Folk Harp Journal

The Folk Harp Journal is the official publication of the International Society of Folk Harpers and Craftsmen (ISFHC) and has been continuously published since 1973. The FHJ has proven itself an invaluable resource for both harpists and harp builders.

Musicmakers serves as the reference librarian for the FHJ and, as such, has made considerable effort to make the wealth of information contained in the back issues available to the public. Below you will find several options to explore.

Thanks to the tireless effort of Beth Stockdell, we now have a searchable index of every issue. The link will take you to a google sheet where you can sort by author, article name, article type, or issue. Or just hit Ctrl-F (Cmd-F on a mac) and type in your search term.

FHJ Current Issue

Pick up the current copy of the FHJ and read about the latest happenings in the harp world.

FHJ Back Issue (hard copy)

Grab a hard copy of an FHJ Back Issue. We generally have about the last three years in stock.

Digital Download

Digital Downloads
Back Issues - $0.99/each

We have digitial copies of back issues going all the way back to the original issue from June 1973.

Digital Download

Digital Downloads
Themed Collections from $14.95

We've put together some themed collections that contain a curated selection of articles around a specific topic.