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    Sonnet Lap Harp (29 Strings)

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      Sonnet Lap Harp (29 Strings)



      The Sonnet Lap Harp

      The Sonnet Lap Harp has been a long time in the making and we worked hard to pack the tone of a full-size harp into this small, portable, lap harp.

      A full 4 octaves beginning on C below middle C gives you plenty of range; more than most lap harps. The string set provides an even tension from top to bottom. Squarely in the medium tension range, the strings are comfortable on the fingers but still capable of expressive dynamics.

      Beyond the look and tone, this harp is designed specifically for comfort. The cant of the neck, the angle of the base, the asymmetrical sound chamber, and the balance point all make this harp sit gracefully on your lap with little to no effort.

      A final innovation are the access holes which are placed on the sides instead of the traditional location in the back panel giving the player a richer sonic experience.

      What's Included:
      • Finished Sonnet Lap Harp with Camac Levers
      • Padded Gig Bag
      • Tuning Wrench
      • Free shipping in the Continental US
      • Product Manual

      Stephanie Claussen demostrates the Sonnet Lap Harp.

      Down Payment Option

      You have the option to put 50% down to get your Ballad Harp started.

      Use the promo code downpayment when checking out to pay half now and half when the harp is ready for shipping.

      Sonnet Harp Key Specs

      Strings 29 strings
      Range C3 to C7 (String Chart)
      Weight 9.5 pounds
      String Spacing Narrow
      String Tension Medium
      Size 34" tall, 24" deep, 13" wide
      Soundboard Aircraft Birch
      Body, Neck, Pillar Cherry
      Sonnet Harp Details


      Quilted Maple Soundboard Upgrade

      All our harp soundboards are made of aircraft birch, a 6-layer laminate that can withstand the tension of the harp strings without breaking. As an added visual appeal we can veneer a thin layer of beautiful quilted maple to the soundboard. It has a very slight affect on the tone making making the harp sound slightly warmer.

      Here's a couple of pictures of our Sonnet Lap Harp with the quilted maple upgrade.

      Vivid Color Upgrade

      Vivid Color Harps

      We have always loved the natural grain of the woods we use and didn't want the color to hide that; we wanted the color to accentuate the grain. Maple, being a wood that is lighter in color, makes the perfect canvas for our vivid color stains.

      Maple is also available with some highly figured and beautiful grain patterns. We use select curly maple for the sides, neck, and pillar and offer a quilted maple veneer upgrade on the soundboard. The stain interacts with the figured grain patterns in exciting and surprising ways.

      Maple is a harder wood than cherry so the vivid color version of any harp will weigh roughly 10% more than the standard version and the sound will tend to be slightly brighter.

      Check out this photo gallery.


      Stands for the Sonnet Lap Harp

      Laptop Stands

      Laptop stands are useful to display or store your Sonnet Lap harp in an upright position. When looking for a laptop stand, look for a heavy duty adjustable stand that is rated to hold up to at least 18 pounds.

      Cello Stands

      Cello stands are great if you want something that will hold your harp while you are playing. We really like the Ingles Adjustable Cello Stand. You'll remove the upper neck support and then adjust the lower arms to position your harp where you want it.

      Other Harp Related Resources


      All our soundboards are made of aircraft birch, a 6 layer laminate that can withstand the string tension of a harp without breaking. Quilted maple has a stunning grain pattern that elevates the visual appeal of the harp. It is a thin laminate added to the aircraft birch harp. It has a very slight effect on the tone making the harp sound slightly warmer.

      Just under 10 pounds.

      Yes! We designed the Sonnet to sit on your lap so that it is ready for you to play without needing much adjustment.

      Whatever your body shape - we are confident you will be able to hold and play this harp. You can alway add a strap or use a a stand to put the harp in a position that works for you.

      Yes - installing a strap is quite simple and you can do it yourself. Click here for a video instructional that will teach you how to install a strap.

      Adding a strap to your Sonnet Lap harp does a couple of things. While seated, it allows you to hold the harp securely in your lap without using your hands. This frees up your hands to reach for a tuner, a tuning wrench, some music, or whatever. It also allows you to drop the harp between your legs, positioning the harp lower relative to your body. Some people find this more comfortable. Finally, it allows you to play the harp standing up.

      No - we don't sell a stand for the Sonnet Harp but we have some recommendations for you. Click on the Resources tab on this page for more information.

