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    The Lynda Lyre

    Our Lynda Lyre is a 22-string, diatonic instrument developed in collaboration with Lynda Kuckenbrod. Lynda created the SoundWerk Certification Course, a training program for absolute beginners to learn the art of playing prescriptive bedside music. She was looking for a plucked instrument that would be extremely accessible to the beginning students but wouldn't feel limiting to more advanced musicians. Because her program is geared toward bedside healing, she was also looking for something relatively portable.

    We spent a few months sending instruments back and forth with Lynda until we settled on this design. It has a three octave range from C3 to C6, a rich harp-like sound, and weighs only four pounds. Available as both as a DIY Kit for the home hobbyist or completely assembled and ready to play.

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