Belle Harp

Belle Harp

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Designed as an entry-level floor harp, the Belle Harp excels over comparably priced harps. Great sound, rigid stability, and clean lines make this a beauty, and we have not skimped on the fine quality cherry wood to give it a touch of elegance. It is easily portable too, at just 17 pounds.


  • 30 strings - Range F2 to G6
  • String Chart
  • 17 Pounds
  • 51" tall, 23" deep, 13" wide
  • Cherry pillar
  • Cherry sides
  • Laminated birch pillar with cherry veneer
  • Aircraft Birch soundboard

Included in price

(1)Belle Harp with installed Levers
(1)Padded Gig Bag
(1)Tuning Wrench


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