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      Harp Wheels



      Harp Wheels

      Harp Wheels by Musicmakers are a simple accessory that turns your harp into a harp dolly so that you can easily cart your harp around anywhere. Available in three different sizes to fit your harp. Check out the Resources tab to see how to measure your harp for the correct size.

      Straps with a simple buckle secure your harp to the harp wheels. The Harp Wheels come with brakes so you can tilt your harp back and play while the Wheels are still attached to your harp. There couldn't be a simpler or more efficient way to cart your harp around!

      What's Included:

      Harp Wheels

      What size wheels do I need for my (name brand) harp?

      The only sure way to make sure you get wheels that fit your harp is to measure the base of your harp. Click on the Resources tab above for instructions on how to measure your harp for our wheels.

      We did measure the bases of several harps at the 2022 Somerset Harp Festival and made this chart based on our measurements. Please note that we can't gaurantee that the sizes indicated in this chart will work for your harp. Harp makers like to tinker and each harp is built by hand so variations happen.

      Harp Wheel Size
      Camac Hermine Large
      Camac Isolde Celtic Large
      Camac Aziliz Large
      Camac Melusine de Concert Large
      Camac Isolde Classic Large
      Dusty Strings Ravenna 26 & 34 Medium
      Dusty Strings Seranna 34 Large
      Dusty Strings Boulevard 34 Medium
      Dusty Strings Allegro 26 Medium
      Dusty Strings Crescendo 34 Medium
      Dusty Strings FH26 Small
      Dusty Strings FH26 Double Strung Medium
      Dusty Strings FH34 Medium
      Dusty Strings FH34S Medium
      Dusty Strings FH 36H Medium
      Dusty Strings FH36S Large
      Fisher Eireann Medium
      Heartland Harps Delight Large
      Heartland Harps Legend Medium
      Harp Wheel Size
      Kortier Electric 39? Medium
      Lyon and Healy Drake Medium
      Lyon and Healy Ogden Medium
      Salvi Juno 27 Small
      Salvi Mia Small
      Salvi Donegal Medium
      Salvi Una Medium
      Salvi Hermes Large
      Sligo Luchair Medium
      Stoney End Braunwen-29 Medium
      Stoney End Briar Rose-29 Medium
      Stoney End Lorraine-29 Medium
      Stoney End Loralea-29 Medium

      Do Harp Wheels work with Pedal Harps?

      Yes, Our harp wheels will work with pedal harps as long as the base of the harp will fit on the platform.

      Harp Wheels

      Choosing the right size

      Available in three different sizes.

      Small: Size of base is 13 in. wide by 14 in. deep. Fits our Jolie Harp, and our Ballad Harp

      Medium: Size of base is 16 in. wide by 15 in. deep. Fits the Epic Harp, the Cheyenne Harp, the Voyageur Harp and the Gothic Harp

      Large: Size of base is 18 in. wide by 15 in. deep. Fits the Regency Harp

      If you don't have a Musicmaker's harp you will need to take a couple of measurements to choose the correct size wheels.

      Find the points on the bottom of your harp that contact the floor and take measurements to get the width and depth. See the picture for an example. When you have your measurements, choose the smallest size set of wheels that will accommodate your harp.

