" and I need to order custom strings for them. I'm so glad Musicmakers is around to help me.
    Harp Desk
    I love using the Harp Desk. Very easy to attach to my Thormahlen Ceili Harp and my Camac Ulysses Harp. And it was delivered quickly in excellent condition.
    Diane Renee Macdonell
    Good product
    Fits my folk harp pins and is a quality made product.
    Happy customer
    Very very very happy. Harpin' Happy!
    Thank you so much for your great resources on harps. The plans, the books, all the information. Thank you for sharing and making harps more accessible to people.
    Hazel Barker
    Fast shipping
    I received my hardware very well packed. Fast shipping, i am fully satified. Thank You.
    Excellent Company!
    String wire for a Sitar is really hard to find, but they have it, and sent it to me very well packaged, in perfect condition.
    Rickey Johnson
    Very good people
    First time ordering, I got confused placing my order. My order was filled giving me the benefit of the doubt, no questions asked. Above and beyond friendly.
    Robert Hoffman
    Blueprints for free.
    I have been able to download several plans of various musical instruments for free. I am very grateful to them and I hope to build one of them soon. They also sell other blueprints and materials for them.
    my instruments from music makers
    I really like music makers/ I have two instruments from them. My reverie harp is amazing. I'm using it to write songs with. I feel they are a beautiful and creative company that makes unique instruments that are lovely and inspiring. I'm going to get another instrument from them as soon as possible. Nancy
    nancy Lindsey
    Spirit Messages and Prayer Melodies
    Made my 1st purchase and the help. And support I received was 1st class , thankyou all at musicmakers. From across the pond
    Jon suckling
    My home
    Decorative Rosette
    I purchased a complete kit in an antique store to build a hog nosed psaltery that originally was purchased in 1995. I was delighted when finishing the build to discover that Musicmakers was still in business and I purchased the rosette to top off my psaltery. The project went very well and look forward to building another in the future.
    Fred Barton
    Beautiful Kantele
    My husband is very happy with the sound and beauty of the instrument. There was a shipping mix-up and Matt was very helpful both communicating and resolving the issues. Worth the wait! So happy we also got the gig bag. It is very well constructed and will protect the kantele for many years.
    New Strings for Banjo
    Trying out some new strings and tuning for the banjo. Got the individual strings from Musicmakers and it is working out well
    Mary Cordonier
    I have purchased the plans and, subsequently the hardware kit for the Limerick Harp. The kit arrived here in Australia on Thursday, one day ahead of schedule. Musicmakers have a good, user-friendly web site. It is easy to do business with them. I am still sourcing timber but I shall let you know how it turns out when complete.
    Not applicable
    It arrived.
    Thumb harp kit arrived okay, well-packed. Still in box waiting to be wrapped as Christmas gift. Will assemble for my wife after Christmas. Can give no review until the work is done.
    The banjo is ok
    Anthony Wyndham
    Excellent service
    I am completely happy with the service so far after down loading the plans for a Shepherd Lap Harp and consequently building one from them . I was surprised at how quickly a construction a query I had was replied to. I am now awaiting the delivery of the hardware to go with it although it usually takes a while from the USA to Australia.
    Ian Louth
    ...superb service
    My order came much faster than expected. Thanks. I would like to order a few tuning pins, small one, but can't seem to find them on your web site.
    That's great! You can find tuning pins here -
    Randy McKinley
    I have been a happy customer since 2010 when I got my first kit from Music Makers,the Hog-Nosed Psaltery. I have since purchased the Strumbly, the Kantele, and the Smartwood Harp. I learned a lot from building these lovely instruments as well as from Jeremy Brown's great book Folk Harp Design and Construction which is a must have for all scratch builders like me. I have built quite a few instruments mostly from my own design. Musicmakers are a great bunch of people with a great line of products. Everything you need to build stringed instruments is here plus the help to do so. Keep up the good work.
    John Sims-Davies
    Pen Dragon Folk Harps Dunnville
    First time with Musicmakers
    We ordered a new tuning wrench and extra set of strings for our new Reverie harp. They are all great! The tuning wrench seems a bit big to my husband. Fast and friendly delivery, everything in perfect shape. (I want to hug my Reverie harp!) Thank you, Musicmakers! Looking forward to doing more business with you in the future!
    K wood
    Excellent musical kits
    It is very satisfying to do business with a company that I both trust and respect. During the pandemic I ordered the Finnish Kantele kit which resulted in an absolutely lovely instrument that has a great tone. Recently I ordered replacement strings for the Kantele as well as a Kalimba kit to build for my granddaughter. The steel strings are excellent with a bright projected sound and the Kalimba kit looks like it will be a breeze to build. I have had nothing but good experiences with the company’s staff and their products. This won’t be my last instrument I order either.
    Jeff Hall
    Harp Strings
    Was pleasantly surprised to find that the harp strings were sold in sizes long enough to divide into at least two complete strings. I guess the description mentioned it, but I somehow didn't notice until they arrived... Very quick too! Thank you!
    Johanna S
    Always Responsive, Friendly and Helpful!
    I have consistently had excellent service from Musicmakers! Their harp kits are exceptional, and they always answer my questions. Shipment is very fast and they almost always have exactly what I need!
    Debra Knodel
    Nice Strings
    Great service from this company. So glad that they were happy to have what I needed and was quickly shipped. The Best!
    Heather kabaniec
    Fun Project - Studio Harp
    I bought the Studio Harp blueprints and hardware kit. I am not an expert carpenter by any means, but competent and had access to a full wood shop (Rochester Maker Space). This was definitely the most ambitious shop project I've ever attempted. My daughter and I had a great summer project and ended up with a harp she loves. The plans were good, but unless you're an expert carpenter or have free lumber, you will probably not save much money compared to buying one of the kit harps. Still way less than a finished harp. It took about 80-100 person-hours over a month to complete. I tracked our material costs and we ended up wasting a fair amount of lumber which put the total slightly over a similar kit. But the main point of the exercise for me was to make something awesome with my daughter. Mission accomplished - she loves it. I'd like to thank the designer and MusicMakers for publishing the plans and making projects like this possible. Got my eye on the banjo plans next.
    Thanks for the quick shipping
    I only had a small order - two dulcimer nuts and two strings, but they were received very quickly and packaged well. I was able to replace my damaged nut with minimal alterations to the one sent, and it's working out great! Strings also worked well. I'm a first time customer and will definitely be ordering again. Thanks
    Roy Brandow
    Amazing Journey and Wonderful Store
    From looking for strings to replace broken ones, to the harp wheels, and ultimately-buying the Cheyenne harp kit-Musicmakers is absolutely stellar at what they do. I am immensely glad that I now have a more "advanced" harp built by the hands of my mother, whereas others of the same amount of strings would be 5-6k+ at the mainline brands. These people definitely do help you to make music, making impossible dreams attainable.
    Very Satisfied
    Ordering online was easy, and the Strings and Tuning wrench that I ordered arrived quickly.
    I have been dealing Musicmakers for over 20 years
    They have always supplied top-quality products and were always helpful and patient with my questions.
    Peggy Jones
    I Always Look Forward to Purchasing from Musicmakers!
    Whether it's a question about an instrument or for advice or just checking stock, if it requires an answer I never have to wait long for a reply! When I make a purchase it arrives quickly, very very well packaged and is always what I ordered. I love Musicmakers and the instruments they make are high quality in their tones and craftsmanship. They take great pride in what they do and how they do it...and I thank them for it!
    Lynn Quinlan
    The Extra Mile
    After singing and playing in the big performance venues like churches ands theatres I now prefer to perform in a bubble where largess is not the answer. Your staff were sensitive to my needs finding an affordable portable harp with a custom set of wheels and case. Over the phone my mind was quickly at ease with my new music focus. It is appropriate that you have named your company "MusicMakers" because that is what you primarily do. Facilitating and performing are cousins. Thanks.
    Harp Wire
    Using these harp wires to make an aeolian harp. Perfect, thank you!
    Caitriona Reed
    Mandolin electric plans
    Love the plans. It help me a lot in figuring out how to build my own bandolin. Thank tou
    Juan J Velasquez
    Liz Australia
    Purchased the plans via secure website. Just have to take pdf to printers and print off one copy. Then the making of my own harp begins. Thank goodness it is in inch measurements. No 'grey' moments with measurements. (LOL old lady no longer is blonde) I would suggest that all measurements could be printed to enable people who work with mm and cm to be able to not pull out the calculator or google conversions.
    Liz Chivell
    Great experience
    Great experience shopping on the site! Wonderful selection of harp books, packaged well and shipped quickly! Will shop again, thank you!
