How to Play the Harp and Diatonic Lyre

How to Play the Harp and Diatonic Lyre

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This book is for the complete beginner.  If you know nothing about music or the harp or lyre (and even the zither and kantele), you will be guided through the most basic information so that you will be able to play a song by the end of the book.

This book covers:
  • Parts of the Harp
  • Holding Your Instrument
  • Tuning
  • Names of the Strings
  • How the Strings Correlate to the Notes on Sheet Music
  • Playing a Melody
  • Playing Chords
  • Using Two Hands
  • Basic Music Notation
  • Lead Sheets
  • A Different Perspective of Music
  • Muisc: A Different Perspective
  • Introduction
  • Tuning
  • Holding Your Instrument
  • Understanding Sheet Music
  • Chords
  • Songs
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