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    Harp Wheels KIT

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      Harp Wheels Kit

      Difficulty Rating

      Musicmakers Harp Wheels are a simple, effective, and wondeful way to transport your harp. With three differenct sizes you are sure to find a size that will work for your harp. All of our wheels includes two hand brakes allowing you to play the harp while the wheels are still attached.

      The Harp Wheels Kit is rather simple to assembly. All of the parts have been pre cut and fit at the factory and there is very minimal sanding. You'll glue the fenders and paddle to the axle, sand the wood parts, apply a finish, and attach the wheels and brakes. You can expect the project to take about 3-5 hours.

      What's Included:

      Harp Wheels

      What size wheels do I need for my (name brand) harp?

      The only sure way to make sure you get wheels that fit your harp is to measure the base of your harp. Click on the Resources tab above for instructions on how to measure your harp for our wheels.

      We did measure the bases of several harps at the 2022 Somerset Harp Festival and made this chart based on our measurements. Please note that we can't gaurantee that the sizes indicated in this chart will work for your harp. Harp makers like to tinker and each harp is built by hand so variations happen.

      Harp Wheel Size
      Camac Hermine Large
      Camac Isolde Celtic Large
      Camac Aziliz Large
      Camac Melusine de Concert Large
      Camac Isolde Classic Large
      Dusty Strings Ravenna 26 & 34 Medium
      Dusty Strings Seranna 34 Large
      Dusty Strings Boulevard 34 Medium
      Dusty Strings Allegro 26 Medium
      Dusty Strings Crescendo 34 Medium
      Dusty Strings FH26 Small
      Dusty Strings FH26 Double Strung Medium
      Dusty Strings FH34 Medium
      Dusty Strings FH34S Medium
      Dusty Strings FH 36H Medium
      Dusty Strings FH36S Large
      Fisher Eireann Medium
      Heartland Harps Delight Large
      Heartland Harps Legend Medium
      Harp Wheel Size
      Kortier Electric 39? Medium
      Lyon and Healy Drake Medium
      Lyon and Healy Ogden Medium
      Salvi Juno 27 Small
      Salvi Mia Small
      Salvi Donegal Medium
      Salvi Una Medium
      Salvi Hermes Large
      Sligo Luchair Medium
      Stoney End Braunwen-29 Medium
      Stoney End Briar Rose-29 Medium
      Stoney End Lorraine-29 Medium
      Stoney End Loralea-29 Medium

      Do Harp Wheels work with Pedal Harps?

      Yes, Our harp wheels will work with pedal harps as long as the base of the harp will fit on the platform.

      Harp Wheels

      Choosing the right size

      Available in three different sizes.

      Small: Size of base is 13 in. wide by 14 in. deep. Fits our Jolie Harp, and our Ballad Harp

      Medium: Size of base is 16 in. wide by 15 in. deep. Fits the Cheyenne Harp, the Voyageur Harp and the Gothic Harp

      Large: Size of base is 18 in. wide by 15 in. deep. Fits the Regency Harp

      If you don't have a Musicmaker's harp you will need to take a couple of measurements to choose the correct size wheels.

      Find the points on the bottom of your harp that contact the floor and take measurements to get the width and depth. See the picture for an example. When you have your measurements, choose the smallest size set of wheels that will accommodate your harp.

      measure your feet
      Good product
      I bought this kit 3 months back. The package came with clear instructions on how to stain and finish the wood and then assemble it. The instructions were easy to follow and the finished harp wheel works well to move around my Lyon & Healy prelude harp.
      Verified Buyer
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      Wonderful Addition
      Hubby built and stained the wheel kit to closely match my Brilliant Harp. Worth every penny and every effort. Love my harp wheels!
      Denni Peterson
      Verified Buyer
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      Great Service
      They provide excellent service and respond reasonably quickly to emails on weekdays. Kit designs are well thought out with excellent directions. Quality wood is used. The as-received surface of the wood is finish ready for 120 grit sandpaper which is great. The hardware is sound, quality materials. The wood is premium quality. shocked at how good the wheels are on the harp wheels kit are. On most things, the wheels are too small and low quality. These are solid and have a large diameter that should last for decades. Take in-stock with a grain of salt. They provide an estimate of when it will ship after an order is placed, but the website's in-stock label is incorrect. Packing of the parts I received was inadequate in my opinion. The first shipment had damage due to inadequate packing. My next, larger shipment was minimally packed but fortunately handled better by the shipper. They were quick to offer a replacement for the damaged parts.
      John Mills
      Verified Buyer
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      Great addition to my wife's harp
      Took about a week to finish this kit, not because it's difficult, but because I decided to stain and Varathane it. Two coats of stain and 3 coats of varathane with 400 grit sanding between each coat is a slow process, but we're ecstatic with the results. As to assembly, my only issue was with the little brake levers. I had to drill out the holes to 1/4" so the bolts would pass thru. The kit was for a Salvi Titan harp and the medium size kit fits just nicely.
      Stephen Liard
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      Just what was needed!
      We got the medium size for our daughter's Salvi Titan. The Titan is too large to carry around safely when she needs to move it inside of venues and a harp dolly isn't available. It did not take my husband long at all to put it together - maybe about an hour. I did the staining and that took some time. It worked great for its intended purpose, though I wouldn't use it on rough, uneven surfaces such as sidewalks.
      Jen C.
      Verified Buyer
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      Harp Wheels Kit - small
      I gave my wife this kit for Christmas. She was able to complete it with only a little help from me in drilling holes and attaching the wheels. She attached it to her Jolie Harp easily and it works fine. This is the second kit she has made, Harp Desk was first. She told me she would recommend these kits.
      Richard Switzer
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      Harp Wheels Kit is AWESOME!!!
      About 10 years ago I purchased your harp wheels for my Lyon & Healy Folk Harp at the Southeastern Harp Conference. I now have a Grand Harpsicle harp that needed harp wheels, so I purchased this DIY kit. It was VERY easy to assemble. Directions are thorough. Makes it so easy to wheel the harp rather than carry it, and also makes the harp more stable, and less likely to fall or get knocked over. Thank you for yet another quality harp accessory.
      Melissa Saffelder
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