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    17/16 Hammered Dulcimer Plan - Download

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      17/16 Hammered Dulcimer Plan - Download

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      Good detailed plans.
      The order process was easy and the plans were immediately available for download. These plans were a great start and provided the details needed. Had no issues getting a full sized print made at a local print shop. I also printed out a copy and glued together individual sections for several of the pieces. I personally would have liked several individual drawings rather than the one big sheet just because it would be easier to manage. I also printed a half size version to use as a workshop reference. I am fabricating all the wood pieces from scratch. This is a medium/advanced woodworking project. The plans are complete and accurate. The resulting build has gone well. I've completed the main structure and am looking forward to applying finish and installing the hardware. I can recommend these plans for anyone interested in wanting to build their first Hammers Dulcimer.
      Thomas Doe
      Verified Buyer
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      Prepare for Download Failure
      Tried 3 times to download the file sent to me in email; It failed saying, "no file." [Google Chrome] After that, it told me "failed: no file", and after that it linked me to a Musicmakers web page saying I was "out of downloads." Don't purchase thinking you won't have to go through customer service in order to actually receive it.
      Sorry to hear you had trouble with the download. I tested your download link this morning and downloaded the file with no problem. I'm also using Google Chrome. Seems like this issue might be on your end. I've reset the max number of download links so you can try again. I'll also send you the file directly through wetransfer so you can be watching for that email.
      Seth Premo
      Verified Buyer
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      A Good Starting Point!
      I downloaded the Hammered Dulcimer Plans and then went straight to the local FedEx store to have it printed on their wide-format printer (cost about $10 bucks). That greatly speeded my ability to get started, and I was able to get full sized plans that were not all folded up. Very nice. Dimensions and construction details are depicted on the plans. Of course, being a tinkerer, I couldn't resist altering the plans a bit. I really wanted my pin blocks to show off some beautiful curly maple, so I made the pin blocks a bit taller and opted to cut out an inner shelf to hold the sound board. It's taking shape quickly in my basement! Thanks.
      John Bennett
      Verified Buyer
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      Hammered Dulcimer Plan
      Being the impatient type, I ordered the 17/16 Hammered Dulcimer Plan as a PDF download. Overall, I am very satisfied with the level of detail and precision of the plans. I have a really good printer (which is needed) which made this format acceptable for me. You will also have to tile the different printed pages together, but that is not too difficult. An alternative would be to take the file to a big-box office supply/printing store and get the plans printed out on one sheet. I'm in the process of construction now, but overall, the plans are doing what they set out to do.
      Martin Hamann
      Verified Buyer
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