Replacement Nylon Harp Strings

Replacement Nylon Harp Strings

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You must properly identify the note of the harp string you need to replace to get the correct gauge nylon replacement! If you read this carefully, you will be able to select the correct replacement string.

Attention - this is to replace nylon strings only. To find a replacement wound string please click here.

Study the picture below. The harp shows five octaves, 36 strings, with a range of C2 to C7. Each string on the harp correspondes to a white key on the piano keyboard.

We use a standard numerical system to identify the octaves. Middle C is C4. The octave numbers change at every C. So the C one octave above Middle C would be C5. Study the keyboard and this should make sense.

Correctly identify any one note on your harp and then you'll be able to figure out the rest of the notes. If you are not sure where Middle C is on your harp, here is a sound file that plays Middle C (C4).

Play the sound file and pluck the C strings on your harp until you find the matching note. That is Middle C (C4). From there you can count up or down and identify the rest of your strings. Once you know the correct note you can make your selection from the drop down box above.

wonderful chart
this gage to note chart was very helpful
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That image really helped
Nancy Cupp
I am mostly self taught, and never understood how strings are numbered. This page with the sound bite of the middle C note as well as the illustration of the piano and harp strings really helped explain it for me, especially since I am mostly a visual learner. Thanks so much! Now I understand how the strings are numbered. Does this work with any brand of harp or strings? I have a 22 string Harrari Harp that starts and ends on C strings.
Hi Nancy. I'm glad the illustration was helpful. It should help you with your Harrari Harp. Using the numbering system and our online keyboard should help you identify the correct octaves for the strings on your harp.
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