    Mitzie McElhaney
    I got my Kantele in perfect condition. It was a beautiful and perfectly tuned. I was able to play a few tunes within minutes. I love it. Thank you.
    Linda Forsberg
    BASS plans
    Hi - seamless retrieval of travel bass plans - thanks so much for providing these!
    bruce lundeen
    Always a pleasure!!!
    I just want to take a moment to give high praise for the people and supplies at Musicmakers. I have built over 20 of these kits over the past decade and have always appreciated their quality and customer service. If there was ever any problem, they bent over backwards to make sure and find a solution, usually at their cost and time commitment. I recommend Musicmakers highly and have shared their catalog and website with hundreds of people. Steve [email protected]
    Review of Reverie Harp
    I recently purchased the Reverie Harp and it's been a real treat with journeys in sound, intervals, drone, and all the holding, healing, and grounding possibilities that the instrument provides. I'm still discovering so many nuances with playing it and am looking forward to more and to working with clients in deep an meaningful ways. Thank you for such great customer service support, and ease of delivery. This is a great product and I would highly recommend it for anyone working in the healing arts.
    Katie Down
    Sound Well Creative Arts Therapy, PLLC
    They get it right
    These people are wonderful and really take the time to make sure you're getting the right gear for your harp. I suppose that anybody who's made a harp must be a pretty chill person to start off with, let alone the ones who also spend their days dealing with other people who make harps. Thanks for the friendly and knowledgeable customer service!
    Vanessa Ferdinand
    Excellent customer service
    I purchased a strumbly (awesome instrument); however, I decided to exchange for a mandolin. I contacted Cody and the team regarding possible exchange. They were so helpful and accommodating. Thanks Musicmakers.
    Althea Young
    Anglo-Saxon lyre strings
    They have good service. Their harp strings work great on my obscure historical instrument. Shipping is on time too. I recommend it.
    Roger Abney Jr
    Excellent shopping experience!
    Thank you, MusicMakers for prompt and reliable service: my reverie Harp arrived in a timely manner, as you projected and the support materials, both online and in the package are very helpful. I will take a lesson or two with a specialist but the online information and video demonstrations have already given me the courage to hold, tune, and 'play' my beautiful reverie harp. KTU
    Kathleen Ullmann
    The Point of Health, Inc.
    Great product
    Amazing drawing and design. Plus they help you in every step or doubts about the project. Really grateful for this sharing of knowledge. Marino. All the best
    Marino Giannini
    Dreams Do Come True
    After learning to play the Studio harp my hubby constructed for me in the year 2000, we decided it was time to upgrade so we ordered the Cheyenne harp kit and my hubby put in some extra customization. So now I am delighted to be able play all the songs I learned over the years on this dream-come-true instrument which I named Pearline (hubby added simulated mother-of-pearl inlays). Sending a note of appreciation to everyone at Musicmakers 🎼👍 Music moves the spirit, soothes the soul & lifts our hearts to heaven❣
    Catherine Grzyb
    Strumbly , Gig bag, songbook
    I recently purchased the Strumbly with Gig bag and Songbook. I'm sorry to say but this instrument gives me problems, I can't stop playing it! It has beautiful appearance, light weight, beautiful bright sound, simple and easy to play. The Gig Bag is well padded and sturdy. The songbook has everything I need to know like: tunings, strumming, chords and songs by numbers. Thank you very much for such good products and prompt service. Sincerely Jeannot
    Always a pleasure doing business with Musicmakers. Thanks for the quick ship! Cheers!
    Bruce Harling
    Great resource
    I recently bought a pre-owned harp and needed a tuning wrench for it. Also had a question about the harp design. Spoke with Musicmakers and they were gracious and helpful in answering my question. The tuning wrench was easy to locate on their website and easy to order.
    Pat Lynch-Hayes
    Nice folks
    I recently bought their plans for a mountain dulcimer. Although I haven't started the build yet, I just wanted to mention how nice these folks are and how easy they and their website made the whole shopping and download experience.
    Dan Hackworth
    kalimba & door harp
    I made two kalimbas & one door harp. The order was filled quickly, I got a rapid response via email when I had a construction question, & the kits were high quality. I will be ordering more in the future, a good experience.
    Joel Roalkvam
    Tracker plans
    Great plans, instrument turned out great
    J Trischler
    31 String Gothic Harp Set
    I recently ordered strings for a harp I built several years ago. The transaction with MusicMakers was great, but the shipping via ground post cost as much as the small package of strings! If you want my future business I suggest finding a more cost-efficient method of shipping.
    Looks like you chose Priority Mail Shipping. We didn't make any money on shipping for your order. We could have sent your strings by first class mail which would have been much less expensive. It's possible that option wasn't available to you when you ordered. We made a recent change to our shipping module and it still needs some adjustments. I'm sorry if that was the case.
    Paul Callanan
    Always great to work with!
    Whether in person or ordering online, MusicMakers is incredible to work with. I have two of their harps, Smartwood and Jolie. They repaired one after the dog knocked it over and put levers on the other for me! Both were priced decently and done fast! I've ordered strings online and they were received within a few days. So glad they are fairly close to me and I love their products!
    Julie Libonate
    Harps string for self made harp
    Shot of a request to request an analysis and then possibly purchase the result for a set of string for a harp I constructed about 15 years ago but the string chart is long gone. Even though the company was unable to assist me in my quest they went out of their way in trying to do something but in the end they were unable to help but no matter they pointed me in another direction that co well bring about a result. Thhank heaps for trying very much appreciated
    Greg B.
    Wonderful experience.
    This was a great shopping experience. The item Arrived very quickly and customer service was excellent.
    Julie Zilberman
    Hammered Dulcimer
    I received the complete hammered dulcimer about a week after the order was received. Immediately I began to tune it, but the instructions were less than clear. I found what I needed on You Tube. I need a stand, and am currently building one, actually, I built many mountain dulcimers and fretless banjos over 40 years ago, but the mountain dulcimer presents a goal in my retirement: playing; not building. The MusicMakers Mountain Dulcimer is exceptional quality and tone.
    Beacham McDougald
    Still building.
    So far taking it slow, it is progressing. Had to get some tools that I didn't have since I don't use these tools in restorations. The wood is unmarred and clean. The saw blade used, is a little dull as feathering or fluffing at the edge of the wood occurred. Just sanded it off. Having no problems fitting the frame at this time. Still in progress.
    Nathine Tereana Goldenthal
    A Great Experience
    I have ordered multiple plans, parts, and kits from MM. The materials were always on time and of very good quality. Whenever I needed clarification or support, the team was very responsive and helpful. It has been a real pleasure to work with MM and look forward to my next project with there products.
    Don Campbell
    In the past five months I've purchased a new Jolie and installed Musicmakers lights and it rolls around on Musicmakers wheels when I do my therapeutic music. Bought a Reverie harp with stand, convinced a harp friend to buy a blue Jolie so you might say MusickMakers is my go to harp maker.
    Jan Valentine
    Excellent products and service
    I’ve made numerous purchases through MusicMakers and have never been disappointed. I’ve purchased an assembled instrument as well as an instrument kit. My first-ever purchase was a Harpdesk Kit, which was straightforward and easy to build. I love the finished product and use it every day. Matt is especially kind and offers excellent customer service. Great people to do business with!
    Charlotte Turner
    Harp Desk
    I recently ordered a kit to make a harp desk. Wrestling a music stand with a harp is always tricky, so when I saw this, I was excited to check it out. I read reviews, and all were favorable. So I took a deep breath and ordered! It is a bit pricey, but there is nothing like this anywhere and it is a stunning accessory when it’s done. I read the directions carefully, because I tend to hurry thru things sometimes. It turned out beautiful! And the little touches that Musicmakers adds, like the harp medallions and the choice of design for the wooden rosette on the front- not to mention the intricate design of the stand itself- make this a heirloom to be passed on. I love mine! It is a joy to see every time I sit down to play, and a special thrill, cuz I put it together! Thank you!
    Pat Schultz
    Lovely lyre
    I purchased a Lynda lyre just a couple of weeks ago. I just love it. It was hard to get started though, because I simply couldn’t figure out a comfortable way to hold it. Getting the starter book helped a lot. Playing this lyre is so different from playing my small inexpensive one. The sound is so much better. I got nylon strings to avoid the metallic twang. Now I don’t seem to be able to go back to the old lyre. I would love to see a few instructional videos on YouTube. Just something to get people started.
    Linda H
    Beautifully handcrafted with an amazing Sound!
    After months of constantly looking and listening to the monochord online I finally purchased this phenomenal instrument! It is a true work of art, made with great care and love. Amazing sound that fits perfectly with all of my other Sound Instruments. So Grateful……..