      measure your feet
      Perfect for my two Jolie’s!
      I am the delighted owner of two Jolies. One lives at church, and has to be moved once or twice weekly. The harp wheels slide perfectly into my case, and make transport seamless! Everyone who has seen them is amazed by their ingenious design.
      Marian Bursten
      Verified Buyer
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      Harp Wheels for Isolde Celtic
      I am SO glad I bought these. I recently had to move and I was concerned about how I was going to transport the harp (because they have to be moved carefully). I chose the recommended large size and they fit perfectly. These wheels are a real blessing! After the move, I ended up keeping them on because the room I keep the harp in is too small to use as a practice room but it's small enough that I can control the humidity. So anytime I need to play, I can wheel my harp out of the small room and into the living space. And when I'm done practicing, I can easily move the harp back into the humidity-controlled space. Good job Music Makers!
      Buyer from PA
      Verified Buyer
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      Perfect way to transport your harp!
      This is the easiest way to transport a harp. Simple to use, light weight, and you can play the harp with the wheels still attached, thanks to the simple braking system. I recently played an outdoor art fair, and the wheels smoothly moved my harp over uneven brick walkways and grassy areas. I have several harp carts and this one has replaced them all!
      Verified Buyer
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      Just what was needed!
      We got the medium size for our daughter's Salvi Titan. The Titan is too large to carry around safely when she needs to move it inside of venues and a harp dolly isn't available. It did not take my husband long at all to put it together - maybe about an hour. I did the staining and that took some time. It worked great for its intended purpose, though I wouldn't use it on rough, uneven surfaces such as sidewalks.
      Jen C.
      Verified Buyer
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      LOVE my harp wheels!
      Just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE my harp wheels. I received it today and immediately strapped my Dusty Strings Crescendo onto it, and I still can't believe how easily I can now transport from one room to another. The medium size base is the perfect size for my harp and is not too wide to fit in the corner of the room where I keep it when I'm not playing it. My husband and I have occasional back issues and I was looking for a way to move it without either of us straining our backs. Thank you so much for a wonderful solution.
      Leann Marshall
      Verified Buyer
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      Clever, functional design
      I have a Dusty Strings FH36 and a Stoney End Loralea (same design as the Lorraine but strung F-F). Both work well on the medium size platform. Unlike the photo, the Harp Wheels is now designed with two straps, one at the back and one at the front, which makes for more versatility and safety. Haven't tried with the harps in bags, but will want the wheels mainly for indoor use anyway. Another satisfied customer!
      Catherine Madsen
      Verified Buyer
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      Harp wheels for my 36 string concert Oladian harp.
      I am very satisfied with my harp wheels for my 36 string concert Oladian harp. I am studying to become a certified clinical musician and will use this harp cart to travel all over the hospital playing for patients at the bedside. I have a 26 string therapy harp which is portable and nice, but it is great to have the option of using my 36 string oladian, which has the wider range and more lush sound. I ordered a size small, and it is working fine. Is a bit long, but that is okay. The straps hold it in place just fine. I might be using the forward strap around the pillar of the harp more often than over the feet, as the straps are a bit stretchy. Overall, very convenient. The brakes work great.
      Sharon L. Habener
      Verified Buyer
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      Safe, sturdy & simple transport system
      I love the sturdiness and simplicity of my Harp Wheels. They are so much easier to use and space-saving than having to lug around a heavy non-collapsible dolly or cart. I also feel safer and more in control when moving and making turns, because I’m actually holding onto my harp or its case, and not a cart handle. I also appreciate the braking system, which ensures my harp moves only when I want it to, and as the video shows, even play while the wheels are on. Mr. Brown and his measuring instructions were very helpful. I am very pleased with this purchase and Musicmakers’ customer service.
      Mary R.
      Verified Buyer
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      harp wheels kudos
      I love my harp wheels! They have made a huge difference in my work as a chaplain in a retirement home because now I can move easily from one area to another without being a workman's comp claim waiting to happen! Still trying to decide how out how use them with my gig bag. There was a luggage place that fixed the zipper so maybe I will take it to them. Bungee chords seem a bit too tenuous. But thanks so much for this great product!
      Denise Bennett
      Verified Buyer
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      Not really satisfying
      I bought the harp Wheels for my Dusty Strings FH36. It seemed to be a good idea and a much cheaper solution than buying the very expensive Harpo, even considering the high shipping costs to Germany. The first surprise was that I had to pay another 45 € for customs when the Wheels arrived. Okay, nothing can be done about that, but it would have been helpful to have the information about that before the order. I tried to fix the wheels to my Dusty Strings Bag and it did not really work with rubber straps as shown in the video. They are much too loose, so that the wheels fall off when lifting the harp up the stairs or into the car. I found a quite complicated technique to fix the wheels to to the harp bag, but then the next problem appeared: the Dusty Strings Bag dos not have a handle on the backside but only on the front side of the bag. So it is quite unsafe to roll the harp around because it can easily slip away and fall. So all in all I have spent too much money on a - for me- kind of useless tool. :o( The idea basically seems to be clever but it only works with the music makers bags or with a lot of (expensive) additional adjustments like shown in Susan's review. My final estimation is: not of good use or of good prize for the European customer.
      Sorry to hear about this. There isn't much we can do about customs and we try to make it clear that overseas customers will be responsible for import duties taxes and customs. It can be a challenge to use our wheels with bags from other makers. Usually folks can get them to work well enough for standard use but getting the wheels to remain attached while lifting the harp or going up and down steps with the wheels is a challenge indeed.
      Stefanie Bieber
      Verified Buyer
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      Wheels for my Harp
      I am delighted with my wheels. I was beginning to find it difficult to carry my harp, but the wheels make moving the harp easy and safe. The wheels are beautifully made, easy to use and arrived from overseas within a week. I love my new wheels. Thank you.
      Kathryn Pitkin
      Verified Buyer
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      Brilliant invention!
      These "wheels" are a brilliant invention. If there were 10 stars I would give 10. Working in a hospital for me means walking around carrying my harp and at the end of the day aching shoulders back and arms. The wheels have solved the problem. No more stress carrying the instrument, no pain, just the sheer joy of playing the harp with no worries. The wheels are beautifully made and arrived in Australia in record time, beautifully packed and ready to go. The wood is also amazing. Thank you.
      Verified Buyer
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      It is perfect
      I got the large size for my wife's Dusty Strings orphan FH-34 and asked for it to be unfinished. A D-S orphan harp is made from several different woods, hers has a bubinga base and front post. I stained and varnished it to match the bubinga. The base makes the harp even more stable. It is great.
      Chris Blaicher
      Verified Buyer
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      These wheels will make a big difference in my hospice work. It is a simple looking device from a brilliant design idea that anyone with a folk harp would welcome. The 'heavy lifting' part of my work has been greatly reduced -- thank you!
      Elaine Pontious
      Verified Buyer
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      I love my new harp wheels.
      The wheels are so helpful in aiding mobility and they are easy on-easy off! One less thing to worry about when out and about. There was not much lag time for arrival, a definite plus. The other thing that I really liked was the easy to open, not-excessive packaging. All in all, another positive experience. Thank you!
      Verified Buyer
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      harp wheels
      I think these are going to work just fine for my Dusty Strings Ravenna. I was hoping I could move it without having to remove the legs and platform that it sits on. This may be just the right fix.
      C. Martin
      Verified Buyer
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