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    Jolie Harp (33 Strings)

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      Jolie Harp (33 Strings)



      The Jolie Harp

      The height, balance, tone, and overall feel of the Jolie Harp is captivating. Gorgeous cherry wood grain and clean design elements have made this a very popular model.

      33 strings provide a range suitable for a wide variety of music. The tension is just on the high side of medium - not too hard on the hands but tight enough to allow for some aggressive playing and broad dynamics.

      What's Included:
      • Finished Jolie Harp with Camacs Levers
      • Padded Gig Bag
      • Tuning Wrench
      • Free shipping in the Continental US
      • Owner's Manual

      Stephanie Claussen demostrates our Jolie Harp.

      Down Payment Option

      You have the option to put 50% down to get your Ballad Harp started.

      Use the promo code downpayment when checking out to pay half now and half when the harp is ready for shipping.

      Jolie Harp Key Specs

      Jolie Harp Specs
      Strings 33
      Range C2 to G6 (String Chart)
      Weight 20 pounds
      String Spacing Concert
      String Tension High
      Sharping Levers Camac
      Gig Bag Included
      Harp Wheels Size Small
      Size 52" tall, 24" deep, 14" wide
      Soundboard Aircraft Birch
      Body, Neck, Pillar Cherry
      Warranty Musicmakers 5 Year Warranty


      Quilted Maple Soundboard Upgrade

      All our harp soundboards are made of aircraft birch, a 6-layer laminate that can withstand the tension of the harp strings without breaking. As an added visual appeal we can veneer a thin layer of beautiful quilted maple to the soundboard. It has a very slight affect on the tone making making the harp sound slightly warmer.

      Here's a couple of pictures of our Sonnet Lap Harp with the quilted maple upgrade.

      Vivid Color Upgrade

      Vivid Color Harps

      We have always loved the natural grain of the woods we use and didn't want the color to hide that; we wanted the color to accentuate the grain. Maple, being a wood that is lighter in color, makes the perfect canvas for our vivid color stains.

      Maple is also available with some highly figured and beautiful grain patterns. We use select curly maple for the sides, neck, and pillar and offer a quilted maple veneer upgrade on the soundboard. The stain interacts with the figured grain patterns in exciting and surprising ways.

      Maple is a harder wood than cherry so the vivid color version of any harp will weigh roughly 10% more than the standard version and the sound will tend to be slightly brighter.

      Check out this photo gallery.


      Replacement Harp Strings

      Jolie Harp String Chart

      Order Replacement Harp Strings

      How to Change a Harp String

      Other Harp Related Resources

      Beautiful instrument
      My Jolie harp is a pleasure to play and a beautiful addition to my home. The tone it produces is clear and rings just ethereally. I sprung for the vivid colour and they absolutely nailed the colour I was going for - it's a beautiful instrument both to listen to and look at. Thank you!
      Kaleigh de Palézieux
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      I love my Jolies!
      I am the delighted owner of two Jolie harps- one for church, who lives there, and one at home. I love the tone and responsiveness of this harp! I have been playing for almost 2 years (45 years of oboe) and am learning that it has a huge range of dynamics and sound. I also love that is so light (20 lbs) and easy to transport. I use the harp wheels and they are great-everyone who sees them marvels at how well they are designed, and their excellence of function. This harp is just awesome, and perfect for me.
      Verified Buyer
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      Great harp and such awesome suppor
      I absolutely love the resonance this harp provides. The sound is wonderful. The weight is not too heavy so I can move it myself, and the choice of colors is phenomenal. String tension is not too tight for someone with arthritic hands, but not low tension either. This makes the sound wonderful. I recently had a problem with 2 notes buzzing. I thought I resolved it once and it began again. I tried everything to fix it and then called Musicmakers and spoke with Cody. He gave me some great trouble shooting ideas, as well as the name of a harpist in Michigan I might try to call to take a look at it since I am so far away from Minnesota. He even sent out new adhesive for my transducer(????) and new string. They are so helpful here.
      Sharon Cullen
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      Joyful Harp!!
      I just wanted to share how much I love my harp. I've played violin from elementary school through college, and pick it up once in awhile, yet really wanted a different musical experience... learning the harp was laid on my heart, and I found your business. I cannot begin to thank you, and/or to express how much joy it brings to my life, and to others that I play for... so much that I named my harp Joy! The tone is out of this world... even playing "twinkle twinkle little star," the sound is incredible. I invested in the wheels recently, they are amazing :)
      Karen Munson
      Verified Buyer
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