    Denise Campo
    Beloved Weeds
    As with all purchases I was impressed with the quality of the gear ordered. It was exactly as ordered and arrived in Australia in good condition thanks to the packaging and in very short time considering it came to Perth Australia which is about as far away from Music Makers as possible
    Trevor Gorey
    Fantastic Service. High Quality Products
    I purchased a Reverie harp and received it very quickly. It was well packaged and arrived undamaged. I emailed customer service with a question and received a prompt, professional response that easily resolved my question. I highly recommend MusicMakers. They will exceed your expectations in every way.
    Melodie G.
    Mountain Banjo kit
    As a novice woodworker with limited tool, this Mt Banjo came out awesome! (my bias opinion, of course) Between the written instructions, photos and video, all constructions details were very clear. I ended up using Tru-oil, which worked great and much easier than spray or brush. I am still experimenting with the skin head tension, but so far I like its great sound... and it will no doubt be much better as I work on my playing skills!
    Don McDonald
    Have always been happy with the service and fast delivery. Would definitely shop here again! Thanks!
    Tom Young
    Always A Great Experience
    I have purchased several kits… supplies…and plans from Musicmakers. I have also called for help and advice. I have been treated like a friend on every occasion and I have always received excellent assistance. The kits are of the highest quality and the instructions are clear and concise. It is a pleasure doing business with these folks.
    Herb McMurtry
    Couldn't be happier with my Studio Harp results
    From the first phone call requesting information and clarification of what was involved and then calls after receiving the plans asking for assistance, I found Musicmakers to be extremely patient, helpful, and thorough every time. The plans were precise and the notations easy to follow. Thanks again for all your help. Our daughter was extremely happy - as was I - with the final result.
    Ed Zirbel
    MusicMakers Review
    I have purchased some instruments from MM, and I am pleased with them all. My kantele developed some gluing problems, but I returned it, and it was fixed up good as new. Matt helped me out. Of all my purchases, I guess my Reverie harp is my favorite. It always calms me down and soothes me.
    Donald A. Graff
    Great kit! Beautiful choices of wood! Thank you!!
    In the slowdown of 2020, I ordered up a Mandola Kit to get my feet wet in the realm of being a Luthier. I have actually found photos from the early 1900's with a gentleman holding an instrument that looks identical to this kit and the mandolin kit. If you have a basic set of tools, you can certainly put this kit together and be playing music. My only criticism is that the neck is quite thick and neck specs on a mandola is impossible. To those that order this kit, go to a music shop and pic up a few mandolas to get the feel of how they should fit your hand. Great kit! Beautiful choices of wood! Thank you!!
    Spring Valley Lodges
    A very satisfied Australian customer
    The difficulties usually experienced in on-line purchasing from Australia don't happen when dealing with Music Harps. Any issues of supply are attended to promptly and email responses are friendly and helpful. Purchases are always received well packed and in good order. I am pleased to continue to deal with you.
    Trevor Gorey
    A pleasure to do business
    I broke a lever on my harp. I thought I needed to replace the whole lever so I called Music Makers to make sure I was ordering the correct lever. I spoke with someone who asked what was broken and then told me I only needed to replace the part that was broken. I arrived in the mail in several days. So grateful for your expertise and caring. roberta rudy
    roberta rudy
    You will not be disappointed
    I’ve purchased plans, strings, pins and levers for most of the harps Musicmakers offers and have always received my orders quickly, packaged with care, and get all the courteous, timely follow up support I need. I repair many brands of harps and have never seen a Musicmakers harp fail due to bad design or lesser craftsmanship. These folks are professionals providing quality goods and services at an affordable investment. You will not be disappointed.
    Chuck Vavra
    Vavra Harp
    General review
    Very prompt with fulfilling orders. Fairly priced. Available for help via text, call, or email.
    T. Chapman
    MusicMaster Harp kit!
    So pleased with the Harp Kit. UPS was pretty close on delivery time. So happy I was home to greet them. Everything was checked off as well as double checking here. I am delighted with your products, and will return again!
    Eileen Stephanie Spiers
    Very Satisfied
    Purchased the Voyageur Harp Kit. Unbelievably surprised how quickly it arrived and the kit itself is much more than I expected. It was very well packed and inventory was checked off before sending and all there as I checked it off when it arrived. The quality of the wood is superb and I can’t wait to start building. This will not be my last purchase from MusicMakers.
    Shawn Teats
    Thanks You Kindly
    The strings arrived in less tan expected time. And was able to replace the needed ones in no time to get back to playing.
    Henry Malespin
    Guitarra Classica Shop
    high quality and excellent people
    Purchased several rosettes to use over sound holes in kankles (kantele) instruments that I make. They are just the thing to provide a great look to the instruments and people say it even enhances the sound. Probably not, but then who knows?
    Allan Burns
    Great service
    Great products and speedy shipping! My order to Canada came really fast. Thanks!
    E Jane Mackay
    Harp Strings
    I received my order (.040 and .050 nylon harp strings) very quickly, and was able to install them easily with the included instructions.
    Paula Rutherford
    Great stuff, great company, great new hobby
    Everything came as described. Manual is excellent
    Bob cole
    World Wide Stereo
    Great service and products
    I have dealt with them for kits and parts. Always have been satisfied.
    David Turnbull
    S.W. Wood and Steel
    A gem of a company
    Quick and professional. The inlay is perfect and the flower rosette has astounded all who have seen it.
    Allan Burns
    Fast, Professional Service
    Musicmakers is awesome. Great products shipped quickly. Excellent company. They're my go-to for harp parts!
    Sam Cox
    plan very informitive thanks
    lindsay odell
    Great service
    I ordered some replacement strings. They got here much faster than I thought they would and they are high quality. Thanks.
    Bowl turner
    I use your inlays for inlays On bowls I have turned. It really sets them apart from other bowls.
    Jon R Gleason
    mandolin kit and finished mandolin
    Second purchase from Musicmakers. Pleased on both occasions. Thanks.
    Bob Cadman
    Exceptional service!
    I cannot express how amazing the people are. My questions are answered quickly and thoughtfully. Customer service is AMAZING!
    Excellent Customer Service!
    I have ordered multiple times from Musicmakers, both online and via phone. Always fast, reliable service and pleasant phone conversations. Thanks to all.....
    Eugene Carlson
    Multiple Instruments Built from Their Plans and Hardware
    Great company to do business with. Their plans are detailed, concise, complete, and easy to follow with many additional hints and suggestions. Matt responds to question within a day. Hardware is packaged nicely in separate sealed sections of packaging and is shipped out immediately.
    Richard Rowley
    Kantele Kit and Replacement Strings
    Excellent customer service! I ordered some items by mistake twice and was issued a refund promptly. My kantele kit arrived in great condition and the replacement strings were just as great. It arrived quickly as well.
    Tricia Salo
    17 / 16 Hammered Dulcimers
    I've built two of these at once, and found the hardware and the instructions easy to use. I had some problems tuning them, but with some assistance by Musicmakers, I was successful, and am learning how to play now. A beautiful sounding,challenging project!
    William Kalinowich
    Thumb pianos
    I have built 6 of these a few years ago, and gave four to my grandchildren and one to a friend. They were easy to build, and sounded very nice. My first musical instruments!
    William Kalino0wich
    Thumb piano kit
    Great project! I’ve made 2. A “Dragonfly” for me, and the “Tree of Life” as a gift for my son. Instructions were very easy and straightforward. One tip, when you are done with the build, file the burrs off the playing ends of the prongs. It makes it easier to play.
    Great company and wonderful instruments/
    I have ordered several of the Musicmakers kits. They have been easy to assemble and when a problem I just call or write......Yahoo!! The harp wheels I just ordered will be great to move this large harp even in my small office where I practice. I had bought a dolly but this will work so well. Thanks for the good service and response.
    Barbara Hyland
    Kalimba (Thumb Piano) kit
    Very nice kit. Good quality materials and great instructions. Mine turned out very well.
    Charles F Rose
    Hognose Psaltry
    Everything, shipping, quality of materials, accuracy of wood cut parts, beautiful ringing tone, instructions - Perfect.
    Great place to do business.
    Robert Steadman
    I have built several kits and have found them of highest quality. I intend to order more in the future.