      Just like Baby Bear's bed - not too soft, not too hard. In other words - medium.

      This is a tricky question. We don't stock other makers harps here so it's best if we don't answer that directly. We say the Sonnet has medium string tension. So if you have a harp with high string tension, this will feel a little lighter. And if you have a harp with low tension, this harp might feel a little stiffer.

      Well - "Concert String Spacing" is the commonly accepted standard in the harp world. But you won't find a definition of what that actually means. So we measured string spacing on harps form several different makers that all claim to use concert string spacing.

      We measured the span between C4 (middle C) and the C5 the C above middle C). We found that the average spacing across this octave was 98mm. So this is what we consider Concert String Spacing.

      The distance across that span on the Sonnet Harp is 95mm, slightly narrower than Concert String Spacing.

      If you want the answer to this question - you can measure the distance between C4 and C5 on the harp to which you would like to make the comparison.

      We can't really answer this question. We can say it is too large to fit in an overhead compartment. However, in m experience, I have found airlines to be fairly accommodating with musical instruments. It is best to contact the airline and ask them directly.

      You can order a complete set of replacement strings or individual strings here.

      We used to offer this as an option but we no longer sell the A-A string set as of February, 2024. We will continue to stock and sell replacements for the A-A string set for a few years.

      While some harpists enjoyed the lower range, the string set was ultimately more trouble than it was worth. It required very thick strings in the bass range which made lever regulation quite tricky.


      February 2024 A-A stringing option no longer available.

      December 2021 Sonnet Lap Harp now uses threaded harp pins. Any Sonnet Lap Harp made before Dec. 2021 will have tapered tuning pins.

      March 2019 Sonnet Lap Harp is introduced.

