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    The Reverie Harp

    By Musicmakers

    Using a Reverie Harp as a Music Therapy Tool.

    This image features the Deluxe Reverie Classic.

    Music Therapy Instrument

    Must-Have Tool

    A must-have tool for music therapists, visitation ministers/chaplains, activity directors, and nursing homes care-givers.

    Play it Anywhere

    This instrument lends itself to a wide variety of music therapy settings: the bedside of somebody that is ill, recovering from surgery, or approaching the end of life.

    Opens People Up

    Helps open people up even if they are no longer able to communicate with words.

    "I'm finding that when I bring the Reverie Harp into a one to one visit it's a great entree. It's another vehicle to open up a person's heart" –Ann Bergstrom, Chaplain

    Beginners & Seasoned Musicians

    Play Without Needing to Think

    We designed it specifically so that a person does not need to engage the mind to enjoy pleasant sounds.

    Meditation and Reflection

    People use Musicmakers Reverie Harp Classic for simple fun, dreamy relaxation, soothing harmonies, tactile stimulation, resonant vibrations, satisfaction of instant pleasure/success.

    Stimulate Conversation

    The harp also is useful as a tool to stimulate conversation and interaction. Two people can play together, one playing each half, to make musical harmonies together.

    "Ultimately I do what I do to help the people I'm working with. This tool helps me to do that"–Dr. Annie Heiderscheit, Board Certified Music Therapist

    Using a Reverie Harp to start a conversation.

    This image features the Deluxe Reverie Classic.

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