    Claude Hoffman
    I am in love with my Reverie Harp
    I am a 67-year-old woman studying to be a Clinical Harp Musician and I am disabled with multiple sclerosis. During a recent health crisis I decided to purchase a Reverie Harp, as I could not handle my lever harp. This instrument has brought me such peace. I am improvising with it, trying different tunings, techniques and so on. One would think this instrument is limited, but quite the opposite; the musical possibilities are endless. I truly believe that if the angels are playing harps in heaven, some of them are using Reverie Harps (lol) because they bring such peace to one's soul. Thank you so much for this beautiful instrument. Wherever my health takes me, I know I will always feel better for having my Reverie Harp.
    Susan West
    Very helpful and knowledgeable staff
    I am building an unusual dulcimer instrument (not a kit) and the staff here was immensely helpful answering questions even before I bought anything. When I came back for parts the suggestions were spot on and they arrived quickly and were well packaged and of good quality.
    Don Kleinschnitz
    HUrdy Gurdy Plans
    Got a set of plans as a free download from MusicMakers. Very impressed with the level of detail so I decided to pay for the HUrdy Gurdy plan. Looks great and I can't wait to start making it. Great products guys. Just wish you were in the UK.
    Michael Szreider - UK
    Harp sstrings
    I called and ask questions about harp strings and answered my questions, like different strings lengths you buy, but i would lie see the size of the wingding and size of the diameter on the wound strings, I didn't see it listed maybe I looked the wrong place, but they quick order turn around Thanks
    Best Music Company!
    I am just starting out with a beginner's harp. These wonderful people have been so patient with me and answered all my questions. I wish I would have found them sooner. I would have been much further along.
    Lillian Carpentiere
    Dakota Mandolin and Mountain Dulcimer
    Because I’m from Australia I wasn’t familiar with these instruments but they looked interesting so I ordered the mandolin. I realised could have two proceeding at once so I ordered the second instrument. I’ve been very impressed by Musicmakers. Despite being such a long distance away and COVID 19, the instruments arrived in reasonable time. The workmanship is excellent and the instructions are easy to follow. I hope to purchase another soon.
    Ivan Lloyd
    until now everything ok
    until now everything ok i've connected all 24 paper sheets of the download and formed my "White" blueprint and based on it cut the mold in order to curve the lateral boards of my future hurdy gurdy the single problem is your use of inches instead the universal metric system I will keep you informed about my progress. Best regards!
    Alfredo de Paula Eduardo Júnior
    Harp desk
    I ordered a harp desk 8 ´´. I love the quality, the look and it is perfect for Ipad pro ! The shipping was very fast too Thank you, I’m enjoying it !!!
    Well made items and great service
    I ordered zither pins (standard&w/ enlarged holes) to install on a really old Koto and I couldn't be happier with the results. I got my pins quickly. Everything was packaged nicely. Couldn't be more satisfied. I also bought the tuning wrench: very sturdy and well made. It really made my installation process so much more easier than what it could have been.
    Amanda L
    Harp desk
    Hurricane Laura seriously delayed my beautiful harp desk! It shipped promptly on 08/20 then sat in Houston until 09/07! I live near Lake Charles, LA. It is well worth the wait. It has made reading music much easier for me, is easy to attach and detach.....a lovely, ingenious accessory.
    Nancy Herington
    Voyager harp kit
    I live in Sweden. In 2018 I built a Voyager harp purchased via Nordic Harps in Sweden. All parts were in good condition and nothing was missing. The manual was excellent and easy to follow. The harp is also equipped with Loveland sharping levers for all strings. All contacts with Musicmakers have generated a swift reply and I am pleased to state that I can recommend Musicmakers to any interested person.
    Lars Sjolin
    Hognose psaltry
    I had so much fun putting it together. Easy to understand instuctions and it was nice all parts were there from start to being able to play.
    Re Acosta
    Voyageur harp kit
    Excellent pre made parts. Quick and easy build for a great sounding instrument.
    Jan Arne Sjåstad
    instrument kit
    Great kit for a strumbly. Well made and easy to assemble. Thanks
    jim macfarlane
    Harp Desk Kit - Excellent
    Shipping speed was lightning fast. Instructions are fabulous. The parts required a bit more fine-tuning than expected, but the finished product is outstanding. I love my new harp desk!
    CM Turner, Ph.D
    Reverie Harp
    My harp was delivered within a week! I can't get over the beauty of the sound and the craftmanship is incredible! Thank you!
    Kerry J.
    Hurdy gurdy
    The plans came in the other day Looking forward to creating it Just as soon as i finish the vardo i am creating Great service Thanks
    John Kaznecki
    Rolling Art
    Great Mountain Banjo kit
    I bought a Mt. Banjo kit to build as birthday present for my very musical granddaughter. I have made kit instruments from other companies but this banjo kit is by far the best. Very easy to follow instructions, excellent wood in the kit and very well done kit parts, so easy to assemble. Finishing is about 1/2 done now and looks fantastic. My granddaughter will love it. I would buy again from Musicmakers.
    James F White, PhD
    L shaped turning wrench
    Excellent product; excellent service - as always.
    Exceptional instrument kit
    Musicmakers, from the best instrument kit sites, my favorites the Dakota Mandolin and the Renaissance Guitar truly designed to make a difference
    Arturo R Flores P
    17/16 Hammered Dulcimer
    I built the 17/16 Hammered Dulcimer from the blueprints and hardware kit for my son's HS graduation gift. It was the first musical instrument i have built. The blueprints and step by step instructions were easy to follow. He and I were very pleased with the results
    Devon K Draper
    Musicmakers kits
    I am presently making a concert uke. This is the 4th Musicmakers kit I have made. The materials and instructions are great. The finished product is a solid well made instrument. Some of the best kits around.
    Joseph E Conrad
    a fun rewarding musical project
    I must admit the finish product is beautiful. Quality well worth the cost. Parts come well organized with easy to follow step by step instructions. like any wood model of this sort the more time spent with sand paper the better. It helps if you just happen to own 12 or 15 small to med size wood clamps. Three days following the unpacking I installed the strings and tuned her up, once the strings settled she stays in tune (for the most part) and sounds beautiful. A perfect beginner musical wood project to share and do with the kids or just a great way to pass the time being sequestered thanks to Covid 19. The only reason I gave four stars and not five is I asked for the nylon string version and was sent the steel string, Then come to find the last few strings where missing slowing the awaited completion. Emails where promptly returned and things where cheerfully set right. Next I plan to buy and build the Baritone Uke, then who knows. These kits are so well put together they really make me look good and help to build the confidence and patience required when building any musical instrument. Thanks Music Makers.
    Jeff Schwartsenbackenruenbergerstien
    Six String Flyers
    Harp making books
    Excellent harp making resources. I learnt a lot :)
    Zither pins. Keys. Strings. Plans.
    You guys are great no two ways about it. Thanks!
    Glenn Braun
    A wish now reality
    Just receive my Economy Reverie Harp later this affernoon (2020/04/15). I was looking forward to receiving my harp! Now I have everything in hands and will now taming my harp. - Exceptional quality - A magic sound - Simplified handling - Product equal to its presentation on the web site. -Give me a nice energy and great pleasure to play and listen to it ❤️ Je viens de recevoir ma Harpe Rêverie 2. J’en suis très heureuse. Elle est exactement comme je l’imaginais. Je voulais un produit de qualité fait par des luthiers et acheter soit au Canada ou aux États Unis. J’ai déniché Musicmakers ( et je suis restée accrochée à leur site! Incroyable qualité, coût abordable, même si c’est dispendieux ( mieux qu’importer d’Europe), et un grand choix d’instruments! Merci MusicMakers. / Thank you MusicMakers
    Ginette Drouin
    Michael Adams
    The reverie harp kit was excellent. I bought it for my boys and I to make as a project together. We had a great time and love the finished product, it's amazing! Thank you! From the Adams family in Sydney.
    Michael Adams
    pins andkey
    products were as advertised and came promptly they look to be high quality. I look forward to making the instrument.
    Harp stand
    I received your name from my harp instructor. I ordered the day of my lesson and you were very rapid in providing what I request. I was finding that my body position was in trouble because I was not looking straight ahead. Love with the music stand hooked to my harp I am looking directly at my music and my body is much happier. Besides it is beautiful
    Mary Reeve
    Llmerick harp string
    Very happy with the service from musicmakers. Would definitely recommend.
    Jane Jasper
    Recent Purchase - Monochord
    Recently purchased a Monochord from Musicmakers. I have to say without reservation that their service is awesome !! They were there for every step of the way. And the instrument arrived super fast and the Monochord is amazing !! I am going to have a great time using it ! Thanks to everyone there ! Can't recommend you guys enough !!
    Folk Harp Design & Construction
    Living in Europe, I bought the online (pdf) version of this book owing to the prohibitive cost of overseas postage. It contains a wealth of sound information for the would-be harp maker, including many tips and tricks to get around those awkward jobs. The author has many years' experience under his belt, so knows instinctively what the problem areas are and how to solve them. I can thoroughly recommend this book to anyone considering making their own harp.