      Vivid Purple Sonnet Harp
      I’ve been looking for along time at this harp. I finally ordered it and it does not disappoint! It’s SO vibrant and gorgeous!!!! I upgraded to the beautiful soundboard and had a pickup installed. Grace answered all my questions and helped me with these decisions. The sound is incredible for this little harp!! The strap was not installed as I ordered but Cody quickly sent me the buttons and strap and I found a video on YouTube from Musicmakers on how to install! Super easy! Very happy with my purchase and this is a top notch company!! Wonderful employees!!!!! Highly recommend!!!!!!!!!!!
      Verified Buyer
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      I love my new Sonnet harp!
      After looking at the Music Makers Sonnet harp for some time, I had the fortune to be visiting Minnesota, and jumped on the opportunity to try out the Sonnet Lap harp in person. I loved it instantly: the rich sound that is such a surprise considering its size, the clever ergonomics that allow me to play comfortably on the sofa and cross-legged on the floor, and the beautiful wood and craftsmanship. The team at MusicMakers were so kind, and answered all of my questions and shared lots of great info. My harp arrived recently, and shipped securely and in perfect condition. I am so pleased with its beauty, functionality, and gorgeous, full sound. I look forward to many years ahead of playing this beautiful instrument. Thanks, MusicMakers!
      Kristina C
      Verified Buyer
      Was this helpful?
      Big Beautiful Sound
      I really like my Sonnet lap harp. It beautiful, holds a tune nicely, has a nice big sound, and is super easy to travel with.
      Verified Buyer
      Was this helpful?
      Sonnet is one of my favorite!
      I’m not a native English speaker. So I cannot explain how good it is. 29 strings. Big soundbox and can play on the lap. Most 29 strings harp need to install legs or kneeling to play. most 26 strings harp best playing situations is standing and using strap. I really like the original color of cherry wood and what it sounds. I love sonnet so much that I already order my second sonnet harp after my first sonnet arrived. Because I want a vivid color one to feel how magical maple wood sonnet harp sounds.
      Shun Yin Wong
      Verified Buyer
      Was this helpful?
      Sonnet, or as I call her: Uaithne
      I am so happy with this harp! It fits very comfortably on my lap (I am 5’9”), looks beautiful and interesting, and somehow has both a bright and rich sound. My harping buddy admired it so much, she ordered one, too! (She is several inches shorter than I am, but still said she could play it comfortably.) It really sounds like a big harp. And with 29 strings (only lacking the lowest five strings my Ogden has), I can play most songs without adjusting the octaves. I thought the strap might get uncomfortable if worn long, so I ordered a cushioned seatbelt cover to pad it. I also had the pickup installed, which is exciting for when I perform. Amazon had a laptop stand that someone at MusicMakers recommended, and it rests perfectly on that when not being played. I highly recommend this lovely harp.
      Verified Buyer
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      Sonnet 29
      Musicmakers was very accommodating to my wishes (and very patient with me while I tried to make up my mind), making my Sonnet exactly the harp I wanted. I opted for the Tiger Bronze Vivid Color, strung A - A, with an upgraded soundboard veneer, and buttons with a strap. The only hiccup was that there was a delay receiving Camac levers from France, but other than that, the process moved along quite quickly. The padded case has handles, an outside zipper pocket, and shoulder strap. It is excellently made. The harps finish and wood grain are absolutely beautiful (although I would prefer the sound holes to feel smoother) and she sounds wonderful. The basic strap to attach to the harps buttons was not included with the harp, but once they were notified it was omitted from the original shipment, they promptly mailed it to me. I look forward to purchasing another harp from Musicmakers!
      Monique Klabis
      Verified Buyer
      Was this helpful?
      Sonnet lap harp
      My Sonnet lap harp has such a lovely voice! The angelite blue stain and the wood grain work together to give my harp such a unique and beautiful appearance. I am very happy I took a big leap of faith and made the decision to order a Sonnet harp even though I hadn't actually played one in person.
      Verified Buyer
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      Sonnet is wonderful!
      I’ve had my Sonnet for a little over a week, and it is my favorite among my several harps. The sound far exceeded my expectations, and it looks beautiful in an understated way (I have the natural cherry finish). It is lightweight and easy to take outdoors, which is something I do frequently, and I expect it will work very nicely for playing in nursing homes and other facilities. It has plenty of volume for playing in common areas, as well as in residents’ rooms. It sits nicely on my lap, and feels very stable while I’m playing. The string spacing feels comfortable, as well. I was also very pleased with the whole ordering experience through Music Makers.
      Heidi Horner
      Verified Buyer
      10 of 10 customers found this helpful.
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      What a beauty!
      When I unboxed my Sonnet, I literally gasped...what a beauty! The Vivid Color Sonnet absolutely shimmers in the angelite blue. She's a lovely shade of deep blue, almost what I would call peacock blue. The quilted maple soundboard looks like ripples on a lake and I can't stop touching this beautiful instrument. I expected to have to tune frequently because everything is new, but the strings are holding pitch surprisingly well for being new. Now back to job one, playing the harp. What a difference the sound holes on the side make to a lap harp. My husband comment on how loud it was, and he said that he actually like the sound of it better than my larger 34-string harp (sorry, Crescendo!) I like the range of notes available, and the richness of the lower strings is impressive. I'm not sure how often I'll use the highest notes, but it's good to have them there just in case. I found the most comfortable way to hold the harp was nestled onto my right shoulder, with the bulk of the weight on my left leg. (The strap is a useful option here.) I like the non-slip surface on the bottom, too. The case is perfect, nicely padded and with a good deep pocket for stuff. I also ordered an extra set of strings because, well, you just never know... This little sweetheart is so easy to snuggle up to and just noodle around on. I look forward to taking her along to music afternoons with my friends. Her name is Birdie, and she sings!
