Jolie Harp Strings

Jolie Harp Strings

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Complete set of 33 strings for the Jolie Harp. This set works for both the standard Jolie Harp and the Jolie Hybrid Harp.
Richard Switzer
I ordered these strings for my wife's Jolie harp. Everything was neatly organized and my order arrived very quickly. Great purchase!
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Replacing a broken string
Jane Burr
Verified Buyer
So far I am happy with the strings. I have only replaced one, the highest E. Since I am left handed I was nervous about using the diagrams about the knots. I dropped a dowel rod into the harp because my first knot was loose. I shook it out and started over. That was yesterday. On the second try it seems to be perfect and looks the same as the original knots on the other strings. I much prefer using dowel rods to pieces of string to hold the knots.
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