    Andrew Hypher
    Baritone Ukulele
    It was a pleasure doing business with Music Makers. The kit was complete and access to live help by phone was extremely helpful. Directions were easy to follow and as a result I have a beautiful Ukulele.
    Joe Ryan
    Hammered Dulcimer Stand Kt
    Before I purchased the stand kit, I emailed questions about the wood used for the parts and received a prompt reply that it was all black walnut. This was what I wanted, so I ordered the stand kit and received it within three days of placing the order. Very fast shipping. When I inspected the contents, I was delighted to see that ALL the pieces were in the box, even the correct number and type of wood screws. The packaging was carefully done, nothing likely to be damaged in shipping. I followed the easy to understand instructions, and in no time I was applying clear, high gloss polyurethane (2 coats) with sanding between the applications. The resulting dulcimer stand is very beautiful, a perfect complement to my hammered dulcimer. I was very pleased with all aspects of completing this project with Music Makers. Fair price, excellent materials, great instructions, responsive service. Highly recommended! Thank you!
    Danny N Tompkins
    Hurdy Gurdy Plans
    These Plans are not 'Blueprints' as claimed. They are just one Page of badly drawn, under-dimensioned Sketches that require a great deal of input and conjecture from the Instrument Builder. Revised in 2018 and still does not have Metric Dimensions. If you are selling to the World outside the US, it would improve the Plans if they were in Metric, as the rest of the civilised World uses that System. Time to wake up USA!
    Sorry the plans did not meet your expectations. We have had many people successfully build a hurdy gurdy from these plans but if you don't think the plans are usable, just send me an email and I can get you a refund.
    Murray McKenzie
    Luthier in New Zealand
    Strumbly kit
    Fast delivery. Easy to build kit. I have bought a few other kits in the past and I’m always satisfied. Im looking forward to my next purchase!
    Darl Papple
    Strings for my dulcimer
    Fast service & items purchased were as described. Will order from them again when I need anything for my dulcimer.
    Ken Dale
    Fast service & items purchased as described. Will return again.
    gary smith
    Fast Service and Wide Selection
    I was able to get all the parts I needed to restring and repair an old instrument. I had my parts within the next week.
    Zakk Volk
    Blueprint and parts
    I recently purchased the blueprint in digital form for a mountain banjo, which is my first attempt at building a musical instrument. The blueprint is great and I also ordered most of the hardwood needed for the build. Everything is good quality, I couldn't be more satisfied. They are quick with shipping and everything was well packaged.
    Daniel Alexander
    Free Plans
    I am just getting started in building instruments and the free plans I downloaded are great. I have built a few kits in the past and am ready to build from scratch. I will definitely be ordering parts and supplies soon!
    Still Happy After All These Years
    I’m still making a living happily playing my beautiful Limerick harp. I’m so sorry to see that it looks like you no longer offer the Limerick. I always send people your way when they ask me about my harp. I will continue to depend on your fast, professional service to order strings and things. If I ever have to replace the Limerick, Musicmakers will be my first source for shopping.
    Kathleen Kennedy
    22 metal string Lynda Lyre
    Thank you Matt for your expertise, concern & professionalism.
    Tom T.
    Thomas' Piano Tuning and Instrument Repairs
    Beautiful Craftsmanship/ Impeccable Customer Service
    I have been nothing but impressed with the beauty of the instrument (I ordered the Bowed Psaltry) and the customer service that has come with it. A small glitch in my order was taken care of so quickly. I highly recommend this company, and will be making another purchase in the future myself.
    Lisa Wienke
    A very good company.
    I have assembled three different MusicMakers kts. All have been of excellent quality and were honestly described on the website. The instructions are very clear and the support from staff is prompt and friendly. I would highly recommend their kits to anyone interested in playing a part in building their own instruments.
    frederic Beach
    Harp from plans
    I just finished a Limmerick harp made from plans purchased from Musicmakers. The plans were thorough and easy to follow. During the building process I called with a question and obtained the answer while on the phone. I purchased the soundboard material and hardware kit from Musicmakers. The quality was excellent and all materials needed for stringing were provided. I'm still tuning and so far, so good!
    Garland Sprinkle
    Always great service. Always great quality!
    I have had the occasion to order from MusicMakers twice now, and I can say that each time I have been thoroughly impressed with their quick shipping and excellent customer service. I also appreciate that what you see is what you get. I have not been disappointed in the products I received. I highly recommend MusicMakers for all you music kit and hardware needs!
    Mark Foster
    I have assembled several of their kits and they have all been exceptionally good. They are also fun to play.
    Don Werdin
    Harps and other instruments
    Music maker Kits never disappoint! But they are addictive. Luckily I have friends that are more musical than me so I can justify building as many instruments as I have time.
    LeeAnn Garton
    Musicmakers is my hero!
    Over the last 20 years I have built 2 of their harp kits, and purchased strings and other necessary paraphernalia from MusicMakers. Service has always been fast and friendly. And their products are amazingly wonderful! They have happily answered my silly questions. And I love that they carry the Reverie Harp as finished and as kits. Thanks and a big smile to you from me.
    Rebecca Hazlitt
    HeartWings Music-Thanatology
    Dakota Mandola
    ¡Thank you so much! My husband has his Mandola and he is very happy. We live in Mexico City and he is studying a course named Spanish clasical guitar construction from Paracho, Michoacan. Thanks again and sorry for my bad English
    Elsa Gomez
    Loose string order by dimensional diameter
    Assortment of strings ordered: Each set wound and identified by diameter Group of wound strings bundled together Delivery wad as fast as the specified USPS service would deliver. HAPPY either the order/purchase/ delivery
    So, so, so happy with Musicmakers!
    I’ve been searching for years far and wide with no luck on any information at all regarding replacement of broken wires on a door harp we acquired years ago. Finally I found Musickmakers along with the information and the necessary product at a VERY reasonable price. Plus, from order to delivery was very quick! We will certainly recommend them to all our family members that we have gifted many door harps to over the years if they ever have similar needs.
    Susan Laverty
    Musicmakers is great !
    I came across Musicmakers after seeing a video of the Reverie Harp. I fell in love with it's sound, and called them to find out more about it. I was treated like an old friend, and all my questions were answered. I did order a Reverie Harp, and have since purchased a Hapi Slim Drum. Both instruments arrived very quickly, and are even more wonderful and fun to play than I had hoped for. Musicmakers is an all around great place, and I am sure I will find another one of their unique instruments to fall in love with ! Thank you Musicmakers !!!
    Bonnie Erickson
    Great products
    I have built the hammered dulcimer, large and small. Hurty Gurty, Mountain Dulcimer, and the wind thingie. Also I’m in the process of building the Reverie Harp . I have been extremely pleased with the quality and the service from Music Makers. Thank you for answering all of my stupid questions when I have run into a problem.
    Phillip White
    Fabulous Instruments!
    I recently purchase a Reverie Harp and Kinder Harp with bags and how to tune, KORG Tuner, and DVD. I’m in love, tuned them up and already playing songs on both. Everyone there is so helpful, highly recommend Musicmakers, high quality instruments that you will enjoy!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Betty Byrd
    Great Service
    I received promt, patient and friendly customer service through Musicmakers and learned a lot about stringing a harp besides! The Cheyenne harp is a beautiful instrument to play.
    Donna W.
    Excellent all around
    I was able to find exactly what I needed (individual harp strings, a zither tuning key, and a harp tuning peg) at reasonable prices. There are detailed instructions on the site to help you find what you need. Shipping was quick and I received my correct order a few days later.
    I have always been satisfied with every thing I have bought from this company.
    Betty Williams
    Always good.
    I have been doing business with Music Makers for about 20 years. I have found them to be very good at what they do. ALWAYS good! They have consistently provided what ever I might have needed in a timely (quick) manner. I am not sure where I will find harp strings of this quality should they ever not be there. The other instruments I have built with their plans have been of high quality, just like the harps. Thanks for so many years of beautiful music, along with the great customer service on parts and supplies!
    kent nelson
    Personal response and information
    We have bought several kits from this company in the past and they are extremely reliable. I have an old style Gothic harp and in our move we failed to take all the levers and the grommets, They sent me all the parts to put this together again.!! I haven't started on the restringing but that comes next.
    Barbara Hyland
    Good Folks to Work With
    I'm working on my fifth kit from Music Makers and have found these folks to be very helpful and easy to work with. I had one kit that was short some parts and another when a string broke as I was mounting it. A quick phone call got replacement parts on the way with no questions asked. Overall, their kits have been high quality with very beautiful wood. I recommend Music Makers without hesitation.
