Gothic Harp

Gothic Harp

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Price includes Gig Bag and Loveland Levers

We have been producing this Gothic Harp for over 20 years. The classic shape and elegant lines never go out of style. All monofilament nylon strings give this harp a low tension and a soft, mellow, soothing tone that is a favorite of music therapists.


  • 31 Strings - flourocarbon and nylon
  • C2-E6
  • 22 pounds
  • 60" tall, 24" deep, 18" wide
  • Cherry
  • Aircraft Birch Soundboard

Sound and Video

Is this available as a kit, or plans for sale?
Jeanne Hintze
Interested in Cross strung kit; Gothic Harp with a nylon strings and lower tension and neck and pilar design seems like it could become a cross strung??? I also love the looks of your Regency harp with the pillar forward of the sound board... keep hoping? :)
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