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    Hurdy Gurdy Plan - Download

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      Hurdy Gurdy Plan - Download

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      You will receive an email after you complete your purchase with a download link. Your download will include:

      • Full size blueprints(PDF)
      • Complete assembly instructions

      Because our bluerpints are full size, it is helpful to print them on a large format printer at your local print shop (Kindko's, etc.) You have permission to print one "working copy" of our blueprints at a print shop.

      You can also print full size blueprints on a standard home printer. See how to print full size blueprints on standard 8.5" x 11" letter paper.

      Download Tips:
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      • Make sure you pay attention to your download location so you can find the files after they have been downloaded.
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      Good digital plans
      This also came with a PDF booklet of building instructions, which I wasn't expecting. So that was nice, and I shall get some pointers from it. I printed the plan on my home printer and taped all of the pieces together. It's a bit tedious and not perfectly precise by the time you get to the last row of sheets, but definitely close enough for good templates and measurements. I plan to build an inside mold and will try to make some of the suggested upgrades mentioned on the plan. I wish there had been a few more measurement lines dotted in on the plan, for example top/back length I couldn't find. Nothing I can't measure myself. This seems like a good instrument with lots of options and potential.
      Verified Buyer
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      For the most part the digital download is good except when it comes to condescending what the actual pdf manual says for types of wood used. Also very unsatisfied with lack of information given for the dimensions for the bottom and soundboard. Last but not least would be a good idea to let buyers of digital copies know that with the purchase of the mailed plans they receive templates I would have gone that way other than digital.
      Yes, digital copies are hard to use. You can print them out full size on multiple sheets of standard letter size paper and tape the pieces together for making full-size templates. We have a link to printing instructions on our web site. Also, if you take the file to a copier service (such as Kinko's), they can make a full-size "working copy" for you on large paper. One copy is permissible with your digital purchase. Finally, if you pay for the postage, we would be happy to send you the printed version since you already paid for the digital version.
      Ron Stephens
      Verified Buyer
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