Thumb Piano Complete Hardware

Thumb Piano Complete Hardware

Product Details

This hardware pack includes -

  • 1 brass clamping tube
  • 1 brass bridge rod
  • 15 keys for thumb piano
  • 2 t-nuts
  • 2 machine screws
  • 1 tuning and playing instruction
  • 1 precut walnut or cherry bridge

Makes a great sounding kalimba
Ken Ellis
Verified Buyer
Good quality parts. I've bought over 150 of these sets. Just a few things to look out for if you are really picky: The kit comes with 15 tines. I generally use 12 for a more ergonomic spacing. The ends of the tines are bent down some for more comfortable playing than straight tines, but they are still a little hard on your thumbs. I would like the ends to be bent a little more to give them a smoother feel. The brass parts tend to be longer than the wood bridge piece, but if you make the body wide enough, this doesn't matter. Finally, the wood bridge pieces are nicely machined and have a smooth finish. The ends are angled a bit and I don't know if this has a function or not (maybe so the tines can be splayed), but I always straighten them up on the disc sander so the ends are perpendicular to the sides. To me it just looks neater.
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