Universal Lever

Universal Lever

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Universal Levers

  1. No noticeable sound absorbtion.
  2. One size fits alll!!! Yes - one size for any and every string on any harp.
  3. Works on all types of strings (nylon, gut, steel, brass, wound, etc.)
  4. Fits on any harp that has room for sharping levers
  5. Made of die-cast metal alloy formulated for stength and durability.
  6. Smooth and easy operation.
  7. Simplest installation of any lever on the market.
  8. No unsual tools required for installation or regulation.
What's Included:

Why do harps use sharping levers?

Sharping levers are used on folk harps to facilitate key changes. Installing a lever over a string allows you to raise the pitch of that string one-half step by engaging the cam handle against the string. Thus an F-string can be raised to F# by a simple flick of the lever. Similarly, a B-string may be tuned to Bb so that the lever will raise it to a B-natural and release it back to a B-flat, as needed

Most folk harp players set the key signature (sharps or flats) on the harp before starting each piece of music. For the key of G, you would engage the levers on all the F strings to produce the F# needed for that key (making sure all other notes on the harp are natural). If the following piece were then to be played in the key of F, you would then release the levers on all the F strings to produce F-natural, and also release all the B-string levers to produce Bb.

You may install a lever over every string on the harp, but if you think you may never use all of them, it would be more cost-effective to select which keys you think you are most likely to use, and then install only the levers necessary for those keys:

KEY OF G: requires F#
KEY OF D: requires F# and C#
KEY OF A: requires F# and C# and G#
KEY OF F: requires Bb
KEY OF Bb: requires Bb and Eb
KEY OF Eb: requires Bb and Eb and Ab

Installation Videos

Universal Lever Specs

Dimensions of base plate

Height of lever when disengaged.

Height of lever when engaged (from base of lever to bottom of groove)

Harpguitar builder
Lou Siragusa
Verified Buyer
I ordered two of these to see what they are like as I plan to use them for the next harp guitar that I am building. They arrived promptly here in Australia and were very well packaged. They are well designed and the quality is very good. The lever mechanism has the right amount of resistance so that it is comfortable to adjust from normal to sharp positions and stays firmly in place in both positions. I will be ordering more of these.
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Sparrow Theis
Verified Buyer
I ordered these levers, they arrived quickly and in perfect condition, thanks!
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