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    Testimonials - Cardboard Instruments

    Dear Jerry,
    The students look forward to this project so much and ask us every year, starting in first grade, "When do I get to make a guitar?"  The school used to offer a classical guitar course in the high school here, but our excellent teacher needed to give more time to his own music shop so we lost him a few years ago, about the time you came out with the cardboard kits.

    I've always seen this project as a way to encourage the continued study of guitar.  It became evident to me, particularly, beginning last year:  every spring, our high school band (pipers & drummers) put on a 2-hour, professional tattoo, to include stage band complete with all the electric instruments you'd expect to find.  My own son was in the first class I began having make these guitars over 6 years ago.  Last year was his first year to play guitar in the stage band at the program.  So, I really appreciate your foresight and vision in developing these truly musical instruments!  I never, even as a child, had any liking for an instrument that wouldn't make a real sound, so you can imagine how I felt about a kleenex box with a rubber band!


    Thanks, again, for all your help.

    Nancy Crownover

    "This month we helped about 8 cub scouts make cardboard guitars and taught them how to play them. The scouts did a great job putting the kits together and decorating them and had even more fun playing them. The kits have a surprisingly good sound and are easy to play; just right for this bunch of 8 yr old boys."

    “We love our instruments! We are so impressed with the sound we get from the 5 [cardboard] instruments we ordered!”

    “I found that kids are more interested in decorating than building. They enjoy playing with them more than learning to play. They love the picks!”

    “This is a project with two Boys and Girls Clubs. We’ve probably had at least 100 kids work on the instruments. Some build, others decorate, and others are learning to play. The idea was a good one – and we are establishing a relationship with the kids, which was one of our objectives.”

    “Easy to build”

    “The children seem to enjoy decorating the cardboard bodies the most.”

    “The best part was decorating the sound box.”

    “I was shocked at how easy it was to put together. The best part was doing it together as a family.”

    “My daughter took the dulcimer to show and tell, and several of the teachers were interested.”

    Here is an example of some wonderful decorating. This is a decoupage with flourescent tissue. Nice work!!

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