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    Psalmodikon KIT

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      Psalmodikon KIT


      This kit discontinued in 2024

      Psalmodikon Kit

      Difficulty Rating

      This is quite an easy kit to assemble. It makes for about an 8-12 hour project and can be done with minimal tools. The most difficult step is sanding the frets flush with the fingerboard. You'll want to have access to a belt sander for that. You can download the assembly instructions or check out the assembly videos to get a good feel for the scope of the project. And don't forget - we offer the best warranty in the business.

      What's Included:
      assembly a psalmodikon

      Preparing to glue on the soundboard.

      Assembly Videos

      Psalmodikon Kit
      Excellent kit. Everything promised was delivered. Clear instructions. Assembly instructions even include a few songs. I’ve built a psaltery, a ten stringed lyre, a five string box guitar, several ukuleles, and even a Nepalese Sarangi from scratch. This Psalmodikon is an excellent addition to my stringed instrument collection. I added a second notation stick with the usual musical notation to make it easier to find notes in the usual manner.
      Russ Svendsen
      Verified Buyer
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      Nice Psalmodikon kit
      I just built a Psalmodikon kit, and it’s a nice, friendly kit to put together, and even friendlier to make music with. The instructions are excellent as is typical of Musicmakers. There are some YouTube ideos available also, which won be a great help for new kit builder. The kit can be built with a few simple tools. It helps to have proper fretting pliers, which I do, but they aren’t necessary. Ditto a belt sander. I did fine just using sanding blocks and sand paper to finish the box. The instrument comes with a pre printed transposition stick that works with the strumbly songbook. There is also a nice book of songs for a Psalmodikon offered by Musicmakers. Plenty of songs to play on the finished instrument. This Psalmodikon has a solid spruce top, so it sounds very nice plucjked or bowed. I’m not good with a bow yet, but this is a nice little instrument to torture with bad bowing, to learn to use a bow. I’ve figured out a few tunes on my own on the Psalmodikon a,ready. It has a chromatic scale, and only one string, so it’s always in tune with it’s. It’s a great instrument to get started with music, snd that’s what it was originally intended for. Great first kit to build, too. It’s a typical quality product that Musicmakers is known for.
      Sue Macias
      Verified Buyer
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      Great beginner kit!
      Just wanted to say that I've been working on and off on the kit for 6 days now and am up to step # 8. This is a good kit, ideal for someone new at this. The instructions are very good as always with MusicMakers. The materials are of very good quality for a low cost kit. I hope they sell well.
      Verified Buyer
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      Great Kit
      I received the kit for the psalmodikon instrument. It was very easy to assemble. I decided to driftwood stain, decorative paint and hand scribe the numbers to give is a rustic homemade look. It was easy to tune. I need to practice playing it to get coordinated and it does sound great. Thanks for providing the kit and interesting history for this instrument.
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