Limerick Lap Harp - KIT

Limerick Lap Harp - KIT

Limerick Lap Harp - KIT


Discontinued, January 2019

Product Details

The Limerick Lap Harp was discontinued January, 2019

We no longer sell the Limerick harp as a kit or finished but we do offer a full-size blueprint and the necessary hardware.

Difficulty Rating

Our Limerick Lap harp is quite simple to assemble. We have already glued the neck and pillar assembly for you and done most of the fitting at the factory. Simply glue and clamp the soundchamber together. The soundboard and back piece slide into precut grooves in the sides. The neck has been predrilled for the tuning pins and guide pins. The access holes in the back panel have been precut. After you have assembled and sanded your harp you can apply your favorite finish and then install the hardware and strings.

What's Included:
  • All pre-cut and pre-drilled wood parts
  • All required hardware
  • Tuning wrench
  • Complete set of strings
  • Assembly Instructions

Limerick Lap Harp Kit
Don't want to build this harp form a kit? No problem - we sell it completely finished and ready to play.Click here to learn more.

Buyer's Guide

We wrote lots of great content for harp owners to get the most out of their lever harp.

Key Specs

Limerick Lap Harp kit specs
Strings 26 strings
String Options Nylon or Wire
Range C3 to G6 (String Chart)
Weight 12 pounds
Size 31" tall, 23" deep, 13.5" wide
Soundboard Aircraft Birch
Body and Pillar Solid Cherry
Neck Solid Cherry

The Musicmakers Kit Warranty

Need replacement parts?

Just notify us of the problem. We are generous with spare parts, but we may ask you to return the defective part if we think we can salvage it. We may ask you to pay for replacement parts if you damaged them during construction. After one year from date of purchase, we may not be able to supply replacement parts if we have discontinued the kit.

Need help with construction?

We are happy to finish assembling a kit for you. The basic fee is the difference between the kit price and the finished price shown in our current catalog (regardless of the price you paid for the kit). If you have done some of the assembly, we may be able to discount the construction fee, unless we need to re-do some of your work. If you want us to do only part of the construction, please call us about the price.

Desire a refund?

We give refunds, or exchanges, for re-usable kits returned within one year of purchase, regardless of reason for return or stage of construction. You must present proof of purchase from MUSICMAKERS. Such refunds will be for merchandise only, not shipping, handling, or insurance fees. We will refund the price of only those parts that are returned in re-saleable condition.

If we made an error on the original shipment, we will pay for return shipping. Please call us for the proper procedure.

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