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    String Set for Hammered Dulcimer

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      CODE: 1716strg
      String Set for Hammered Dulcimer



      This is a complete set of strings for the Musicmakers 1716 Hammered Dulcimer. It includes:

      • 4 loop-end .032" wound strings
      • 9 loop-end .024" wound strings
      • 75 feet of .022" wire
      • 50 feet of .020" wire
      • 50 feet of .018" wire
      • 50 feet of .016" wire

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      14/13 Hammered Dulcimer restring project
      Bought a used 14/13 hammered dulcimer and could not get it to tune. I decided I needed to start from the beginning, but had no idea where that would be. This set of strings for a 17/16 hammered dulcimer is perfect. I won't need the highest notes of the larger instrument and I am still in the process of making it all work, but I'm about halfway through and have hope for hearing a beautiful instrument very soon.
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      Great service and price
      Buying these separately from other sources is impossible in England and costs more in the States - this is convenient, inexpensive (even including pricey overseas shipping) and Musicmakers' service is fantastic.
      Proctor Taylor
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