Small Soundboard Blank

Small Soundboard Blank

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Our 1/8" Aircraft birch plywood makes an excellent soundboard material. Thin enough to vibrate freely and produce a beautiful tone and strong enough to withstand the incredible tension of a harp.

The small size measures 19" by 36". Order this size if you are building the STUDIO, LIMERICK or SHEPHERD lap harp.

Soundboard for Harp
Garland P Sprinkle Jr
Verified Buyer
The soundboard material was packaged very well and arrived in a timely manner. The plywood did have a light horizontal scratch on one side and a chip out on one corner. Neither of these issues could have occurred in shipping because there was no damage to the package. Both issues were worked around but are the reason for a 4 star rating.
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Soundboard blank review
Dennis Siler
Verified Buyer
The soundboard blank arrived very quickly and was well-packaged. On first glance it is obvious that this is not standard 1/8" Baltic birch, but something much higher quality, and something much stronger. Standard Baltic birch ply of this dimension has one thick central ply and a much thinner face and inner veneer only. This "aircraft grade" plywood has multiple thin plies throughout, with no voids, no knots, just strong and clear overall. This is what is needed for soundboards!
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