Music for Psalmodikon

Music for Psalmodikon

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This excellent book is written in Sifferskrift, a numerical notation system. Most of the songs are arranged in four part harmony!

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My grandfather who, was from Voss, Norway, made a Salmodikon in 1894 before he immigrated to USA. His Salmodikon stayed with the family until a year ago when it was given to me. I am a music teacher and have been living in Norway for 41 years. I had never seen this instrument before. A month ago another music teacher was visiting who knew it was a Salmodikon! I could not find anything in the library about it and was over joyed to find informastion from MusicMakers online. I now have the Music for Psalmodikon book. The history and how to play the salmodikon and read sifferskrift is great. And that you can have 4 psalmodikon instruments to make a quartet is fantastic! With a quartet you could paly the whole hymne book. What FUN Thank You!
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