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The Bajinn

The Bajinn.

Currently 2 in stock. One in D minor Pentatonic and one in C major Penatonic.

Designed and produced by Ortal Pelleg, the Bajinn is an instrument that is easy and intuitive to play and produces lovely, pure tones with a long and lingering decay time.

It is perfect for meditation, sound healing, and music therapy. The sounds you produce on the Bajinn naturally invite you to become quiet inside and just listen.

It is crafted with a bamboo acoustic shell over which float 8 aluminum tubes suspended by strings. It is surpsingly light and, with the included gig bag, easy to transport.

What's Included
  • Bajinn
  • Mallets
  • Gig Bag (optional upgrad to Deluxe Bag)
Introducing the Bajinn

Bajinn in this video is C Major Pentatonic Tuning
Sroll down for a video demonstrating the D Minor Pentatonic Tuning.

Key Specs

Bajinn Specs
Tube Material Aluminum
Tuning C Major Pentatonic OR D Minor Pentatonic
Bowl Bamboo
Gig Bag Included
Length 23"
Width 18.5
Height 4.5"
Weight 7 pounds


Here's a video with the D Minor Penatonic Bajinn played with the Reverie Harp in the D Meditation tuning.

Virtual Bajinn


Click the tubes to play the notes. Please enjoy.
Music for your soul
During my cancer journey my music has been important to me. I like combining my harp with other instruments. I have used my tongue drum and then I found this beautiful insturment. It is so memorizing and creates such calm and peace. I love taking it outside and playing with the sounds of nature. The sound catches in the wind and lingers on. It truly is a beautiful instrument that can bring calm and joy to the soul. I am excited about all the possibilities where this insturment can be played and the sounds shared.
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