Cajon - KIT


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Cajon - KIT


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What we like about this instrument.

You get a lot of satisfaction from this project because you can build such a useful and nice looking instrument in a relatively short amount of time. The project is simple enough to be accessible to even the most novice woodworker and makes for a nice introduction to kit building.

The finished instrument is all kinds of fun. They are great to have around the house because they are so utilitarian. You can use it as an end table, an extra seat, and, of course, to pound out some rhythm.

Project Overview

You can expect to spend about three to four hours building the cajon. Essentially, you are making a box. We have pre-cut and pre-fit all the parts so you just have to glue them together, trim off any excess wood, and sand it nice and smooth. You can assemble this project using masking tape to "clamp" the parts together. For more on that subject, checkout Jake's article, Clamping Without Clamps.

Tools you'll need.

You'll need to supply your own woodworking glue (Elmer's or Titebond), a few different grits of sandpaper (100, 180, and 320), a few clamps or weights, an electric, drill, and the finish of your choice (paint, stain, polyurethane, lacuer, etc.). An electric hand sander and a router can come in handy but aren't necessary.


  • 18" high
  • 11" wide
  • 11" deep
  • Aircraft birch front
  • Baltic birch back and sides
  • 9 pounds
  • Introduced Summer 2010

Assembly Instructions


Watch as Matt assembles the Box Cajon.

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