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    I thought you may be interested in seeing the Limerick lap harp my dad and I completed a few summers ago. The story behind the harp is that when I was about 14, my dad (who made my Regency from one of your kits) gave me a Christmas present of working on building a lap harp together. He's a woodworker, so this time around we just used the blueprint and selected our own wood. I chose Brazilian Cocobolo, which is a heavy wood and rather difficult to work with (and find), but I loved the rich colors. We started cutting out the shapes together. A few months later, my dad had a massive stroke. He survived, but he is mostly paralyzed on his left side and has a few other complications.

    I didn't think we'd ever finish our lap harp. My dad worked hard at physical therapy and came home from rehabilitation after 6 months away from home. Two summers later, a good friend of my dad's, who is also a woodworker, offered to help us finish the harp. We spent two summers doing a little at a time. This friend would come over for an hour or two after work a few times per week and we slowly made progress. I sanded, stained, and strung under my father's direction. This harp means so much to me, and I think it came out beautifully. I had the idea of butterflying the blonde pieces along the inside of the pillar, which I think turned out really well.

    All the best,
    Christina Tucker

    Click here to see photos of this harp. Well worth a click. The harp is stunning!

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