Psalmodikon KIT

Psalmodikon KIT

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This is quite an easy kit to assemble. It makes for about an 8-12 hour project and can be done with minimal tools. The most difficult step is sanding the frets flush with the fingerboard. You'll want to have access to a belt sander for that. You can download the assembly instructions or check out the assembly videos to get a good feel for the scope of the project. And don't forget - we offer the best warranty in the business.

We also offer the psalmodikon In-the-White or Finished

Assembly Videos

Psalmodikon Assembly Videos

Check out these videos if you want to see what it is like to build the Psalmodikon from a kit.










I received the kit for the psalmodikon instrument. It was very easy to assemble. I decided to driftwood stain, decorative paint and hand scribe the numbers to give is a rustic homemade look. It was easy to tune. I need to practice playing it to get coordinated and it does sound great. Thanks for providing the kit and interesting history for this instrument.

Bev in Texas

Just wanted to say that I've been working on and off on the kit for 6 days now and am up to step # 8. This is a good kit, ideal for someone new at this. The instructions are very good as always with MusicMakers. The materials are of very good quality for a low cost kit. I hope they sell well.

Keep up the good work!

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