Medium Eyelet

Medium Eyelet
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Product Details

1/8" eyelet. Fits 1/8" holes.

Additional specs:
  • Flange diameter = .20"
  • Outside hole diameter = .121"
  • Metal thickness = .0095"
  • Length under flange = .25"
Size Matters - So does the Board
Biagio Sancetta
Some people just press the eyelet into the (correctly sized) hole. If the board is not a real hard wood (i.e. it is a/c laminate) they can pull out - so put a tiny dab of superglue on the eyelet shaft.
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Size matters...
Henry Blake
Verified Buyer
The eyelet is fine but make sure your size is the same as this medium eyelet. My harp had a smaller eyelet hole that this would not fit in.
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