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    Gothic Harp

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      Gothic Harp


      Discontinued 2018

      The 31-string Gothic Harp was discontinued in 2018

      We still provide blueprints and hardware if you want to build this harp using your own woods.

      Price includes Gig Bag and Loveland Levers

      We have been producing this Gothic Harp for over 20 years. The classic shape and elegant lines never go out of style. All monofilament nylon strings give this harp a low tension and a soft, mellow, soothing tone that is a favorite of music therapists.


      • 31 Strings
      • 22 pounds
      • 60" tall, 24" deep, 18" wide
      • Cherry frame, neck, and pillar
      • Aircraft Birch Soundboard

      String Charts

      We offered several different string sets for this harp over the years.

      • Standard Set (string chart) - All monofilament nylon - bottome note was E2. Range was E2-G6. This was the most common set sold with the 31 String Gothic.
      • Deluxe Set (string chart) - This set had the same range as the Standard (E2-G6) but we added 5 Steel core, bronze wound strings in the bass.
      • Optional Set (string chart) - This set started at C2. The range was C2-E6. The bottom 10 strings on this set had a steel core and a nylon wrap.
      • Fluorocarbon Set (string chart) - This set also starts at C2 but, too keep the entire set monofilament, the bottom 7 strings were fluorocarbon

      Gothic 31 string harp
      I have had my Musicmakers 31 string Gothic harp for over 20 years now. I have yet to hear another harp sound so mellow and stay in tune as long as this one does. Glad they are still making them. Very happy I bought mine!
      Caryn Ludwig
      Verified Buyer
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      Is this available as a kit, or plans for sale?
      Interested in Cross strung kit; Gothic Harp with a nylon strings and lower tension and neck and pilar design seems like it could become a cross strung??? I also love the looks of your Regency harp with the pillar forward of the sound board... keep hoping? :)
      Jeanne Hintze
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