Play the Harp Beautifully - Level 1

Play the Harp Beautifully - Level 1

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If you've ever wanted to play the harp, this book is for you! Play the Harp Beautifully gives you step-by-step instructions on technique, teaching you all the basics of harp playing. It contains 86 pages of photos, diagrams, and explanations on everything from tuning to practicing. This book will even teach you to read music, if you don't already know how!
Play the Harp Beautifully
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The book is very well written and very easy to follow. I'm happy of my choice. The people who work at Musicmakers are also very nice and they did follow my request carefully. The only thing i was surprise to see is that the book looks used, not new as it should be: there are stains (coffee stains?) on the cover and through the first pages...but it's ok.
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