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    Wire Harp Collection

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      Wire Harp Collection



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      From the Introduction -

      As keepers of the Reference Library for the International Society of Folk Harpers and Craftsmen (IFSHC), Musicmakers is maintaining a file cabinet that contains one copy of every back issue of the Folk Harp Journal, dating back to the very first issue in June, 1973. We have scanned all the old issues and made PDF copies available on our website.

      This is special compilation of articles from the FHJ relating to wire strung harp. It is largely a collection of the first run of the Ringing Strings column, lasting from 1987 to 2002, edited by Dinah LeHoven. The articles are arranged in chronological order, with some miscellaneous articles relating to wire strung harps at the beginning that weren't included in the Ringing Strings column. I've organized a table of contents by author to help you navigate this collection.

      I am so excited to share the articles in this collection with you, the reader. There is such a wealth of information here that ranges from interviews, to history, to practical tips for the modern player (including damping and the ever important nail care!). As a wire strung player myself, I found putting this together to be an especially rewarding task and I hope you find it helpful and inspiring!

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