Jolie Harp (33 Strings)

Jolie Harp (33 Strings)

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The height, balance, tone, and overall feel of this harp is captivating. Gorgeous cherry wood grain and clean design elements have made this a very popular model.

33 strings provide a range suitable for a wide variety of music. The tension is just on the high side of medium - not too hard on the hands but tight enough to allow for some aggressive playing and broad dynamics.

What's Included:
  • Finished Jolie Harp with Levers
  • Padded Gig Bag
  • Tuning Wrench
  • Free shipping in the Continental US
  • Product Manual

Stephanie Claussen demostrates our Jolie Harp.

Handy in the Woodshop? This Jolie Harp also comes as a do-it-yourself kit. Click here to learn more.

Buyer's Guide

We wrote lots of great content for harp owners to get the most out of their lever harp.


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Key Specs

Jolie Harp Specs
Strings 33 strings
Range C2 to G6 (String Chart)
Weight 20 pounds
Size 52" tall, 24" deep, 14" wide
Soundboard Aircraft Birch
Body Solid Cherry
Warranty Limited 5 year warranty

The Musicmakers Warranty

100% Satisfaction

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Limited Repair Plan

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Using a Reverie Harp as a Music Therapy Tool.

MusicMaker and Jolie Harp surprised me!
Sylvie F
Verified Buyer
In 2017, I bought the Jolie Harp at the Somerset Folk Harp Festival. As I did not play at that time, I was nervous about this purchase. Since then, I found that the Jolie harp has a great sound. Just last week, my teacher commented on it. The size is perfect for me even if it has 33 strings, and the light weight is appreciated when I have to carry it from one place to another. The carrying bag and the wheels is well design and help a lot. Not able to find string replacements in my area, I made inquiry with MusicMaker by email. Following their quick answer, I ordered what I needed. Living outside the US and with the Covid restrictions, I was expecting my order at the following month. Today I was delighted to receive a package from MusicMaker. What surprised me the most it how quick the whole process took. Their customer service is great! Thanks !
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Fantastic harp!
Verified Buyer
The Jolie harp was recommended by a couple of experienced harpists I trust, and I'm so glad I now have a Jolie of my own. The harp is beautiful, the build quality is excellent, and the harp sounds wonderful. I think the aircraft birch soundboard will be great for the extremely dry climate where I live, and the warranty offered by Musicmakers is great for my peace of mind. The harp projects well and the spacing and tension of the strings is very comfortable. I'm very happy with my new harp!
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A thing of beauty
Robert & Kathleen Romick
Verified Buyer
I'm new to harp playing, so my experience is limited, but I find this harp is beautiful to look at and I love the tone. I'm very satisfied with this harp and the service I received from everyone at Music Makers. I'm very glad that I made this purchase and look forward to many years of enjoyment ahead.
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