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    Harp Strings FAQ

    Yes - you can find strings - both complete sets and indivual strings for Musicmakers Harps here.

    Yes and No and Maybe

    YES - most harps use monofilament nylon strings in the mid and upper range of the harp. We sell monofilament nylon strings in several gauges. You can find those here. Consult your string chart to find out which gauge you need.

    NO - We do not sell wound strings for harps that aren't made by Musicmakers. If you don't know what I mean by wound strings, click here and then click on the composition tab.

    MAYBE - Wound strings are custom made for each harp. It's best to order these strings directly from the maker of your harp. If that is not an option - then you might be able to find a string from us that will work. You'll need to gather some information to try and match one of our wound strings to your harp. Instructions on how to gather this info can be found here.

    If we don't have a string that will work, you can reach out to North Shore Strings. They can make wound string for your harp - BUT - you will need to do the same research just mentioned above. So, before you reach out to North Shore strings, take the time to do that research and find out your vibrating length, string composition, and note.

    Well - you probably could, but we don't recommend it. You would need to change a lot of strings to do this, you would likely have to order custom wound strings, and you may not be happy with the change in tension and tone. Most people that want to do this are just looking for a specific note in the bass. You are better off just re-tuning your bottom string down to whatever note you want and leaving the rest of the strings as is.

    No. We don't use gut strings and we don't offer or recommend them for any of our harps. And we wouldn't advise restringing harps by other makers with gut unless you have been given the go ahead to do so by the maker.

    No. We have our harps set up with a string set designed for that harp. Trying to customize the tension of our harps for individual players is too costly, time consuming, and a logistical nightmare when people want to get a replacement string.

    We only stock and sell our harps so we aren't able to tell you how they compare with harps by other makers. However, most harp makers are pretty accurate in how they describe the tension on their harps. So a high tension harp from one maker will probably feel pretty similar to a high tension harp from another maker.

    If you have a nylon wrap on your string, it is not meant to reach the tuning pin. Nylon wrapping must be tied off before the end of the string otherwise it will unravel.

    You betcha we do!

    **YES - We ship overseas. Click here for details.**