Lil' Lyre KIT

Lil' Lyre KIT

Lil' Lyre KIT


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Product Discontinued Fall 2017 - remaing stock on clearance.

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Making the Lil' Lyre is a snap until you come to trimming the front and back panels flush with the sides. That's where a little power sander or router will be a big help. this would be a good weekend project to make with kids.

Building Time: 10-15 hours

Tools Required: Spring clamps or weights, electric hand drill, router (optional), power hand sander


I purchased a Lyre Kit for my daugher last month for her 'Egyptian Day' project at school. She was VERY happy to complete this project with her Dad, and both her teacher and her classmates were very impressed with the project. I was very happy with this purchase.

Thank you,

I'd love to play my Little Lyre, but I can't get it away from my grandson. It was our Thanksgiving table center piece this year. We passed it around the table and each family member gave it a strum and told what they were thankful for. Thanks for a fun little kit.

Ron Moucka
Ft Collins, CO


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