Harp Wheels

Harp Wheels

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Musicmakers Harp Wheels are a simple, effective, and wondeful way to transport your harp. With three differenct sizes you are sure to find a size that will work for your harp. All of our wheels includes two hand brakes allowing you to play the harp while the wheels are still attached.

And YES - our harp wheels can handle the weight of a pedal harp. Our harp wheels can hold harps that weigh up to 100 pounds.

Please Note: Musicmaker's Harp Wheels work best with Musicmaker's Harp Cases. It can be difficult to modify another brand of gig bag to hold our wheels. However, if you want to use the wheels with another brand of harp and you just need to roll the harp around without the case, they should work fine.

What's Included:
Handy in the Woodshop? We offer a DIY kit for the harp wheels. Click here to learn more.

Choosing the right size

Available in three different sizes.

Small: Size of base is 13 in. wide by 14 in. deep. Fits our Jolie Harp, and our Ballad Harp

Medium: Size of base is 16 in. wide by 15 in. deep. Fits our Voyageur Harp, Gothic Harp, and our Cheyenne Harp

Large: Size of base is 18 in. wide by 15 in. deep. Fits our Regency Harp

If you don't have a Musicmaker's harp you will need to take a couple of measurements to choose the correct size wheels.

Find the points on the bottom of your harp that contact the floor and take measurements to get the width and depth. See the picture for an example. When you have your measurements, choose the smallest size set of wheels that will accomodate your harp.

measure your feet

Do Harp Wheels work with Pedal Harps?

Yes, Our harp wheels will work with pedal harps as long as the base of the harp will fit on the platform.

The Musicmakers Warranty

100% Satisfaction

We allow returns of finished products still in mint condition for refund or credit within 30 days of purchase. Such refunds will be for merchandise returned only, not shipping, handling, or insurance fees.

Limited Repair Plan

We will repair or replace, without charge, within five years from date of purchase, any instrument that we built if the materials or workmanship are defective. You must present proof of purchase from MUSICMAKERS to verify the date of purchase.

Using a Reverie Harp as a Music Therapy Tool.

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