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    How hard is it to assemble our kits?

    Each kit is assigned a skill rating (1-5 hammers) to help you gauge the difficulty of the project. Though quite subjective, this rating may help you match the project with the age and woodworking experience of the builder.

    The best way to gauge the scope of the project is to download the assmebly instructions and read through all of the assembly steps.

    A breeze! Two or three evening's time for assemlby.
    Good for building your woodworking confidence.
    Great sense of accomplishment. Friends will be very impressed!
    Contains a few "memorable moments"
    Challenging, intricate, character building

    Our kits include precut wood parts, detailed assembly instructions, hardware and strings. You provide your own woodworking glue, hand tools, sandpaper and finish.

    For more information, please read Can I Really Build a Kit?

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