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Testimonials submitted prior to 2017.

Musicmakers Testimonials

harp blueprint
Valeriya Nedlina
Purchased the limerick harp blueprint. It is quite good and absolutely workable. The only problem I met - it is in inch dimentions. Hard to find proper instruments for working in American measurement outside USA and GB. I converted all the dimentions in metric system but I'll have to purchase drill and some other stuff from US. Anyway thanks a lot for making dreams true!
tuning keys
Carol Freiberg
They are just what we were looking for
Psaltry projects
Tim Reynolds
Built two psaltries about 10 years ago for my wife and daughter. Great kits, great results. They love them and play them in church often. Bow hair finally wore out so ordered replacement. Great devices & product.
Have made several wonderful projects!
Gary Connett
I’ve had the most wonderful experiences with Musicmakers while in the store, on the telephone, or on the internet. I’ve built two Ukuleles from Musicmaker kits, a Trekker Guitar from Musicmaker blueprints, and some Musicmaker thumb pianos! On all the projects Musicmaker staff were always available for my occasional questions going beyond simply answering, staff provided tips and advice as well. I’ve made all these projects for others - I don’t play any musical instruments. That said I may make another ukulele, this time for mysel!
Harp lights
Jan Valentine
Great, great, great. Works very well with plenty of light to see and dim for atmospheric ambience. Could not be more pleased. Also have your harp wheels and the work well for my Ravenna. Wonderful products.
tuning pegs
they are exactly what is needed
Great products great and service
Ordered the 2 Thumb Piano kits, Had a slight problem and when I notified the company they apologized and made it right, got the problem resolved and the missing part in three days. Great job
Thumb Piano Kit
John S
Always a pleasure to do business with.
Your products.
Ed Dawson
5 stars. There you go.
Great blueprints
Brian Amato
On the two occasions I've built using their blueprints, they have been well drawn, easy to follow and very accurate. I HIGHLY recommend these folks!
Todd Peterson
I have built several Musicmakers kits including the psalmidicon, strumbly, cigar box and cardboard guitars, bowed and hog nosed psalltry and others. I recently completed a Kantela and feel that I have built what looks like something you might have bought in a music store in Scandinavia. The quality of the wood and workmanship along with the builder following the correct step by step procedures, results in a beautiful looking and sounding instrument. I also design my own electronic instruments and have found it satisfying to add my own electronics to kits like the little Lyre and cigar box models. Some kits require a little extra elbow grease, but it is worth it in the end. Also, when I go to the store in person and they know me by name, still amazes me :)
Waldorf 22
Dec Leonares
I am very new to harps, lyre and the science/art of crafting one. I was looking for an inexpensive beginner harp plans to help me understand the rudiments of harp making. The free plans for Waldorf 22 attracted my attention. I learned that it was designed for and built by school students. This ticked my 'can do' spirit. I printed the plan/manual, pieced the plans together and got the basic harp framework. After studying the plan and considering the whole project, I decided to build a 30-string Paraguayan harp. Thank you MusicMaker for making the plan available. What an invaluable source if information! The project is developing as we speak and as soon as I am ready for materials, I know what I will be ordering from MusicMaker. Thank you very much!
Diane kreil
Good service.Answered my questions quickly.benn in hospital so review took a long time.i will try and write a better review when I get home from hospital.
musicmaker blueprints
Murray Wicks
I have worked with the musicmaker blueprints before, and have found them very useful. Good to check the measurements though.
excellent company to do business with in every way. just started working on strumbly kit and all is going well. I have ordered before and it always been fast shipping and good experience in every way. thanks again.
Hammered Dulcimer blueprints
Lydia Kass
It was very easy to order the blueprints. Thanks for having them available.
Muy bueaa Cia.
Ok. muy profesional.
Great company
Geoff Aikens
Prompt, professional service, very reasonable shipping charges, always willing to offer advice. Plus they have a very innovative team. Without Musicmakers I would be not know where to begin.
Gil Smith
Have now completed the Dakota Mandola and am very happy about the result. All materials were of good quality and the instructions for the build were excellent. Responses to me queries were prompt and comprehensive.
Shepherd Harp plans
james d becker
Bought the digital plans and printed them out poster sized. It took 24 pages. Then had to arrange and tape them together. Lots of work but saved $25...... Think it will go together ok. Plans look good
Folk Harp Design & Construction
Massimiliano Italy
Not yet finished reading but it is very useful.