    Outstanding customer service
    I have dealt with Musicmakers for almost 20 years now. With their help I have built 2 harps and a bowed psaltery. I have also changed one harp over from wire to nylon strings, and had sharpening levers on the big harp. They have been there for me every step of the way and have never made me feel like I was asking a dumb question. I just wish that other companies could be half as great to work with as Musicmakers!
    Excellent Service
    I ordered A style and Flat Back mandolin plans for a project. Had difficulties with PayPal on the website. These problems were quickly solved by Don with a couple of emails. That sorted, the plans arrived very quickly. The plans make a very useful addition to my library. Thank you Don for your excellent service.
    Jeremy Ard
    Great quality harps and impeccable customer care!
    I am now the proud owner of two Musicmakers harps, a Jolie Hybrid, and a Sonnet lap harp. I am so glad I chose them! They are so attentive to detail, very innovative, and bend over backwards to please their customers!
    Amelia Gerlach
    New to the game
    I am working with a friend who is an expert in wood working. I am making a dulcimer for my grand daughter. We have had some minor issues and a few questions and the staff has always been very responsive and helpful. I am looking forward to having a wonderful gift for my grand daughter soon.
    Harp Journal
    Easy to find what is needed, quick shipping. Thank you!
    I have been dealing with these people for over 10 years and never had a problem. Fair prices, good service and prompt delivery,charlie
    charles potter
    Have known these folks for 8 years; so pleasant to work with and very knowledgeable!!! You can’t go wrong dealing with them. Forget about EBay and Amazon.....go straight to these won’t be sorry!!!
    Suzanne Worswick
    Very good experience
    I recently purchased a Voyageur harp kit - I was kept informed about the delivery date and received the kit right on time. I'm about 50% through the assembly process and very happy with the quality of the parts and the instructions!
    Tom Barton
    Wonderful company
    My first experience with Music Makers was 23 years ago. My dad and I ordered a Limerick harp kit and built it together. The kit was well designed and all the support I have received from Music Makers over the years has been top notch. Wonderful products, friendly service. Thank you!
    Kat Starr
    Ordered two replacement base harp strings. No rush as I keep a complete extra set on hand. They arrived on the third day - and I live on the West Coast! Paid no extra postage fees. Did they come by rocket? Fabulous service.
    Mandola kit
    Will give feedback after kit has arrived. Was shipped 11 days ago, but still not here. Hope kit is great (or better than shipping time)..
    I understand your frustration with the delay. We shipped your order the same day it was received. After that it is out of our hands. Sometimes packages get delayed in customs and there is nothing we can do about it. I tracked your package this morning and it looks like it has just cleared customs and on the way to you.
    Gary Stewart
    Harp maker
    I build a lot of Harps so buy supplies from many sources. Musicmakers is consistently accurate, quick, and available for questions/clarification. I'm safe with these folks - no worries.
    Chuck Vavra
    Quick service
    Quick delivered good packaged Perfect hardware Thumbs up
    Erez shalom
    zither pins
    A small order from far away I know but I am impressed with the pricing and rapid service I have received. They arrived today thank you. I am constructing a wind harp to go with a sculptural installation.
    Mark Tisdall
    I love musicmakers!
    I’m just writing a testimonial here because I just ordered new strings for my strumbly and my old world harp. I can’t really review replacement strings .But I’ve had the strumbly for ever, and it was the first kit I built from music makers. It’s about time I gave old faithful new strings. I still love it, and play it. And when I let other people try it, it turns out to be so much fun for everyone. The customer service is amazing. They always answer every silly question I ask. They are the nicest people, and the quality of their kit instruments is wonderful. I have built quite a few of the kits,and learned so much from doing so that I’ve made quite a few instruments of my own now, too. The instructions for assembling the kits are excellent, so don’t hesitate to try building one. I’d highly recommend the strumbly as a first kit. There are also so g books available, both to purchase and free downloads. It’s a very beginner friendly instrument. Love you guys!
    Sue Macias
    Autoharp plans
    Just ordered the Autoharp plans because I'm considering making one. Plans look good and fairly straightforward.
    Thumb Piano - Download
    Thumb Piano - Download; easy to follow blueprint.
    Jeffrey Lambert
    Thanks for the Free plan.
    I just downloaded the free plan to the Trekker guitar. But I intend to do some shopping, because you have some item in your catalog that interest me. I just wanted to thank you for allowing me to download the free plans. I found your website doing some google searches and was not aware of your existence. I will do some shopping very soon. Thanks. Irving, From Orlando, FL
    Irving Navarro
    Renaissance Guitar Kit
    I just received the renaissance guitar kit and I am looking forward to building it. The reason I purchased this kit was because I built the Renaissance Guitar years ago and want to build another one with some custom modifications. I play my original Ren Guitar at church playing Christmas carols during the Christmas season and hymns once a month the rest of the year. People love the sound of the guitar and I give credit to Musicmakers for the design and wood used in the kit. People keep asking me for a CD of the music. I have tried finding guitars at music stores that give the same big sound and I have found none that equals the Renaissance Guitar. I am sorry that this guitar has been discontinued but I feel good I got one before they were all gone. By the way, I have also built your Hurdy-Gurdy and Smart Harp and I am very happy with the results. When I strum the harp people think I have an amplifier and speaker installed because it puts out a loud beautiful sound. Keep up the good work!
    Karl Berquist
    Excellent Company!
    When I first started making kalimbas, I found several sources for the spring steel material needed for the tines and bought from a couple places before finding MusicMakers. Now I've made 3 orders for the spring steel ("bulk steel prong material") through MusicMakers and would not order anywhere else. I like the fact that I can get any amount (by the foot) and that the processing is amazingly fast (the package arrives a couple days after placing the order) and that the price is a good (or better) than anywhere. A really excellent company!
    Terrell Beck
    I Love my purchases from MusicMakers!!!
    I purchased the harp wheel kit from MusicMakers. It was so easy to put together. Once I stained it to match the color of my harp, it was perfect! The wheels make it so much easier to transport my harp to the car and to patient rooms! I also purchased a cherry harp desk, which I totally love! It was put together so Beautifully with a dragonfly rosette!!! It makes it very easy for me to read my sheet music and it looks Good on my harp!
    Sarita Gardner
    Great Company
    Was looking for a mountain banjo kit for my husband. The item arrived exactly as described, and packed excellently. I emailed a quick question and was responded to within 1 day. My husband has really enjoyed getting started on the assemblyof this instrument. It’s high quality wood and parts. Couldn’t be happier with our product or this company. Highly recommend!
    Psaltery strings
    I ordered new strings for my psaltery some months ago. It took them a bit to arrive(as a reference, it's about 3-4 months from the USA to Chile) and when they got here and I fixed them to my beloved instrument, I couldn't be happier! The sound is amazing. I'm quite happy to have found this shop, and I will keep on buying from here in the future.
    V Sandoval Sáez
    A Very Satisfied Customer for Decades
    My first catalog was from St. Croix Kits, before Jerry changed the name to Musicmakers Kits. I've been a customer for quite some time, buying the blueprints for his first model Hammer Dulcimer (15/14) along with the string set. The step-by-step instructions were clear and concise resulting in an instrument that I still use today. When I started building my first bowed psaltery I was trying to use left over harpsichord strings and they kept breaking. Even though I was using plans that were not from Musicmakers, a phone call to Jerry solved the problem and I've been buying string, bow hair, electronic tuners, hammer dulcimer hammers, even several nose flutes (no longer stocked). There have been two personal visits to the 'shrine of music kits' in my past 30 years and everyone on staff is most cordial, patiently answering questions, demonstrating products and always making one feel welcomed. In short....Musicmakers is a top shelf company with professional builders resulting in professional end results. Here's toast to many more years of great service to the music world.
    Bernie Arcand in North Dakota
    Great help!
    I received very courteous and timely help -- and the back issue of the FHJ I needed was received in record time!
    Annie Mocha
    harp blueprint
    Purchased the limerick harp blueprint. It is quite good and absolutely workable. The only problem I met - it is in inch dimentions. Hard to find proper instruments for working in American measurement outside USA and GB. I converted all the dimentions in metric system but I'll have to purchase drill and some other stuff from US. Anyway thanks a lot for making dreams true!
    Valeriya Nedlina
    tuning keys
    They are just what we were looking for
    Carol Freiberg
    Psaltry projects
    Built two psaltries about 10 years ago for my wife and daughter. Great kits, great results. They love them and play them in church often. Bow hair finally wore out so ordered replacement. Great devices & product.
