Thumb Piano

Thumb Piano

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Discontinued, February 2019

We will continue to offer blueprints and hardware so you can build your own thumb piano.

This is a very musical little box! Pluck the metal prongs with your thumbs to play melodies. Native Africans made this kind of instrument from gourds with cane prongs, but this modern version is much more durable and clear-sounding--not just a toy!

  • 15 prongs, 2 octaves
  • Laminated birch top, laminated back, solid sides & bridge
  • 5 1/2" wide 7 1/2" long

Sound Samples

Sound sample provided by Angele Purll

A hit!!
The Mbira / Thumb Pianos are a HUGE hit at our house! Our family loves playing music together. The girls have figured out "Heart and Soul" to play together :) Their piano lessons have taught them to use their ears to try to figure out different songs / melodies. We love the beautiful instruments we purchased from Music Makers! We will definitely encourage friends to check out your website. :)
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