Banding and Dulcimer Kit
James Cunningham
The instruction booklet for the dulcimer kit was the best I've seen for musical instruments. Lots of hints to go with the basic instructions, which were very clear. I've ordered decorative banding several times, finding the service and quality to be excellent.
Delbert Horler
I was very pleased to see that you have great plans for many instruments. The plans are well drawn out and easy to understand. I will be ordering all my supplies for these instruments from your sight. Looking forward to getting started.
Stuffed pins
Daniel Yost
Quick attention!!! Excenlent the product. Thank you!!!
WONDERFUL Experience!
Rev. Barbra Telynor
I recently purchased the fully formed Reverie Harp, with stand, picks and hammers. I can't tell you how happy I am with my purchase!! I used to play a 4' tall, 33 stringed Irish Folk Harp for 20+ years in hospital and hospice settings. Because of the harp's 20 lb weight - and my right arm having formed into a permanent bend - I thought I was through with music. The Reverie harp is sweet sounding, easily played - and even more versatile that I'd originally thought it might be (with several ways to tune the harp). While I'm primarily a chaplain/singer who accompanies herself with harp, I'm discovering new ways to use this harp as a way to facilitate conversation, accompaniment for my singing - as well as letting other folk experience playing it. I LOVE it! Even if I were only playing for my own enjoyment, it's worth every penny!! Thanks a bunch, MusicMakers!! I'm beginning to feel like my True Self again!!
Harp string Analysis Spreadsheet
I downloaded the Harp String Analysis Sheet for free. It was a great help! I couldn’t have done it without this sheet! Excellent!
Always Helpful
Antonio Scuderi
Over the years I have bought two assembled instruments, as well as tuning pins, tuning keys, and strings that I use to build my own simple instruments. The folks at Mm are always helpful and will even offer advice.
My experience
J Durgan
The harp kit I ordered arrived in perfect condition. There were no missing parts. I read the assembly instructions twice, and started assembly. The instructions are very well written. The precut parts fit very well with minimum adjustment. The inlay banding and rosettes went on the harp body with no problems. The two questions I had were answered over the phone. So far assembly is complete and I am ready for finishing. The quality of the wood supplied is first rate. Altold this has been a great project.
So quick to answer, thanks!
Karen aakre
I have gotten several kits over the years and they are great quality instructions easy to understand
Plan delivery great - easy to see and use
Ordered the 'electric dulcimer plans - glad to have the detail that is in them. This will be my first instrument with an electronic pickup, and I am sure the plans will be helpful. Appreciate having free plans to try out.
Thumb piano kit
Catherine Chapman
I recently purchased the thumb piano kit and had a great time building it. All directions were very clear and the parts fit very well. I am now playing a beautiful little thumb piano and enjoying it tremendously.
I'm satisfied
Francesco Mazzola
Now I'm studying "Folk Harp Design and Construction (PDF Version)", it's well done, and well written: I do not know English well, but I can understand it anyway, thanks
Pleasant Experience
I recently purchased a number of items (strings, zither pins, etc.) from Music Makers for the first time. The online catalog was easy to navigate, checkout was easy, and the items arrived earlier than expected. What more could one ask for? I will definitely purchase from them again.
Lawrie Feely
Thanks for the prompt service, my purchase arrived in perfect condition 7 days after ordering. To New Zealand..
Happy experience
Frances Tolman
Musicmakers made my shopping experience with them great. They were easy to get in touch with, great to work with, and hands on problem solvers. I recommend highly the company, the people, and their beautiful musical instruments.
A real asset. Would definitely use again.
Christopher Hogan
I have a very small Oscar Schmidt student autoharp from the 1980s. I bought it up in a thrift shop, with one broken string, figuring it would be a shame if it ended up in the trash due to that small flaw. Oscar Schmidt doesn't sell strings for this any more. So I was looking at spending $35 to buy a caliper, that I would then use exactly once -- to measure the gauge of the string, so that I could then buy a $2 replacement. But Musicmakers came to the rescue. Their chart showing string pitch as a function of length and gauge allowed me to determine the gauge I needed. Bought what the chart said to buy. The string showed up a couple of days later, worked perfectly, and now this little autoharp is fully functional. If I ever need autoharp strings again, I'll be coming back here
Musicmakers is the best!
Amelia Gerlach
From their harps to their accessories, they sell such great products, and it's all done with excellent customer service and care. Great people!