    Tim Reynolds
    Have made several wonderful projects!
    I’ve had the most wonderful experiences with Musicmakers while in the store, on the telephone, or on the internet. I’ve built two Ukuleles from Musicmaker kits, a Trekker Guitar from Musicmaker blueprints, and some Musicmaker thumb pianos! On all the projects Musicmaker staff were always available for my occasional questions going beyond simply answering, staff provided tips and advice as well. I’ve made all these projects for others - I don’t play any musical instruments. That said I may make another ukulele, this time for mysel!
    Gary Connett
    Harp lights
    Great, great, great. Works very well with plenty of light to see and dim for atmospheric ambience. Could not be more pleased. Also have your harp wheels and the work well for my Ravenna. Wonderful products.
    Jan Valentine
    tuning pegs
    they are exactly what is needed
    Great products great and service
    Ordered the 2 Thumb Piano kits, Had a slight problem and when I notified the company they apologized and made it right, got the problem resolved and the missing part in three days. Great job
    Thumb Piano Kit
    Always a pleasure to do business with.
    John S
    Your products.
    5 stars. There you go.
    Ed Dawson
    Great blueprints
    On the two occasions I've built using their blueprints, they have been well drawn, easy to follow and very accurate. I HIGHLY recommend these folks!
    Brian Amato
    I have built several Musicmakers kits including the psalmidicon, strumbly, cigar box and cardboard guitars, bowed and hog nosed psalltry and others. I recently completed a Kantela and feel that I have built what looks like something you might have bought in a music store in Scandinavia. The quality of the wood and workmanship along with the builder following the correct step by step procedures, results in a beautiful looking and sounding instrument. I also design my own electronic instruments and have found it satisfying to add my own electronics to kits like the little Lyre and cigar box models. Some kits require a little extra elbow grease, but it is worth it in the end. Also, when I go to the store in person and they know me by name, still amazes me :)
    Todd Peterson
    Waldorf 22
    I am very new to harps, lyre and the science/art of crafting one. I was looking for an inexpensive beginner harp plans to help me understand the rudiments of harp making. The free plans for Waldorf 22 attracted my attention. I learned that it was designed for and built by school students. This ticked my 'can do' spirit. I printed the plan/manual, pieced the plans together and got the basic harp framework. After studying the plan and considering the whole project, I decided to build a 30-string Paraguayan harp. Thank you MusicMaker for making the plan available. What an invaluable source if information! The project is developing as we speak and as soon as I am ready for materials, I know what I will be ordering from MusicMaker. Thank you very much!
    Dec Leonares
    Good service.Answered my questions quickly.benn in hospital so review took a long time.i will try and write a better review when I get home from hospital.
    Diane kreil
    musicmaker blueprints
    I have worked with the musicmaker blueprints before, and have found them very useful. Good to check the measurements though.
    Murray Wicks
    excellent company to do business with in every way. just started working on strumbly kit and all is going well. I have ordered before and it always been fast shipping and good experience in every way. thanks again.
    Hammered Dulcimer blueprints
    It was very easy to order the blueprints. Thanks for having them available.
    Lydia Kass
    Muy bueaa Cia.
    Ok. muy profesional.
    Great company
    Prompt, professional service, very reasonable shipping charges, always willing to offer advice. Plus they have a very innovative team. Without Musicmakers I would be not know where to begin.
    Geoff Aikens
    Have now completed the Dakota Mandola and am very happy about the result. All materials were of good quality and the instructions for the build were excellent. Responses to me queries were prompt and comprehensive.
    Gil Smith
    Shepherd Harp plans
    Bought the digital plans and printed them out poster sized. It took 24 pages. Then had to arrange and tape them together. Lots of work but saved $25...... Think it will go together ok. Plans look good
    james d becker
    Folk Harp Design & Construction
    Not yet finished reading but it is very useful.
    Massimiliano Italy
    Banding and Dulcimer Kit
    The instruction booklet for the dulcimer kit was the best I've seen for musical instruments. Lots of hints to go with the basic instructions, which were very clear. I've ordered decorative banding several times, finding the service and quality to be excellent.
    James Cunningham
    I was very pleased to see that you have great plans for many instruments. The plans are well drawn out and easy to understand. I will be ordering all my supplies for these instruments from your sight. Looking forward to getting started.
    Delbert Horler
    Stuffed pins
    Quick attention!!! Excenlent the product. Thank you!!!
    Daniel Yost
    WONDERFUL Experience!
    I recently purchased the fully formed Reverie Harp, with stand, picks and hammers. I can't tell you how happy I am with my purchase!! I used to play a 4' tall, 33 stringed Irish Folk Harp for 20+ years in hospital and hospice settings. Because of the harp's 20 lb weight - and my right arm having formed into a permanent bend - I thought I was through with music. The Reverie harp is sweet sounding, easily played - and even more versatile that I'd originally thought it might be (with several ways to tune the harp). While I'm primarily a chaplain/singer who accompanies herself with harp, I'm discovering new ways to use this harp as a way to facilitate conversation, accompaniment for my singing - as well as letting other folk experience playing it. I LOVE it! Even if I were only playing for my own enjoyment, it's worth every penny!! Thanks a bunch, MusicMakers!! I'm beginning to feel like my True Self again!!
    Rev. Barbra Telynor
    Harp string Analysis Spreadsheet
    I downloaded the Harp String Analysis Sheet for free. It was a great help! I couldn’t have done it without this sheet! Excellent!
    Always Helpful
    Over the years I have bought two assembled instruments, as well as tuning pins, tuning keys, and strings that I use to build my own simple instruments. The folks at Mm are always helpful and will even offer advice.
    Antonio Scuderi
    My experience
    The harp kit I ordered arrived in perfect condition. There were no missing parts. I read the assembly instructions twice, and started assembly. The instructions are very well written. The precut parts fit very well with minimum adjustment. The inlay banding and rosettes went on the harp body with no problems. The two questions I had were answered over the phone. So far assembly is complete and I am ready for finishing. The quality of the wood supplied is first rate. Altold this has been a great project.
    J Durgan
    So quick to answer, thanks!
    I have gotten several kits over the years and they are great quality instructions easy to understand
    Karen aakre
    Plan delivery great - easy to see and use
    Ordered the 'electric dulcimer plans - glad to have the detail that is in them. This will be my first instrument with an electronic pickup, and I am sure the plans will be helpful. Appreciate having free plans to try out.
    Thumb piano kit
    I recently purchased the thumb piano kit and had a great time building it. All directions were very clear and the parts fit very well. I am now playing a beautiful little thumb piano and enjoying it tremendously.
    Catherine Chapman
    I'm satisfied
    Now I'm studying "Folk Harp Design and Construction (PDF Version)", it's well done, and well written: I do not know English well, but I can understand it anyway, thanks
    Francesco Mazzola
    Pleasant Experience
    I recently purchased a number of items (strings, zither pins, etc.) from Music Makers for the first time. The online catalog was easy to navigate, checkout was easy, and the items arrived earlier than expected. What more could one ask for? I will definitely purchase from them again.
    Thanks for the prompt service, my purchase arrived in perfect condition 7 days after ordering. To New Zealand..
    Lawrie Feely
    Happy experience
    Musicmakers made my shopping experience with them great. They were easy to get in touch with, great to work with, and hands on problem solvers. I recommend highly the company, the people, and their beautiful musical instruments.
    Frances Tolman
    A real asset. Would definitely use again.
    I have a very small Oscar Schmidt student autoharp from the 1980s. I bought it up in a thrift shop, with one broken string, figuring it would be a shame if it ended up in the trash due to that small flaw. Oscar Schmidt doesn't sell strings for this any more. So I was looking at spending $35 to buy a caliper, that I would then use exactly once -- to measure the gauge of the string, so that I could then buy a $2 replacement. But Musicmakers came to the rescue. Their chart showing string pitch as a function of length and gauge allowed me to determine the gauge I needed. Bought what the chart said to buy. The string showed up a couple of days later, worked perfectly, and now this little autoharp is fully functional. If I ever need autoharp strings again, I'll be coming back here
    Christopher Hogan
    Musicmakers is the best!
    From their harps to their accessories, they sell such great products, and it's all done with excellent customer service and care. Great people!
