The Story Behind the Lynda Lyre
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    The Story Behind the Lynda Lyre

    Read the story about the inspiration for the Lynda Lyre

    Lynda Kuckenbrod

    I am a clinical harpist, the creator of an international harp therapy training program and a holistic sound healer. I love playing clinically for those in need, playing prescriptive music at the bedside. There has always been that little voice in me that truly enjoys the power of sound, vibrations, frequency and music as a sound healer. So, many times after seeing patients, I would find myself simply wandering the halls to play for groups of folks or just stopping in rooms to play bedside using my skills as a sound healer. I found it so inspiring to see the relaxation and calmness come over each person for whom I played. That is the way it is with sound healing: giving of yourself, playing your soul song for others. That in itself is very therapeutic.

    And with that thought, I created the SoundWerk Certification Course, a training program for any plucked instruments. It is for those who are absolute beginners and for those who are more experienced. There is no need to be able to read music or know theory. Just use your compassion, intent and your instrument to help others.

    But wait! What about those folks that have never played a harp or lyre or psaltery etc? There needs to be an instrument that is easy to play, portable and with a resonance that will fill a room. Hmmmm, where could I find something like this? I took a chance and contacted the gang at Musicmakers with my idea: I wanted a small lyre-like instrument that was diatonic with a very good resonance. To my delight, my request was met with positivity and the wheels to create this instrument went into motion.

    I was sent instrument after instrument – each one a different prototype in an ever-changing creation of the perfect instrument. It was taking the general shape of a lyre and each was gorgeous. But there was room to improve on each one, too; string spacing, layout, sound quality. Each one except one. It arrived and it was that ‘aha’ moment! The wood was beautiful and the sound was perfect for such a small instrument. The diatonic lyre was born. The SoundWerk Certification Course had a wonderful instrument for those who were looking for a small powerful instrument for working one-to-one in private practice, groups or at the bedside.

    This was such a thrill to be involved in the creation of a new instrument. I had a bit of an idea how much work was involved, but to see the changes, the workmanship and the thought process behind it, was an eye-opening experience. Thrilled with the new instrument I was in for one more big surprise. The lyre was given my name! For once in my life, I was speechless.

    So, I would like to thank everyone at Musicmakers for taking a small idea and running with it to create such a wonderful lyre.

    ~Lynda Kuckenbrod

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