Universal Lever

Universal Lever


We are thrilled to be offering this lever. We believe it is the best lever on the market today for the following reasons:

  1. No noticeable sound absorbtion.
  2. One size fits alll!!! Yes - one size for any and every string on any harp.
  3. Works on all types of strings (nylon, gut, steel, brass, wound, etc.)
  4. Fits on any harp that has room for sharping levers
  5. Made of die-cast metal alloy formulated for stength and durability.
  6. Smooth and easy operation.
  7. Simplest installation of any lever on the market.
  8. No unsual tools required for installation or regulation.




Dimensions of base plate

Height of lever when disengaged.

Height of lever when engaged (from base of lever to bottom of groove)

Assembly Instructions


Installation Videos:

Sparrow Theis
Verified Buyer
I ordered these levers, they arrived quickly and in perfect condition, thanks!
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