Tenor Banjo w/Gig Bag

Tenor Banjo w/Gig Bag

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This is a fun little banjo in any of the three tunings.

Are you a guitar player? Try the Chicago tuning. It is tuned just like a guitar but is missing the 2 lowest strings. So guitar players feel right at home with this tuning.

Do you play mandolin or violin? The Irish Tenor tuning has the exact same notes, just an octave lower. So anything you can play on the mandolin or violin will translate directly into this tuning.

The Standard Tenor tuning is the same as a mandola or viola. This tuing is fun for mandolin and violin players too. The fingerings, scales, and chord shapes are all the same, only you get to play in some different keys.

Click the video tab for a video demo of each of the three tunings in action.


Below you will find three videos featuring the Tenor Banjo demonstrating a tune in each of the three tunings.

Standard Tenor (CGDA)

Irish Tenor (GDAE)

Chicago Tuning (DGBE)

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