    Amelia Gerlach
    Works well and thanks for everything
    Marlena Wood
    Harp stringing plan is really useful, thanks
    I'm fixing up instruments for my harp pupils, learning as I go. This automated excel sheet makes that job so much quicker. Thanks very much!
    thanks for the free plans
    I'm a luthier and its always interesting to see how other lutiers make their instruments . I helps to improve my skills. Thanks.
    armand matheussen
    Purchased Psalmodikan
    Purchased for my wife of 75 yrs of age, who was determined to build and play it. Received in 3 days, built and finished in 4 days, learning to play it almost daily. Tutored her through the build and finish, but your instructions made it easy for her. She completed 90% of the work with my 10% being mostly the coach. This gal is a crafter and is proud of her instrument. Second kit from Musicmakers and very pleased with them. First was a Mtn. Dulcimer about 25 years ago, still played now by one of my Grandchildren.
    L. Miller
    suitcase bass
    thank you very much for the free download for the suitcase bass. I am 70 yrs old and a hobby luthier. I will enjoy building this bass. Thank you
    Love the free plan of electric dulcimer, it is very much appreciated....thankyou
    David Fischer
    Free Plans
    It is extremely generous of Music Makers to offer free plans for some of their former creations. As a musical instrument building hobbyist I enjoy looking at plans of musical instruments, even though I may never build it. Than you, Music Makers, for keeping these creations alive!
    Marc Smith
    Quality stuff & highly efficient operations
    Downloaded the plans for mandolins. Helps if you have some prior construction experience, but the plans are clear & understandable.
    Chris Clark
    Guitar and Mando Plans
    The plans are extremely well done and a joy to work with. It's exciting to build a MusicMakers project!
    Jim Wilson
    Hog Nose Psaltery
    I absolutely love this hog nose has a soothing sound, easy to manage, light weight, which is good for someone my age, and it is peaceful. Very fast response, and it arrived in one piece. Well packaged. Thank you very much. I will play it more often than my older bowed psaltery.
    Cindy Heagy
    Two thumbs up !
    I have built a number of kits as well have ordered blueprints from these people and everything has always been 100% , I really cant tell a person how great they are - you have to experience this for yourself.
    The Mt Dulcimer kit
    It was a great kit. Went together like a dream. Has a wonderful sound.
    Garry Niemic
    Quick shipping and excellent products
    The parts I needed arrived the day after purchase. Everything looked and worked great. I appreciate the quick service provided.
    Building harps
    I have built 2 harps so far. A Studio from plans and hardware kit, did my own wood work. A Gothic, from a full kit. Full leavers on each. Both turned-out outstanding. The help and service I received from Musicmakers was first class, Cody and Matt were great. I have since sold the Studio harp, my wife plays the Gothic every Sunday in church. I am going to start a 10 string lyre from a full kit. good work Guys.
    Fritz Roney
    Always there for whatever I need.
    I was given the gift of the dulcimer blueprints around 20 years ago. After learning how to play, it has been such a joy and a huge part of my life. I have built a couple dozen bowed psalteries for gifs. Most recently, my mother-in-law gave my wife her great grandmothers zither. It was missing many strings. Your website made it very easy to figure out what strings I needed. After avery short wait, the strings arrived and my wife is now playing that beautiful instrument. Thank you for being there and always having exactly what I need.
    Tom Bishop
    A Strumbly Fans Kudos
    The first string instrument I ever made was a Strumbly from Musicmakers kits. It was fun to do because the instructions are excellent, and the kit is designed to use just a few tools most of us have in the toolbox. If drilling holes is required, they supplied the proper drill bit in the kit. So novice me built a musical instrument. It’s played like an Appalachian mountain dulcimer, and they also supplied a few tunes, and free downloads . They also sell a book of tunes for the instrument. I still love it, and I built it myself. I’ve since built more of their kits, and now I build some folk instruments from scratch using techniques I learned from building the Musicmakers kits. Musicmakers is also a pleasure to do business with. They are very helpful if you have questions or quibbles, puzzles or problems. I still buy parts and accessories from them even when not building one of their kits. One of these days I’ll try a guitar or a mandolin. I’m a fan and have been for a number of years now.
    Sue Macias
    Best source for harp plans and supplies
    Have been making harps from Musicmaker's plans for nearly 10 years and really appreciate the quality of the materials, the plans and the support when it is needed. You simply can't go wrong here.
    Wonderful to do business with! I'm a fan!!!!
    Toney Gausewitz
    Happy in Montana
    After searching various web sites regarding a hognose psaltery/harp, I finally chose the Musicmakers item. The psaltery made it through our blizzard, a day later than expected, but arrived in good shape. Thanks for the good packaging. The tone is beautiful as well as the product itself.
    Cherie Crain
    Kenneth R. Willits Jr.
    My father started purchasing Harp plans and accessories from Musicmakers back in the late 1980's when he retired. Building Harps and Dulcimers and Electric guitars were his passion. He introduced me to woodworking when I was seven or eight but I did not have the patience for it until I reached my late forties. Now, I can't pass a piece of scrap hardwood or quarter sawn conifer without thinking about its potential. I have relied on Musicmakers for plans and hardware. The service is great
    Kenneth R Willits Jr
    awesome service!
    you guys have great quality instruments,I love my lyre Davidic harp
    joe munoz
    plans and supplies
    Great service, and help.
    Jerry Kopinski
    Amazing company!
    Website easy to navigate and information-rich. Order arrived faster than expected, and all was correct! Will definitely do business with Musicmakers again!
    Toney Gausewitz
    Strumbly and Ren Guitar
    My first kit was the Ren Guitar. My second kit was the strumbly. Both were fun to build, easy to follow the directions, and quality.
    John Atkins
    Always perfect
    The place to go for smart ideas and excellent products.
    Bob the French
    Harp Ligts
    Love MusicMakers - my "go to" place for making harp dreams come true. Trusted product quality. Lights help my eyes greatly; folks compliment about them all the time! Thanks -Rose
    Rosemarie Fortney
    Thank you. The product is very nice. It came promptly.
    Great service
    I have made several kits from MusicMakers, starting with a gothic harp 20 years ago. The service is faultless. There was a problem with my harp but they supplied a replacement part free of charge (I paid postage). The detailed instructions are fantastic and I really appreciate the prompt reply when I email questions. I highly recommend MusicMakers for quality kits that become beautiful instruments that are very musical. I'm still playing my harp and it still sounds fantastic. As testament to my high opinion of this company I have ordered and made 5 other kits in the past and about to order more. Thanks to everyone at MusicMakers for providing great service in an age where it is becoming increasingly difficult to find.
    I was impressed at the prompt delivery. Great place to do business.
    Ben Emerson
    Quick response to Australian Customer
    My second experience has been as good as the first. rapid response and accurate supply of quality goods. International postage is sadly a bit expensive.
    Lyn Johnson
    Business with Musicmakers
    You guys always take good care of me.
    Arrived in perfect condition. Excellent craftsmanship.
    Great outfit to deal with.
    I have been dealing with Musicmakers for a number of years now and they have always been great to deal with and fast in their responses and shipping of the items. I have built the Belle harp and my wife loves the sound and the finish of this instrument. I have a mandolin kit to assemble next.
    Pat Reilly
    Quick response & delivery
    I have had 3 orders sent to me in Australia ...all arrived within 8 days...well done mates.
    Denny Warner
    Consistently helpful
    I built my Belle harp in late April 2017 and have ordered strings on two separate occasions since then. Everything comes very quickly--your turnaround time is impressive! Also, I needed some questions answered. I had no trouble at all getting through to Jake. Very satisfying. Thank you, Musicmakers!
    Phyllis Warden
    Excellent Product Description
    Recently purchased a guitar from them. The guitar arrived earlier than expected. It was just as described, no surprises. I would recommend them to anyone who buys over the internet.
    Bob Lawson
    Excellent Communication
    I am thankful for the excellent communication and responses to my questions.
    Marcelaine Lewis
    blueprints and instrument hardware
    Over the years I have built a harp, bowed psaltry, and two 17/16 hammered dulcimers all from Musicmakers blueprints. I cant say enough about the quality of the prints and instructions.When I had any questions help was only an email away. Matt has been very helpful and and answered all of my questions. The quality of the hardware and the speed of shipping was outstanding. I will continue to order from you and highly recommend you to anyone else that is looking for plans, parts or kits. I dont think you can be beat for your products and service. Thanks again.
    Walter spencer
    Excellent Service
    I want to thank both Jerry and Matt for their assistance in placing an order recently. It was a very small order totaling less than $1, but they treated my request as if it were just as important as if I were ordering one of their instrument kits. In addition, Jerry took the time to answer a few questions that I had about a harp (not even a Music Makers!) that I recently bought with no string chart included and several broken strings. He helped point me in the right direction late on a Friday afternoon just before closing time. Thank you to Jerry, Jake, and Matt. I'll continue doing business with you and you have a big fan in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina!
    Edward Lyrene

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