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    Belle Harp KIT - Discontinued

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      Belle Harp KIT - Discontinued


      Discontinued June 2019

      Discontinued June 2019

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      This DIY Harp kit is accessible to even novice woodworkers. Our precut harp kit includes all wood parts, strings, hardware, tuning wrench, and detailed step-by-step instructions. The neck is already pre-drilled for tuning pins, and all parts are carefully pre-fitted at the factory, so it should only require about 20-30 hours to finish this kit.

      You'll spend most of your time assembling the body of the harp. Use an electric sander for tapering some edges and rounding over others. An electric hand drill will be useful for installing screws and drilling string holes in the soundboard. Our bolt together neck/pillar system makes assembling that joint a snap.

      What's Included:

      Stephanie Claussen demonstrates the Belle Harp.

      Don't want to build this harp? No problem. We sell the Belle harp completely finished and ready to play.Click here to learn more.
      Surprisingly incredible!! 👍🏻👍🏻
      I’ve been dreaming for a harp for many years now, and opted for the belle kit because it is affordable and makes a floor harp capable of adding levers which I want. I did so much research on the Belle and though it sounded pretty good in the videos on YouTube, but I had no idea... I received my kit in the mail on Tuesday and worked diligently so that i finished stringing it on Sunday, which was great. I enjoyed the building process thoroughly but I was extremely eager to play it. My real joy with my instrument (who I named Phillip) was while stringing and getting to hear some of the first notes. I was blown away by the full roundness of tone. For $800, I wasn’t expecting crap, but I had no idea that it would sound this beautiful. It also has a very nice sound presence. I’m impressed with its ability to whisper, but also make strong, bold statements. It is quite a lovely harp, and the only reason I see myself getting rid of it in the future is to make way for one with more strings. Thank you so much Musicmakers for giving me the opportunity to make a long-time dream of mine come true for a price I can afford and a sound I couldn’t have imagined! P.S. Careful on the wound strings not to let the nylon winding reach the tuning pin. I broke a string on day one because the winding got too high. (Winding is okay to round the bridge pin, but not the tuning pin. On my next string, I’ll put a cork or wooden spacer on the existing leather anchor at the bottom so that the winding at the top can’t reach the tuning pin, even as the string stretches and settles.
      Chase Ledet
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