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    C Major Wing

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      C Major Wing



      C Major Wing

      THE C MAJOR WING is a resonated xylophone with eleven notes that span two octaves in a pentatonic scale. It is excellent for creating soothing and uplifting harmonies. The brightness of the tones and the sustain are pure and beautiful.

      The C Major Wing uses the exact same notes as our Reverie harp so it is a pefect companion instrument to create simple, easy, and beautiful duets. Each player can improvise freely everything will harmonize.

      • 11 notes (C-D-E-G-A-C-D-E-G-A-C)
      • 1″ wide aluminum bars
      • Two octaves
      • Includes 2 Wing Mallets
      • 4 pounds
      • Dimensions: 14.5"x17"x5"

      Sound Sample

      (headphones recommended)

      C Major Wing

      Notes 11 notes
      Range Two octaves
      Material 1″ wide aluminum bars
      Weight 4 pounds
      Length 17"
      Width 14.5"
      Height 5"

      Virtual Freenotes Wing

      Click on the bars to play this lovely instrument

      Tuning is C Pentatonic

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