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    Ballad Harp KIT

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      Ballad Harp KIT



      Ballad Harp KIT

      Difficulty Rating

      Our DIY Harp kits are accessible to even novice woodworkers. Our precut harp kit includes all wood parts, strings, hardware, tuning wrench, and detailed step-by-step instructions. The neck is already pre-drilled for tuning pins, and all parts are carefully pre-fitted at the factory, so it should only require about 20-30 hours to finish this kit.

      You'll spend most of your time assembling the body of the harp. Use an electric sander for tapering some edges and rounding over others. An electric hand drill will be useful for installing screws and drilling string holes in the soundboard. Our bolt together neck/pillar system makes assembling that joint a snap.

      What's Included:

      Stephanie Claussen demonstrates the Ballad Harp

      Ballad Harp Kit - Key Specs

      Strings 34
      Range C2 to A6
      Weight 15 pounds
      String Spacing Concert Narrow
      String Tension Low
      Size 50" tall, 13" wide, 25" deep
      Harp Wheels Size Small
      Soundboard Aircraft Birch
      Body, Neck, Pillar Maple
      Warranty Musicmakers 1 Year Warranty
      Ballad Harp Key Specs
      Ballad harp kit
      I enjoy building these kits and just wanted to comment that I find the Musicmaker staff to be extremely helpful when I have a question and are quick to respond. I greatly appreciate this!
      Verified Buyer
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      Ballad Harp Kit
      Excellent kit! I really enjoyed building this harp. I was a bit apprehensive prior to purchasing the kit, fearing I would lack the ability or the tools. However, the instructions were very good. I am pleased with the result. Staff were helpful, even sending me a new brass driver when I stripped out the first one. A video would have been helpful to supplement the written instructions.
      Constance Rivera
      Verified Buyer
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      Rêve réalisé
      J’ai fait l’achat d’une harpe qui a été montée avec un kit à construire : modèle harpe Ballad Harp 34 cordes. Celle-ci a été montée par une personne consciencieuse. Elle est tout simplement magnifique, son son est profond, d’une très bonne tonalité. J’adore, je la recommande vivement, un très bon achat.
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      Exactly what I wanted
      I settled on about 5 different harps before finding this one by chance. The sound was just what I was looking for, and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to make my own. The woodworking took me two weekends. The finishing took a while, because I am 1) inexperienced and 2) a super-perfectionist. In the end, it turned out wonderful and sounds fantastic, and I love that I can say that I built it myself. This was the perfect model for me because it had my ideal number of strings, a warm sound, and is compact. Customer service was very kind and helpful. Will definitely make future purchases from MusicMakers.
      Verified Buyer
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      Perfect Project for A Full Size Harp Without the Cost
      I had been wanting a harp for about 40 years now. But all full size harps with levers have never been possible because of cost. The building process is tedious and precarious, but worth it, because you will know the instrument every square inch. It will not just be something you bought somewhere, it will be something you built and know.
      Verified Buyer
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      Beautiful and well crafted!
      I have zero experience with harps, but I've wanted one for a while and since we're currently in the great 2020 pandemic, I figured now was the time! The Ballad harp kit comes securely packaged with extremely detailed and easy to follow instructions. The 30-40 hour estimate on build time is accurate, but between my husband and myself we got it done in just under a week. I even added a mahogany finish to darken the color. The instrument itself plays beautifully. Be aware that tuning it does take a while the first couple of times, but once you get it there it's impressively loud and clear. Here's a picture of our finished product:
      Mikaela Sargent
      Verified Buyer
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