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    Ballad Harp (34 Strings)

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      Ballad Harp (34 Strings)



      The Ballad Harp

      The Ballad Harp is a very affordable, light weight, low tension harp..

      34 strings beginning on Low C provide as much range as many performance harps. We strung this harp with lower string tension and narrower spacing to be gentle on the hands.

      Big enough to have a full bodied sound but small and light enough to be portable.

      What's Included:
      • Finished Ballad Harp with Camac Levers
      • Padded Gig Bag
      • Tuning Wrench
      • Free shipping in the Continental US
      • Owner's Manual

      Harpist Stephanie Claussen demostrates the Ballad Harp.

      Down Payment Option

      You have the option to put 50% down to get your Ballad Harp started.

      Use the promo code downpayment when checking out to pay half now and half when the harp is ready for shipping.

      Ballad Harp Key Specs

      Ballad Harp Details
      Strings 34
      Range C2 to A6 (String Chart)
      Weight 17 pounds
      String Spacing Narrow
      String Tension Low
      Sharping Levers Camac
      Gig Bag Included
      Harp Wheels Size Small
      Size 50" tall, 13" wide, 25" deep
      Soundboard Aircraft Birch
      Body, Neck, Pillar Maple
      Warranty Musicmakers 5 Year Warranty

      Vivid Color Upgrade

      Vivid Color Harps

      We have always loved the natural grain of the woods we use and didn't want the color to hide that; we wanted the color to accentuate the grain. Maple, being a wood that is lighter in color, makes the perfect canvas for our vivid color stains.

      Maple is also available with some highly figured and beautiful grain patterns. We use select curly maple for the sides, neck, and pillar and offer a quilted maple veneer upgrade on the soundboard. The stain interacts with the figured grain patterns in exciting and surprising ways.

      Maple is a harder wood than cherry so the vivid color version of any harp will weigh roughly 10% more than the standard version and the sound will tend to be slightly brighter.

      Check out this photo gallery.


      Replacement Harp Strings

      Ballad Harp String Chart

      Order Replacement Harp Strings

      How to Change a Harp String

      Other Harp Related Resources

      Ballad harp
      Very much enjoying getting to know my Ballad harp. It made it safely here to Australia, being expertly packed. It has a sweet, clear tone which I am exploring and appreciating. The people at MusicMakers were very obliging, as I wanted Truitt levers applied and they were fitted beautifully. thanks for a great harp. At the moment, I am playing some French music on it, it is well suited to the delicate music of Satie and Debussy, but it also sounds great with Bach, and even with some Blues.
      Verified Buyer
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      Ballad Harp
      I own a bigger, pricier, and heavier harp as my main instrument but this is so light and portable! It is comfortably easy to move around the house and transport in the car for music lessons and workshops. I heartily recommend it as a great beginner harp for adults and even children due to its good sound, comfortable petite size, wide range of strings, and the lightness of the strings on the fingers. This was a great purchase!
      Verified Buyer
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      Ballad Harp
      Just got my Ballad it. Just my size (I'm short with small hands). Great sound...better than I had imagined. And...the weight is perfect, not like other harps I've had that weigh over 30-40 lbs or more. Great work, guys.
      Ann Licano
      Verified Buyer
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