17/16 Hammered Dulcimer w/Gig Bag

17/16 Hammered Dulcimer w/Gig Bag

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Handcrafted by the luthiers at Musicmakers

The hammered dulcimer is a fascinating instrument to learn to play. It is kind of like a grand piano with the lid open and the sustain pedal on - you hold the "hammers" in your hands to strike the strings. But on the dulcimer the notes are separated about 1 inch apart, and tuned to just the "do-re-mi" scale (not chromatically) so it is easier to find and play the correct notes.

Our Hammered Dulcimer features a solid mahogany soundboard which provides a warm, rich tone. The frame is made from durable maple laminate, faced with walnut. The back is a gorgeous walnut plywood.

What's Included:
(1) Finished Hammered Dulcimer
(1) Padded Gig Bag
(1) Pair Double Sided Playing Hammers
(1) Tuning Chart
Product Manual


String Chart.

Hammered Dulcimer Close Up

1716 Hammered Dulcimer Features

Key Specs

66 Strings 17 course treble/16 course bass
Range D3 to F6
Soundboard Solid Mahogany
Frame Walnut and Maple
Width at Top 19"
Width at Bottom 40"
Depth 19.5" front to back
Weight 17.5 pounds


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