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    Limerick Lap Harp - KIT

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      Limerick Lap Harp - KIT


      Discontinued, January 2019

      The Limerick Lap Harp was discontinued January, 2019

      We no longer sell the Limerick harp as a kit or finished but we do offer a full-size blueprint and the necessary hardware.

      Difficulty Rating

      Our Limerick Lap harp is quite simple to assemble. We have already glued the neck and pillar assembly for you and done most of the fitting at the factory. Simply glue and clamp the soundchamber together. The soundboard and back piece slide into precut grooves in the sides. The neck has been predrilled for the tuning pins and guide pins. The access holes in the back panel have been precut. After you have assembled and sanded your harp you can apply your favorite finish and then install the hardware and strings.

      What's Included:
      • All pre-cut and pre-drilled wood parts
      • All required hardware
      • Tuning wrench
      • Complete set of strings
      • Assembly Instructions

      Limerick Lap Harp Kit

      Wonderful Carry-Along with a Big Sound
      I've been playing the harp for about 12 years. I started with a 29-string student model, then got a 22-string lap harp to travel with. What I discovered was that I was more inclined to play the smaller harp because it was more convenient than going to another room where there was room for my larger harp. I had been wanting a new harp, so after some reflection I decided that what I really wanted was a slightly bigger lap harp that would have a bigger, richer sound than my 22-string. I like to make things, so I bought the Limerick Lap Harp kit (in walnut) and put it together in my spare time over the course of a year. The body went together quickly and easily (in an afternoon). The instruction booklet was extremely detailed, and if I had a question, I would email Musicmakers and get a quick response. Nowadays, Musicmakers has posted how-to videos on how to assemble their instruments on their web site, too, so there are plenty of resources if you have trouble. They also have a wonderful return policy where they will finish the instrument for you if you get in completely over your head. What took the most time for me was achieving the perfect painting on the sound board and waiting for the strings to hold their pitch. Right away, the Limerick had a beautiful, rich tone, especially in the bass. Over the course of the last three years, as the wood and strings have settled and stretched, the sound has become warmer and bigger. I also recently installed a Dusty Harp Pickup so that I could be heard in a band setting, and it has done a wonderful job of amplifying the harp's authentic sound. I love this harp. And I love hearing someone else playing it because I can enjoy its sound more from across the room than I can when my attention is split between listening and playing. I did make a couple of minor changes: I put leather washers behind the string knots (instead of the plastic beads included in the kit) and added red and blue lever rings on the C and F levers. I also tuned it to the key of Eb to be able to play in the widest variety of common key signatures. I successfully play my Limerick with my church praise band. The harp fits easily in the trunk, back seat, or foot well behind the front seats of my car. I am a bit of a klutz, though, so I am constantly banging the wide end against stuff when I carry the gig bag over my shoulder.
      Caroline Kasting
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