Marlena Wood
Works well and thanks for everything
Harp stringing plan is really useful, thanks
I'm fixing up instruments for my harp pupils, learning as I go. This automated excel sheet makes that job so much quicker. Thanks very much!
thanks for the free plans
armand matheussen
I'm a luthier and its always interesting to see how other lutiers make their instruments . I helps to improve my skills. Thanks.
Purchased Psalmodikan
L. Miller
Purchased for my wife of 75 yrs of age, who was determined to build and play it. Received in 3 days, built and finished in 4 days, learning to play it almost daily. Tutored her through the build and finish, but your instructions made it easy for her. She completed 90% of the work with my 10% being mostly the coach. This gal is a crafter and is proud of her instrument. Second kit from Musicmakers and very pleased with them. First was a Mtn. Dulcimer about 25 years ago, still played now by one of my Grandchildren.
suitcase bass
thank you very much for the free download for the suitcase bass. I am 70 yrs old and a hobby luthier. I will enjoy building this bass. Thank you
David Fischer
Love the free plan of electric dulcimer, it is very much appreciated....thankyou
Free Plans
Marc Smith
It is extremely generous of Music Makers to offer free plans for some of their former creations. As a musical instrument building hobbyist I enjoy looking at plans of musical instruments, even though I may never build it. Than you, Music Makers, for keeping these creations alive!
Quality stuff & highly efficient operations
Chris Clark
Downloaded the plans for mandolins. Helps if you have some prior construction experience, but the plans are clear & understandable.
Guitar and Mando Plans
Jim Wilson
The plans are extremely well done and a joy to work with. It's exciting to build a MusicMakers project!
Hog Nose Psaltery
Cindy Heagy
I absolutely love this hog nose has a soothing sound, easy to manage, light weight, which is good for someone my age, and it is peaceful. Very fast response, and it arrived in one piece. Well packaged. Thank you very much. I will play it more often than my older bowed psaltery.
Two thumbs up !
I have built a number of kits as well have ordered blueprints from these people and everything has always been 100% , I really cant tell a person how great they are - you have to experience this for yourself.
The Mt Dulcimer kit
Garry Niemic
It was a great kit. Went together like a dream. Has a wonderful sound.
Quick shipping and excellent products
The parts I needed arrived the day after purchase. Everything looked and worked great. I appreciate the quick service provided.
Building harps
Fritz Roney
I have built 2 harps so far. A Studio from plans and hardware kit, did my own wood work. A Gothic, from a full kit. Full leavers on each. Both turned-out outstanding. The help and service I received from Musicmakers was first class, Cody and Matt were great. I have since sold the Studio harp, my wife plays the Gothic every Sunday in church. I am going to start a 10 string lyre from a full kit. good work Guys.
Always there for whatever I need.
Tom Bishop
I was given the gift of the dulcimer blueprints around 20 years ago. After learning how to play, it has been such a joy and a huge part of my life. I have built a couple dozen bowed psalteries for gifs. Most recently, my mother-in-law gave my wife her great grandmothers zither. It was missing many strings. Your website made it very easy to figure out what strings I needed. After avery short wait, the strings arrived and my wife is now playing that beautiful instrument. Thank you for being there and always having exactly what I need.
A Strumbly Fans Kudos
Sue Macias
The first string instrument I ever made was a Strumbly from Musicmakers kits. It was fun to do because the instructions are excellent, and the kit is designed to use just a few tools most of us have in the toolbox. If drilling holes is required, they supplied the proper drill bit in the kit. So novice me built a musical instrument. It’s played like an Appalachian mountain dulcimer, and they also supplied a few tunes, and free downloads . They also sell a book of tunes for the instrument. I still love it, and I built it myself. I’ve since built more of their kits, and now I build some folk instruments from scratch using techniques I learned from building the Musicmakers kits. Musicmakers is also a pleasure to do business with. They are very helpful if you have questions or quibbles, puzzles or problems. I still buy parts and accessories from them even when not building one of their kits. One of these days I’ll try a guitar or a mandolin. I’m a fan and have been for a number of years now.
Best source for harp plans and supplies
Have been making harps from Musicmaker's plans for nearly 10 years and really appreciate the quality of the materials, the plans and the support when it is needed. You simply can't go wrong here.
Toney Gausewitz
Wonderful to do business with! I'm a fan!!!!