      Merrie Howe
      Verified Buyer
      7 of 7 customers found this helpful.
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      Sonnet Lap Harp
      I bought this for my wife. She loves it and said it was full sounding while it rested in her lap. The string spacing was easy to adapt to quickly. She is shorter in stature, so we added the strap for security, and she can place it a bit lower for easier playing. She is very happy with this harp. I would recommend it highly.
      Richard Switzer
      Verified Buyer
      14 of 14 customers found this helpful.
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      Astonishing Sound and Beauty
      I finally decided to add a lap harp to my collection and I'm so glad I chose the Sonnet! Musicmakers worked closely with me throughout the process and customized a few things that made this harp simply perfect for me. It meets and exceeds even my highest expectations. The finish is glossy and beautiful and the soundbox shape and unique design work perfectly to amplify the warm tone. The harp sounds full and rich and is so easy to hold I forget it's not a floor harp. I've had it for several weeks now and often find myself reaching for it for quick noodling or longer practice sessions. I've played in the park, on my couch and bed, on the floor, in my yard, and, yes, at my harp stool. I'm looking forward to many years of mobile harping with this beauty. It's an absolute joy to play!
      Bethany Lee
      Verified Buyer
      19 of 19 customers found this helpful.
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      Adore my Vivid Color Sonnet Lap Harp
      After researching for a few years, but only playing moderate piano, I settled on a vivid color sonnet lap harp. I've had it 5 months and love the sound. I'm slowly learning to play at 15-30 min. a day, and can play some lovely simple tunes. I love the glossy finish, the added lights, and I splurged on the Camac levers as well as a rose inlay on the pillar. The sound is delightful (when I'm not the problem, lol). People see her in my living room and are stunned at the beauty. Then they often ask to try playing. Which I indulge. I really enjoyed the process when Jacob kindly sent me photos to check colors and share the progress. She even has a name, Ailsa Maeve—Supernatural Victory and Intoxicating (which is what it feels like to play and enjoy the harp after wishing for one all my life.) Thank you to all the team that helped me get this beautiful instrument. It's a treasure to me.
      Angela Breidenbach
      Verified Buyer
      13 of 13 customers found this helpful.
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      Sonnet Lap Harp
      Thank you for creating another harp beautiful in all ways! The Sonnet looks absolutely lovely and it has a strong, clear sound. It sits comfortably on my lap, and the added range of strings is wonderful. The color codes on the levers as well as the circular colored rings on the tuning pins are so helpful. The travel bag is very well made. I also purchased, afterwards, a set of strings which came well organized and packaged. I recently asked my harp teacher to test her out, and she was amazed at its sounds. She said MusicMakers makes such great instruments. Thank you to everyone who had a part creating my Sonnet harp!
      Verified Buyer
      15 of 15 customers found this helpful.
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      Wonderful travel harp!
      I'm so pleased with my new Sonnet harp! My primary harp is a large and heavy floor harp that's difficult to transport, so I'd been looking for a comfortable, beautiful-sounding smaller harp and took a chance by ordering a Sonnet. It's everything I could have hoped for: rich, sweet sound, comfortable to hold, and easy to pack up and transport. Because I have a shorter torso, I don't find it comfortable to hold on my lap as shown in the video, but by wearing the strap (which I asked to have installed) while sitting, I'm able to situate the harp lower on my knees and anchor it comfortably while playing. The Camac levers were a great upgrade, and I was so happy with the communication with the Musicmakers team, who always responded promptly and kindly to my emails while my harp was being made. Overall, I'm just so happy and highly recommend this lovely smaller harp!
      Sara B.
      Verified Buyer
      15 of 15 customers found this helpful.
      Was this helpful?
      A work of art!
      The harp arrived yesterday--and I could not be happier with it!!! For many years, I have been on a search to find a lap harp that was pleasing to my ear. Some have come close, but your harp is in a league all its own. The tone is so warm and resonant and mature, if that makes sense. It's as if I'm playing one of your beautiful floor models with the sound encapsulated in this lap harp. The Sonnet is a work of art, both physically and aurally. It is, by far, the very best lap harp I've ever played. I cannot thank you enough for building such a beautiful instrument and for the fact that I'll be able to enjoy it for years to come. Also, I can guarantee you that I will be talking it up in all the harp circles of which I'm a part. I'll probably make a post to go on Facebook/YouTube soon, and a lot of friends who are harpists will see and hear it.
      Verified Buyer
      57 of 57 customers found this helpful.
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      My BLUE SONNET HARP is a winner!
      I love my new Blue Sonnet Harp!! The finish is absolutely beautiful! It is a pleasure to play and has a very resonant sound. The bass is rich and does not disappoint! The levers are high quality and the strings are true to pitch when the levers are engaged. My Sonnet is light weight and so it's easy to transport or travel with. Music Makers were kind enough to install a pickup at my request so I can plug into the sound system at church or an open-mic night--which I'm sure I'll do since this harp sounds so good! Thanks, Music Makers! I am very pleased!
      Debbie Doyle
      Verified Buyer
      21 of 21 customers found this helpful.
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      Great quality harps and impeccable customer care!
      I am now the proud owner of two Musicmakers harps, a Jolie Hybrid, and a Sonnet lap harp. I am so glad I chose them! They are so attentive to detail, very innovative, and bend over backwards to please their customers!
      Amelia Gerlach
      Verified Buyer
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