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    22 String Lynda Lyre w/Bag

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      22 String Lynda Lyre w/Bag



      Lynda Lyre

      22 String Diatonic Lyre

      Lyres were one of the first stringed musical instruments and have been used by musicians and healers continually for centuries. It was the most well known musical instument in Ancient Greece and continues to have broad appeal. The Musicmakers Lyre is a modern take on this ancient musical instrument.

      This 22-string Lyre is four pounds of beautiful music, big enough to play both melodies and chords, and small enough to carry around and hold in your lap. Our goal with this instrument was to keep it easy enough for beginners to play, but not limited to a small range or incomplete scale.

      What's Included:
      • Finished Lynda Lyre
      • Display Stand
      • Padded Gig Bag
      • Tuning Wrench
      • Guitar Strap
      • Owner's Manual
      Meeting a Music Therapy Need

      Lynda reached out to us in 2017 looking for a new instrument that she could use for her SoundWerk Certification Course. This started a back and forth that resulted in our Lynda Lyre.

      Read the whole story here.

      Lynda and her lyre

      Lynda Kuchenbrod and her lyre

      Lynda Lyre

      Lynda Lyre Dimensions
      Item# Lynda Lyre
      Strings 22 nylon or wire
      Tuning C Diatonic Tuning
      Range C3-C6
      Size 28" long, 14" wide
      Soundboard Solid spruce
      Frame Solid cherry
      Weight 4 pounds
      Warranty Musicmakers Warranty


      Here is the same melody played on the nylon strung and the wire strung version so you can hear the difference in tone:

      In Depth Reviews of the Lynda Lyre

      One of our customers, Crystal Grimes, posted an very detailed review of our Lynda Lyre. You can read it here.

      Here is a nice review from Carolin Nobles. She has also made this lovely video. (see below)

      How to Hold the Lynda Lyre

      Here is a video that offers some tips for how to hold the Lynda Lyre.

      Lovely on every level
      Beautiful sounds come from this lovingly handcrafted lyre! I chose the nylon strings and was worried they might be a bit dull on a small instrument, but the resonance is magical and you feel the vibrations against your body. The accompanying stand makes it so easy to hold and balance. I also enjoy playing it on a table zither style. Highly recommend!
      Patricia Kervick
      Verified Buyer
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      Excellent on every level!
      I have purchased many praise harps and lyre in my musical journey of spontaneous expression. It is so nice to find this instrument and in the metal string version that I have come to especially appreciate. Easy to tune, comfortable to play, a vibration to hug into when you are expressing your heart. All the way around a beautiful addition to my collection of these kinds of instruments.
      Mary Blakeley
      Verified Buyer
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      Wonderful instrument
      I'm so very pleased with my new Lynda Lyre. This is my first harp like instrument after having played the guitar and ukulele since childhood. On first touching the instrument it felt so foreign and I was assuming it would take me a lot of practice to start making some clean sounds. My left, non picking hand on guitar, is indeed pretty clumsy and needs a lot of practice time, but my right hand can already play a nice tune within a week. The design is beautiful and the sound to do for or rather, heavenly. I love the resonant, soft and yet carrying sound of the nylon strings. As a singer I hope to be using this lyre interspersed between my guitar accompanied songs, as part of sound healing, and in particular to help heal my tbi symptoms, along with some other healing instruments.
      Ingrid Gans
      Verified Buyer
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      Stunning instrument with blissful sound
      I had been wanting to learn how to play the harp for many years, but wasn't sure about making the investment. When I came across the Lynda Lyre I thought it would be the perfect way to get familiar with these types of instruments- and it was! The lyre is expertly crafted out of beautiful materials and sounds absolutely blissful. Within just a few hours I was playing some simple melodies, with no previous experience at all. Some have mentioned that the strings are a bit closer together than on other instruments but for me, at least, they are perfectly spaced. Tuning is very easy (I chose the nylon strings for the harp-like sound). I have found that there are a couple of ways to hold the lyre and it's mostly a matter of finding an arrangement that works for you. It's also lightweight and comes with a high-quality padded bag, making it very portable. It's such a fun instrument to have around and I would highly recommend it to others who are interested in harps and lyres and are looking for an easy introduction to them.
      Verified Buyer
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      Love its tone & handy
      I'm a beginner harpist and need to practice a lot during idle time. This lovely cute little harp is so handy that I can bring it anywhere easily. Although it is small, still create very rich tone. Mine one is nylon, sound like my other harps at home, just a bit different on the string space (smaller than standard harp).
      Crystal Lee
      Verified Buyer
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      22 metal string Lynda Lyre
      A very angelic resonating instrument that sounds heavenly. If one would like a complimentary sound instrument, this is it, by all means.
      Tom T.
      Verified Buyer
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      Gorgeous sound
      AMAZING sound, full and ringing and bright: it immediately became my favorite instrument, and I traveled with it for 6 months last year (planes, trains, automobiles...) I still can't believe how resonant it is--the luthiers who invented this deserve a lot of credit. I made the wire-strung version from a kit and it was trickier than I expected. You really need a router to trim the (considerable) excess wood from the sound box, as well as a drill press to set the tuning pins properly. The back panel is veneer, unfortunately, so you can't round the edges and it looks kinda ugly. Mine developed 2 vertical hairline cracks in the veneer, and a hairline crack in the soundboard from the bridge down, when it was drying overnight. A year later, though, none of the cracks have enlarged and they don't seem to affect the sound at all, so I'm hoping they're just cosmetic problems. I haven't yet found a good way to hold it. It's noticeably top-heavy because of the solid frame and light soundbox, and the rounded bottom means it's unsteady between my knees, so it's a bit awkward for me. Still, I *love* the wire sound and I'm really grateful to MM for this instrument.
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      Love my nylon-string Lynda Lyre
      I received my Lynda Lyre a few months ago. I chose nylon strings as I want the harp-like sound. This is my first instrument from Musicmakers - I assumed it would be well-made, but the moment I took it out of the box I was overwhelmed with the beauty and quality of craftsmanship! The pictures on the website do not do it justice! It is truly lovely! The tone is equal to or better than any of the small, therapy harps. And the resonance is outstanding! It sings and sustains for miles! The light-weight and portability are also a key factor. Although I will not likely play it horizontally, I like the flexibility knowing that I can lay it across someone's lap and let them play (or I can play for them) if needed. I also purchased the large, heart-shaped felt picks to facilitate ease of playing for use in the nursing home where others can just strum along with it and make sweet sounds without hurting their tender fingertip skin. The instrument is still very new to me - I'm mostly working on sweet, mellow, improv types of music; mellow tones and calming rhythms, although you can certainly play any music on the 3 octaves. The biggest challenge I've had is deciding how I want to hold it to balance it well. The included strap is important, and I've found that if I wrap the strap more "around my mid/low back" vs. up and over the left shoulder it seems more stable and comfortable for me. I am throughly enjoying the Lynda Lyre - highly recommend it!
      Jill Geary
      Verified Buyer
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      Fully satisfied
      As a beginner I love this instrument. So beautifully built. The tone with the wire-strings is full, clear and warm. Taking the lyre harp with me for a walk, sitting under a tree and play music is no big deal because the instrument is so handy. Just love it. The space between the strings is a bit tight for my fingers but i'll manage this. So ...beautyfull instrument to have a lot of joy.
      Verified Buyer
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