Happy in Montana
Cherie Crain
After searching various web sites regarding a hognose psaltery/harp, I finally chose the Musicmakers item. The psaltery made it through our blizzard, a day later than expected, but arrived in good shape. Thanks for the good packaging. The tone is beautiful as well as the product itself.
Kenneth R. Willits Jr.
Kenneth R Willits Jr
My father started purchasing Harp plans and accessories from Musicmakers back in the late 1980's when he retired. Building Harps and Dulcimers and Electric guitars were his passion. He introduced me to woodworking when I was seven or eight but I did not have the patience for it until I reached my late forties. Now, I can't pass a piece of scrap hardwood or quarter sawn conifer without thinking about its potential. I have relied on Musicmakers for plans and hardware. The service is great
awesome service!
joe munoz
you guys have great quality instruments,I love my lyre Davidic harp
plans and supplies
Jerry Kopinski
Great service, and help.
Amazing company!
Toney Gausewitz
Website easy to navigate and information-rich. Order arrived faster than expected, and all was correct! Will definitely do business with Musicmakers again!
Strumbly and Ren Guitar
John Atkins
My first kit was the Ren Guitar. My second kit was the strumbly. Both were fun to build, easy to follow the directions, and quality.
Always perfect
Bob the French
The place to go for smart ideas and excellent products.
Harp Ligts
Rosemarie Fortney
Love MusicMakers - my "go to" place for making harp dreams come true. Trusted product quality. Lights help my eyes greatly; folks compliment about them all the time! Thanks -Rose
Thank you. The product is very nice. It came promptly.
Great service
I have made several kits from MusicMakers, starting with a gothic harp 20 years ago. The service is faultless. There was a problem with my harp but they supplied a replacement part free of charge (I paid postage). The detailed instructions are fantastic and I really appreciate the prompt reply when I email questions. I highly recommend MusicMakers for quality kits that become beautiful instruments that are very musical. I'm still playing my harp and it still sounds fantastic. As testament to my high opinion of this company I have ordered and made 5 other kits in the past and about to order more. Thanks to everyone at MusicMakers for providing great service in an age where it is becoming increasingly difficult to find.
Ben Emerson
I was impressed at the prompt delivery. Great place to do business.
Quick response to Australian Customer
Lyn Johnson
My second experience has been as good as the first. rapid response and accurate supply of quality goods. International postage is sadly a bit expensive.
Business with Musicmakers
You guys always take good care of me.
Arrived in perfect condition. Excellent craftsmanship.
Great outfit to deal with.
Pat Reilly
I have been dealing with Musicmakers for a number of years now and they have always been great to deal with and fast in their responses and shipping of the items. I have built the Belle harp and my wife loves the sound and the finish of this instrument. I have a mandolin kit to assemble next.
Quick response & delivery
Denny Warner
I have had 3 orders sent to me in Australia ...all arrived within 8 days...well done mates.
Consistently helpful
Phyllis Warden
I built my Belle harp in late April 2017 and have ordered strings on two separate occasions since then. Everything comes very quickly--your turnaround time is impressive! Also, I needed some questions answered. I had no trouble at all getting through to Jake. Very satisfying. Thank you, Musicmakers!
Excellent Product Description
Bob Lawson
Recently purchased a guitar from them. The guitar arrived earlier than expected. It was just as described, no surprises. I would recommend them to anyone who buys over the internet.
Excellent Communication
Marcelaine Lewis
I am thankful for the excellent communication and responses to my questions.
blueprints and instrument hardware
Walter spencer
Over the years I have built a harp, bowed psaltry, and two 17/16 hammered dulcimers all from Musicmakers blueprints. I cant say enough about the quality of the prints and instructions.When I had any questions help was only an email away. Matt has been very helpful and and answered all of my questions. The quality of the hardware and the speed of shipping was outstanding. I will continue to order from you and highly recommend you to anyone else that is looking for plans, parts or kits. I dont think you can be beat for your products and service. Thanks again.
Excellent Service
Edward Lyrene
I want to thank both Jerry and Matt for their assistance in placing an order recently. It was a very small order totaling less than $1, but they treated my request as if it were just as important as if I were ordering one of their instrument kits. In addition, Jerry took the time to answer a few questions that I had about a harp (not even a Music Makers!) that I recently bought with no string chart included and several broken strings. He helped point me in the right direction late on a Friday afternoon just before closing time. Thank you to Jerry, Jake, and Matt. I'll continue doing business with you and you have a big fan in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina!