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    FHJ Index

    Index of all FHJ Issues

    A searchable index of every issue of the Folk Harp Journal ever published that details every article, column, piece of music, and author info for each issue.

    Here is an invaluable resource if you are trying to track down an article from a past issue of the Folk Harp Journal.    When you find the article you are looking for, note the issue number and then click here where you can download any back issue for just $0.99.

    Tips for searching the FHJ Index
    1. The spreadsheet is organized by issue. Each issue has several rows - one for each article, piece of music, or feature. 
    2. The most recent issues are at the top and you go back in time as you scroll down.
    3. Use the find feature. If you don't know this trick - it is worth learning. It will save you sooooo much time - and not just here. It's an invaluable tool on any website.
      Hit cmd-f(mac) or ctrl-f(pc) and type a key word (if you are on a mobile device - you'll have to figure out where the find feature is on your device). Any instance of that word will be highlighted on the page. Hit return and it will jump to the next instance of that word. Try it right now. No. Really. Do it right now. Hit cmd-f(mac) or ctrl-f(pc) and immediately start typing something like celtic or jerry brown.

    Click here for a sortable version of the spreadsheet.

    Finally, take a moment to leave a comment and thank Beth Stockdell for putting this spreadsheet together and keeping it up to date!

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